DiCaprio, De Niro stump for Hillary at Hollywood Film Awards

dicaprio-deniroWhile picking up an award for his new documentary, Leonardo DiCaprio said it was “completely unacceptable” none of the moderators raised #Climate Change during the 2016 presidential debates. While attending the Hollywood Film Awards on Sunday, DiCaprio criticized the media’s “lack of focus” on the most important issue he believes the Earth is facing. Robert De Niro chimed in and said this election could prevent a “comedy from turning into a tragedy,” calling Trump “insane” and urging people to “vote for Hillary.”

DiCaprio also said we should use our “power as citizens and do the right thing,” a nod to elect Democratic presidential nominee #Hillary Clinton this Tuesday. “Please vote. Vote for people who believe in the science of climate change,” he added. DiCaprio’s documentary “Before the Flood” has been panned by critics for being a ‘Shake ‘n Bake’ movie about the dangers of global warming that got beat out by Nickelodeon’s cartoon show “Bubble Guppies.”

Clinton and coal country

Clinton has already said she would force the coal industry out of business despite existing coal-fired power plants already using carbon-scrubbing technology, which emit far less carbon dioxide than previous ones. Republican presidential nominee #Donald Trump has made it clear he would cancel any payments to the United Nations climate slush fund, and direct the money toward repairing America’s aging infrastructure.

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    Good actors with very poor judgement…. nothing new .
    If they are Democrats what else would you expect them to say ?
    Vote for a bought Democrat party ? I would rather have a Pro American leader with flaws than a gold digger selling favors and access .

    De Niro should be able to afford the best tax accountants but somehow missed paying
    a $6.4 million tax bill …. cause it went to the wrong address ? That’s the kind of problem so many Democrats can relate to .
    DeCaprio got financing for a movie from … who ? A $5 billion dollar Malaysian Fraud . How many poor people paid for that swindle out of Malaysia ?

    It makes perfect sense these two actors would be Democrat Cheer leaders .

    Drain The Swap America, it’s your turn .

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    Good at reciting what others wrote? Yup.
    Good at thinking? Not so much…
    Funny how those actors’ favored government, Communist China, understands thermodynamics and is adding coal and nuclear capacity as fast as they can build it. That little fact will never enter the heads of the actors as they admonish us to waste money on unreliable gimmicks like windmills.

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