Contamination of Olympic ceremony by climate alarmism is unethical

Those who watched the opening ceremony of the Olympic games in Rio were forced to see this Gore-style demagogic video on the climate panic:

I haven’t heard the narration ‚Äì which was done by James Bond’s female boss.

This is quite incredible. Rio was also the place where the 1992 Earth Summit took place. Many people blame this particular event for the subsequent rapid propagation of the global pseudoscience-powered environmental fascism and its most aggressive form, the climate hysteria. You could think that the Brazilian politicians should be more careful but they’re not.

The worries about the sea level rise are stupid, of course. The sea level was always changing but in recent thousands of years, the rise was minimal.

You see that between 15,000 and 8,000 years ago, the sea level rose by 100 meters (from 110 below the current level to 10 below the current level). The average rate was about 14 mm per year or 1.4 meters per century. However, these days, it’s just 3 mm per year or so or 30 centimeters per century.

Some 7,000 years ago, all the ice sheets that could have melted (especially those around the Arctic Circle) have already melted. What was left was several glaciers in the mountains plus mostly the Greenland and the Antarctica which require a vastly higher warming to melt. The ice that floats (and melts and refreezes) on the sea (e.g. Arctic Ocean) doesn’t affect the sea level due to the Archimedes principle.

The main driver of the melting at the time scale of tens of thousands of years are the Milankovitch cycles ‚Äì astronomical irregularities in the Earth’s orbit that make the solar radiation coming to the Arctic Circle (a critical place for the ice age cycles, it turns out), fluctuate. So the bulk of the graph above has nothing to do with the human civilization.

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    Sooner or later ordinary people are going to coalesce around this kind of in-your-face, obnoxious, nonsense and agree that climate change hysteria and the political movement that drives it has JUMPED THE SHARK.

    C’mon folks, it’s time…

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