Congress Slams EPA For War On American Uranium

Uranium Mining

Uranium Mining

The House of Representatives just dealt a huge blow to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) uranium mining regulations, which may force the U.S. to depend entirely on imported nuclear fuel.

The House barred the EPA from erecting new regulatory hurdles Wednesday that could make it much harder for American uranium to compete with the world.

“In January 2015 the EPA introduced a rule that would greatly extend the amount of time it takes to permit a uranium mine,” Harry Anthony, President of the Uranium Producers of America, told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“The new rule would add two years to the permit process in the name of protecting water, even though the agency admits there has never been a case of contamination in 30 years. It already takes five or six years to permit a uranium permit right now. This is the most regulated industry in the world, but its never harmed anything!” Anthony said.

Environmentalists were furious at the House’s vote. A press statement from the green group Earthjustice claimed the bill included 65 anti-environmental riders. The group has already called on President Barack Obama to veto the bill if it passes the Senate.

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    Why is the EPA on a mission to weaken the USA energy supply ? Why are the Democrats
    backing the EPA ?
    Britain’s new Prime Minister last week showed leadership in dumping their climate police. Fuel poverty deaths can hopefully be reduced and their economy not treated like some goofy experiment while pretending to adjust the earth’s thermostat.
    USA Democrats are at the opposite end , keen to repeat the failed European social planning agenda instead of recognizing what a complete disaster it is .

    When the big European Banks unravel this year their failures from derivative trading losses and unrecoverable debt will have cause the overblow global warming hoax disappear faster than the last global cooling scare .

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