Dem Caught In Embarrassing Spot While Grilling Trump’s EPA Nominee [VIDEO]

Sen. Tom Carper

A Delaware Democrat blasted President-elect Donald Trump’s EPA pick’s environmental record as Oklahoma attorney general Wednesday, but forgot that his own state’s history of fighting pollution is equally as spotty.

Sen. Tom Carper criticized Scott Pruitt, Trump’s top choice to run the EPA, during confirmation hearings over his state’s failing grades on high ozone days. The three counties he presides over did equally as bad as the 17 counties in Pruitt’s state.

Carper laid into Pruitt’s stance on the issue, even though his office is not responsible for regulating Oklahoma’s ozone pollution — that’s the job of the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality. Carper said that he would do something if his state’s environmental record were as poor as Pruitt’s.

“I’m not the Attorney General of Delaware, I’ve never had intention to be, but if 17 of our states, 17 of our counties in Delaware ‚Äì we only have three ‚Äì if 17 of them or all three of them got F, I promise you, I’d do something about it,” Carper told Pruitt during the hearing.

Carper may want to rethink his admonishment, because the three Delaware counties the senator represents — Kent, New Castle and Sussex — all received failing grades on keeping ozone days to a minimum. There are 17 counties in Oklahoma with failing grades, according to data accumulated by the American Lung Association.

Carper called on Democrats in December to stonewall Pruitt’s nomination, despite telling his Republican colleagues in 2014 that presidents of both parties deserve to pick whoever they want to fill their cabinets.

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    It seems some members of Congress are not fully advised of the facts concerning the
    study of climate science . When people like Bernie Sanders misrepresent the truth about the discredited” 97% ” study you wonder is he purposely doing it or does he actually not know ?
    When a Senator asks if it is a hoax and is satisfied with a no answer it suggests there is such a simpleton brain wash in place and these people are responsible for $$billions funneled to an exaggerated con -game .
    Many have educated themselves and some who know better are just playing along with the party’s bag men agenda however the entire fiscal system is not sustainable .
    Stop selling out the country to a climate con-game is one of the easiest things Congress can do .

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    Some members of the Senate are very much unqualified to sit there.
    Most are from states were the electorate blindly vote the democrat row.
    A perfect example is Biden who made an ass of himself in the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearing.
    One of the most preposterous examples was when the democrats tried to outflank Condolezza Rice when NONE OF THEM was even qualified to lick her shoes.

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