CPAC Panel Explains Why Greens Are ‘Some Of The Worst People In The World’

A group of journalists and scientists at a Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) panel attended by The Daily Caller News Foundation tried to explain how environmentalists will react to the Donald Trump presidency.

Members of the CPAC panel, dubbed the “Fake Climate News Camouflaging an Anti-Capitalist Agenda,” concluded that global warming and environmentalists are close to a religion for many progressives. The panelists suspect that the readily observable and near-religious environmentalism can be used to justify radical policies.

“The greenies are some of the worst people in the world right now,” James Delingpole, an editor at Breitbart who wrote a book on the green movement, said during the panel. “They use environmental issues as a cloak of righteous to disguise what are essentially bad intentions … It is almost religious. The religion of ecology is replacing the old religions.”

Independent research confirms that when discussing the environment, greens are both overly dogmatic and use “low effort thinking” in a manner comparable to the effects of strong religious belief, according to a psychological study.

“Generally, there’s been a decline in religion across Europe,” Delingpole said. “If you look at, say the act or recycling, all the evidence says it is pretty useless. We don’t need to have this act of religious devotion, but it makes them feel good.”

Researchers have determined liberals use extremely simplistic arguments and refuse to grant legitimacy to any opposing viewpoints when discussing the environment. The study found liberals “think less” about the environment and act emotionally, not logically, on such issues.

Panelists speculated that the election of President Trump is already forcing environmentalists to double down on their beliefs about the planet.

“I think of environmentalism and the EPA as kind of a shield that the left hides behind, every solution is to shut down industry,” Steve Milloy, a bio-statistician who runs the website Junk Science, said during the panel. “There’s going to be a real war [under Trump] with environmentalists. There’s going to be a lot of litigation.”

Another panelist thinks the setbacks Trump could inflict on the green movement are so potentially serious that they have forced environmentalists to double down on global warming by adjusting the data to fit the theory.

“I was a long time believer in global warming until I looked at the data myself,” Tony Heller, a whistleblower who worked as a Department of Energy analyst, noted at the panel. “It is fake news from fake data … you can pretty much account for all U.S. warming since 1900 by looking at NOAA temperature adjustments.”

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    David Lewis


    Immigration is an excellent example of the point made by this article. There is no doubt that by swelling our population immigration is very bad for the environment. Any one concerned about the environment and using logic would be in favor of ending immigration. Yet, liberals who are very concerned about the environment usually believe in a high level of immigration. That is because their decisions are based on emotion, not logic.

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