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Need to send a message? Found something wrong on the site? Feel free to send us a message. If you have a suggestion for improving the site, let us know as well. We’re always open to creative suggestions.

After we migrated from Joomla to WordPress and some things got broken. I blame Canada. If it’s fixable, we’ll try and work it out.

Feel free to send us links to stories we missed that would be good for CCD!

Writers wanted!

If you are interested in submitting an article to CCD, please include the topic and brief summary of what you would like to have published. PLEASE read the About Us page and view some of our posts to get a feel for the stuff we publish.

Do not send inquiries about writing an article on why people need to install solar panels. Do not send any sort of solicitation. Those are deleted by the spam monster and not even seen. If you want to write about solar panels (or something similar), come up with an interesting twist or do a search to see what types of stuff we’ve already published.

This is a good opportunity for citizen scientists and aspiring journalists to get some good exposure, experience, and to build a portfolio. All articles are copy-edited, artwork added (or supply your own) and we provide feedback (if requested). If you have written elsewhere, feel free to include URLs.

Like most sites, we can only give you an article and author credit due to our limited budget. But you get bragging rights and something to use in your portfolio if you need to show someone your work. Copyright is retained by the author.


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