Documentary Exposes Green Movement’s Attack on Christianity

tyrannyA new documentary claims to expose the anti-Christian agenda behind the global environmental movement. The new film entitled “It’s Easy Being Green When You Have No Choice” features some of the top experts on the green movement. The narrator for the film is former meteorologist and current morning host at KSFO Radio in San Francisco, Brian Sussman, who has authored two books entitled Climategate: A Veteran Meteorologist Exposes the Global Warming Scam and Eco-Tyranny: How the Left’s Green Agenda will Dismantle America.

The documentary also features Marc Morano, Executive Director and Chief Correspondent for Climate Depot; Beverly Eakman, former writer for the U.S. Department of Justice and Executive Director of the National Educational Consortium; Steven Mosher, President of the Population Research Institute; Randal O’Toole, Cato Institute Senior Fellow; John L. Casey, President, Space and Science Research Corporation and former White House space program advisor and consultant to NASA Headquarters; and E. Calvin Beisner, Ph.D, founder of Cornwall Alliance. Dr. Beisner wanted to be part of this important documentary to convey a Biblical perspective of earth stewardship, it is said in the press release from The Adams Group.

“Christians should learn from this film that faithful stewardship of the earth doesn’t require joining the environmentalist movement or opposing economic development,” says Beisner. “Quite the contrary, faithfully fulfilling God’s call, in Genesis 1:28, to fill and rule the earth means learning to develop resources wisely to meet human needs while minimizing harmful side effects. They should also know that much of the Green Movement has hidden motives that threaten liberty around the world, undermine the economic productivity necessary to raise and keep societies out of abject poverty, and diminish respect and protection for human life.”

Documentary producer, Frank Pinski, says the film exposes several important points that Christians in particular need to be aware of.

“Environmentalism is a repackaging of pagan ideas that puts nature above man,” says Pinski. “Environmentalists blame Christianity for the degradation of the earth by the rejection of pagan beliefs, and because Christianity elevates man above nature. For example, the Earth Charter, a statement designed to be a guide for living in a sustainable environmentally-conscious way, is seen by its creators and supporters as a new ‘Ten Commandments’ for the earth.”

Dr. Beisner says that the documentary informs Christians and non-Christians alike of the origins of the Green Movement and the ultimate goals they are looking to achieve.

“The Green movement perceives the general public as consumers and polluters, a threat to the earth,” says Beisner. “Environmentalism relies on false or highly dubious claims of environmental catastrophe to frighten people into embracing policies that are destructive to their lives, their liberties, and their property. But as Christians, we understand that people serve as producers and stewards, capable of improving the natural world at the same time that we serve human needs.”

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    In the mid-80’s there was a movement on the environmental left to invent a pseudo-religion/pseudo-science around the [i]Gaia Hypothesis[/i], viewing the earth itself as the ultimate living being. Many of the current day AGW arguments contain morphed elements of “Mother Gaia” – [i]The earth has a fever… [/i]

    The need to replace common sense faith-based stewardship with centralized authoritarian power is central to the AGW campaign. The fact that certain religious “leaders” have signed on to this political agenda is especially troubling. As a former Episcopalian, now turned Lutheran, I see articles like this and I know the sell-out is complete:

    A [u]Bishop[/u] [i]accusing[/i] anyone as a “denier” ought to get our attention right quick! That term is powerful to any Christian, especially in this season of Lent as we examine the behavior or Peter [i]and[/i] ourselves. Linking that language with man made climate change is not insignificant or coincidence to anyone who has studied theology. Claiming the authority to do so should set off loud alarms in the faith community.

    More and more I see churches becoming co-opted and politicized at the top where rank and file members rarely pay attention. Recently I saw a national march against the Second Amendment where top-level representatives of [i]my[/i] national church posed as representing the entire body, even though they were a clear minority within.

    This trend is representative of the AGW movement in general where carefully planned manipulation of leadership and media combines to promote an image separate from reality.

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      This is why I no longer belong to a church. The politics got to be too much, and I knew I could do more to help the needy by directing my money to top rated charities.

      Go look for yourself, and see how poorly most charities steward their gifts.

      The last straw was my parents church in a town of about 300 people. It had a congregation of about 40-50 people, and the pastor was making well over six figures when his parsonage and household expenses were figured in.

      I could have done his job for a third of that, and done a better job as well.

      I try to be a follower of Christ and fail daily, but at least I no longer support those who would add to my own personal failings with their poor message and poor stewardship.

      But then I have always been an independent thinker.

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        [quote name=”Gator”]This is why I no longer belong to a church. The politics got to be too much…[/quote]While I completely appreciate your reason I’ll contend that most well chosen local churches do good work and provide valuable spiritual community. For that reason I’m trying to set a non-political church example from within. Most of my fellow parishioners have no idea whatsoever my politics and I aim to keep it that way.

        The activist Episcopal Bishop really angers me though. Make no mistake, her very deliberate condemning of people as “deniers” was purposely chosen and non-equivocal. She may as have well have said, “If you deny man made climate change (and the political solutions currently offered), you deny your faith.”

        My departure from that church had less to do with politics though and more to do with their focus on pretentious pomp and circumstance rather than a personal faith connection. Perhaps this kind of high-level nonsense bordering on heresy was inevitable as the church became used as a political tool.

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          John Wilder


          I am a a proud DENIAR but I have proof that AGW is a a BIG CON

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          Anyone who calls themselves “Christian” and then proceeeds to forcibly link pagan Gaia earth worship ( climate change ) with Christianity has lost the plot and is technically an apostate trying to merge the spiritually clean with the spiritually unclean.

          As is said :

          “Can two walk together lest they be agreed?” ( Amos 3:3 )

          The point this scripture makes is that we know clearly that the green movement is eco-paganism, but its also linked arm in arm with the Left-wing Stalinist atheism.

          Now, add that fact the the Episcopalians have an openly homosexual bishop ( which is effectively accepting something openly anti-christian ), and it seems clearly the Episcopalians have defected to satanic thinking.

          Mene mene tekel Upharsin.

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