Dr. Tim Ball and Elizabeth May, MP, engage in climate debate

ball and mayThe renowned Dr. Tim Ball debates with Canadian Green MP Elizabeth May. The debate was on CFAX 1070AM radio on Ian Jessop’s show at 1:00pm PST on March 16th 2015. This has been a long time coming since Miss May had a debate set up for last summer but could never find the time to get on the same time as Dr.Ball. Judge for yourself who is telling the truth, and who is doing any scaremongering. Callers phone in with some telling questions.

The full show was slated to be about 60 minutes duration. Commercial breaks, news & weather bulletins, and copyright music were edited out, so the show is truncated to just over 40 minutes duration. The picture caption shows Dr. Tim Ball on the left, with Elizabeth May MP on the right.

Video after the jump.

Climate Debate C-FAX Radio