Dem AGs Stonewall GOP Efforts To Subpoena Anti-Exxon Crusade


Democratic attorneys general in New York and Massachusetts refused Wednesday to comply with a congressional subpoena demanding they disclose information related to their investigation into ExxonMobil’s climate research.

New York AG Eric Schneiderman and Maura Healey, of Massachusetts, have vowed to deny GOP Texas Rep. Lamar Smith’s communications related to their probes. The Texas Republican has worked for several months forcing the AGs to be more forthcoming about their investigations.

“Congressional subpoenas are not immune from court review, and we are considering all of our legal options should the committee continue to proceed with these unprecedented subpoenas that seek clearly privileged and law enforcement protected information and communications,” a source at the New York attorney general’s office told reporters.

They were joined by a coalition of 15 other state attorneys general. AGs from California, Maryland, and others, asked Smith to rescind the subpoenas, arguing his “unprecedented subpoenas exceed your Committee’s constitutional authority” and “impermissibly intrudes on the lawful authority of the attorneys general to conduct investigations.”

California AG Xavier Becerra was among those requesting the Texas representative to lay off Schneiderman and Healey.

Environmentalists have pushed the newly-elected attorney general into joining the hit-parade against Exxon, a company activists say has hid knowledge about global warming from investors.

Journalists have had a field day blasting Exxon after a series of campaigns conducted by InsideClimate News (ICN) found the company had allegedly played fast and loose with information concerning global warming.

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    The little clique of Democrat AG’s don’t represent shareholders of Exxon . They represent a weak attempt to sue and settle to fatten their wallets and campaigns funds . When did the AG’s start working with Al Gore and the $Billionaire bag men propping up the Democrats ?
    The AG’s follow the EPA brand of community intimidation that has become
    embedded in the Democrat culture by their bag men .
    Texas Rep. Lamar Smith is not the type to back down from these bullies .

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      I wonder, how legit is the claim by the AGs that they should be immune from a congressional subpoena? It is incredible to watch this level of negative infighting between Congress and the Justice Dept. The Justice Dept is claiming that no one can question them. How can that be right?

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    I’m not against leaving strictly legal matters to the courts.
    when the facts show this defiance of law is without merit,
    The AGs should be prosecuted, convicted and imprisoned.

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      They’re Democrats. Subpoenas and law don’t apply to them. I’d think you should know that by now! 😉

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