De Blasio’s trip was approved for ‘city purpose’ of bashing Trump

The city Conflicts of Interest Board gave Mayor de Blasio the green light for a free trip to Germany because it achieved a “city purpose” — of opposing President Trump, a spokesman said Monday.

An email from the conflicts board’s lawyer, sent at 10 p.m. Friday — more than a day after de Blasio flew to Germany — said the board approved his itinerary based on a rule that allows acceptance of travel-related gifts if “the trip is for a city purpose and therefore could properly be paid for with city funds.”

Asked what city purpose was achieved by de Blasio giving the keynote speech at a G20 protest rally in Hamburg, spokesman Eric Phillips cited Hizzoner’s self-appointed role as a progressive foil to the president.

“He was representing New York City and our values, and providing an alternate American viewpoint to the deeply problematic vision of President Trump,” Phillips said.

“That leadership and voice will help strengthen New York City during important battles on the housing, public safety and health care cuts proposed by the Trump Administration.”

The organizers of the “Hamburg Shows Attitude” demonstration have said they paid for de Blasio and three aides, including Phillips, to attend “because it’s worth [it] to not just hear the voice of President Trump in Germany these days.”

De Blasio’s presumptive challenger, Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis (R-S.I.), scoffed at the notion the trip served a city purpose, saying: “It’s a political purpose! It’s a political trip!”

“The mayor needs to stop harping on Trump and take care of the traffic, transit and trash and the deteriorating quality of life,” she said.


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    Spurwing Plover


    De-Blasio is a dirty filthy traitor against america a big nasty worm in the big apples rotten vile and disgusting core Throw this apple away

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    First thing De Blasio ever bashed was his forehead bobbing for votes.

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