Damp Squib Irma Spares Mar-a-Lago; Wreaks Havoc on Climate Chicken Littles

Irma is now officially the most disastrous hurricane in the history of the world…

…But only if you’re a radical Muslim or a climate alarmist or you work in the construction industry.

For the last week, all the usual suspects from green hedge-funder Tom “rhymes with liar” Steyer to anti-capitalist disaster-harpie Naomi Klein – plus their de facto allies in Islamic State – have been wetting their knickers with excitement at the prospect of a biblical inundation to rival Noah’s flood.

Instead, the worst possible thing happened.

Not only did Irma fail to destroy nearly as many Trump-voting Floridian homes and businesses as they had hoped; but it left the mother of all targets – Mar-a-Lago – without virtually a scratch.

Palm Beach officials confirmed that they had received no reports of structural damage at the landmarked mansion-turned-private club.

“Our emergency personnel and other staff have made the rounds of the island since the storm hit, and no one has reported any major structural problems” to any building, including Mar-a-Lago, said Palm Beach Mayor Gail Coniglio.

This was just not what the doom-mongers promised us.

In terms of damage costs, Irma comes way behind 2005’s Katrina ($160 billion) and 2012’s Superstorm Sandy ($72 billion). According to Bloomberg:

By one estimate, the total cost dropped to about $50 billion Monday from $200 billion over the weekend. The state escaped the worst because Irma’s powerful eye shifted westward, away from the biggest population center of sprawling Miami-Dade County.

But apart from the construction industry which had been hoping to clean up big time after the event, the biggest losers are, of course, the climate alarmists.

They are losers for two reasons. (Well for lots of reasons actually but I’ll confine myself to just the couple on this occasion).

First, because climate alarmists are disaster vultures. They seize on extreme weather events like starving raptors because they know that the MSM loves the dramatic footage of hurricanes, floods and such like, thus offering the perfect opportunity to publish their scaremongering, junk-science claims that it is all caused by man’s selfishness, greed and refusal to amend his lifestyle.

How stupid are those idiots looking now?

Second, because what Hurricane Irma’s unpredictable behavior does is remind us of the degree to which weather events remain a mystery even to the greatest experts in the field.

Before the weekend, Hurricane Irma was supposed to be the Big One from which there could be no escape.

Yet at the last minute, it swerved due to one of those meteorological events that show the science still has some way to go when it comes to making accurate weather predictions.

The credit goes to the Bermuda High, which acts as a sort of traffic cop for the tropical North Atlantic Ocean. The circular system hovering over Bermuda jostled Irma onto northern Cuba Saturday, where being over land sapped it of some power, and then around the tip of the Florida peninsula, cutting down on storm surge damage on both coasts of the state.

And if scientists can’t even predict the weather correctly a couple of days in advance, how are we expected to be able to trust them when they tell us what climate is going to do 100 years in the future?

Short answer: they can’t.

Nice one, Irma!

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    Where are all the self-righteous pigs who were declaring that deity was sending us a message with this storm ?

    Deity spared Mar-a-Lago ?
    how interesting

    Well, you self-righteous oracles of deity,

    What IS the message ?

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    When religion attaches itself to the over exaggerated global warming scam you know it’s over .
    Hoping to pay all those sexual assault law suits off with added donations just isn’t going to fly .

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    Spurwing Plover


    We have a new pagan religion its called Enviromentalism it requres the sacrifice of countless o unborn and elderly to placate it and demands a return to a primative life worshiping gaia and leaving offerings

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