Coral Davenport And The New York Times Continue Ramping Up Their Climate Fraud

Last week Coral Davenport and the fake news New York Times wrote a hit piece attacking Scott Pruitt and myself, where she got almost every piece of information wrong about me. This week she is back with some more spectacular climate idiocy.

Arctic sea ice extent has more than tripled since September, not dropped. The winter maximum extent was higher than 2006, and about the same as 2007 and 2014.


The ice is much thicker in the critical regions of the Bering,  Chukchi and East Siberian Seas than it was in 2008.

DMI Modelled ice thickness

Coral apparently doesn’t do any fact-checking. She is a useful idiot who parrots climate fraud she hears from others.


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      Shame on you, Amirlach

      Are you willfully trying to confuse the progressives ( communists )

      WITH FACTS ?

      Facts have no place in their realm of illogic.


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    The NYT is a card board cut out of it’s former self .
    Well they were right that Trump was being wiretapped and the White House at bare minimum knew it . The reason Nunes came out with it yesterday was because if he hadn’t the whist blowers were going to bi-pass his committee for ignoring them .
    The whistle-blowers saw what a pathetic circle the wagons show was put on the day before and had seen enough .
    Presented with indisputable evidence Nunes would have destroyed his credibility if he hadn’t run to do damage control . Isn’t it a little bizarre to run first to the media before even informing the President of a massive spy scandal or even before his own committee . What the public got was a guy able to say well I brought this out when in fact there was no intention to do so until shit was minutes from hitting the fan .
    Let’s see if the geniuses at the NYT can spin this into a global warming story or some other flawed process to bury it .

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