Dakota pipeline activists bring four-day fight to D.C.

Two Native American tribes are holding a four-day Dakota Access Pipeline protest against the Army Corps and President Trump on the National Mall in D.C. this week.

Their camp was set up yesterday and this time they’re focusing their efforts on lawmakers who they hope will intervene and stop the Dakota from getting completed.

A federal judge also declined the tribes’ request to halt construction based on religious grounds, something Judge Boasberg found dubious given it was never raised.

The two tribes, their supporters, and anti-fossil fuel activists are protesting the Trump administration’s pro-pipeline executive orders, saying the issue was really “about the future of the human race.”

From Tuesday to Friday, they’ll have teepees set up with a ceremonial bonfire for Wednesday, ‘informational’ workshops, plus the usual cadre of speakers.

All of which may be moot as the oil could start flowing next week.

Two-mile march

The Tribe’s attorney said having oil flow under a man-made lake violated their belief the lake was a ‘sacred water’ used in religious practices.

There’s just one problem: there are numerous pipelines already running under the Lake Oahe’s bedrock carrying other fossil fuels. And this argument was never brought up in the original suit from last summer.

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    Does this mean that Pedro Rabago Gutierrez (AKA, Peter Hefflin) will have to register as a sex offender in Washington D.C.?

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    The Dakota’s were not too concerned about the Sacred artificial lake when they turned the area around it into a cesspit.

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