Democratic AGs ignore polls, press case against climate skeptics


Mass AG Maura Healey

Democratic attorneys general mounted a dogged defense Tuesday of their effort to prosecute climate skeptics amid signs that the 4-month-old campaign is deteriorating into a legal and public relations flop.

With a newly released poll showing an overwhelming majority of voters — including Democrats — oppose the investigation, the coalition of attorneys general pressed on, urging a federal court in Texas to uphold a subpoena filed by Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey against Exxon Mobil.

“No company — no matter how rich or powerful — is above the law,” New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman said in a statement. “Exxon‘s lawsuit in Texas is nothing more than an attempt to put its practices beyond the reach of state prosecutors.”

The amicus brief filed in support of the Massachusetts investigation comes with the coalition showing signs of fraying after suffering a series of setbacks.

So far only three of the 17 attorneys general — those in Massachusetts, New York and the Virgin Islands — have acknowledged starting investigations into Exxon or other entities since unveiling AGs United for Clean Power at a March 29 press conference.

Even those probes have run into problems. In June, Ms. Healey placed her investigation on hold, saying she would not enforce the subpoena until the court battle with Exxon was resolved, which could take years, according to a document obtained by E&E Daily.

The Virgin Islands probe all but collapsed in June after Attorney General Claude E. Walker agreed to drop a subpoena issued against Exxon, a month after he said he would withdraw subpoenas of the free market Competitive Enterprise Institute. Both Exxon and the institute had fought the subpoenas.

Meanwhile, Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller has so far refused to sign a common interest agreement allowing the prosecutors to communicate on their probes without disclosing the details to the public.

A January report in the Los Angeles Times said that California Attorney General Kamala Harris is investigating Exxon, but since then, her office has refused to provide details or even confirm that the probe is taking place.

While prosecutors typically refuse to comment on ongoing investigations, the coalition’s critics say the subsequent silence comes as an indication that some Democrats are having second thoughts about their March commitment in the face of fierce opposition.

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    Don’t the prosecutors have to show some damage or intent to damage in order to go forward?
    If Murry Salby’s analysis is valid there is no possible damage as fossil fuel CO2 has to be less than 3% of atmospheric CO2. His statement that modern climate science is social engineering trying to predict and control the undetectable seems to apply to these AGs and they should be held accountable for the damage they have caused if they cannot show any damage or potential damage from the actions of the groups they are badgering.

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    The prosecution has to prove first of all and fundamentally that there is a ” Greenhouse Effect ” and when they cannot not prove that myth, their case falls flat on its face.

    What the AGs are attempting to do is to extort money from energy companies from a frivolous and legally untenable lawsuit hoping that public opinion will be in their favor to commit this crime.

    Have you noticed that all of these criminal AGs are democrats ?

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    The shrinking clique of AG’s could cut their losses but we better hope they don’t .
    We need to get this trillion dollar con game before the courts and who better than with some AG lobbyist’s of the so called renewable industry . Al Gore even helped and can easily be called now .
    Climate changes doesn’t it ? In the 1970’s so called reputable scientists were promoting global cooling as a scary bad thing and the media piled on .
    So if global cooling was bad then warming must be good because everyone agrees climate changes don’t they .

    The real fraud is the God factor that a few humans, (playing the part of an all powerful God ) are somehow going to adjust the earth’s temperature to their liking by adjusting a trace gas that is hugely beneficial to life. Are these people on F!@#king crack ?
    Who cares what Exxon knows about anything at any time ? Did they know about !970’s cooling predictions and say Jesus we have to sell a whole bunch more gasoline to warm the planet ? Were AG’s peeing their pants then ? Why not ?
    The reason is they were not acting as lobbyist’s for their pals in the “clean power industry ” who have been sucking on the public cash tit to the tune of $ trillions .
    How some of these AG’s ever got elected is one of life’s little mysteries .
    Quit wasting tax payers money to pump up your overblown ego’s and tell your lobby buddies to sell their own crap . Why are AG’s acting as lobbyist’s ? Did they get State authorization ? Did they tell the voters they felt lobbying was part of the job description ?
    Yes by all means go to court so this con game can be played out once and for all .

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