CLIMATE CHANGE OUTRAGE: Claims wildfire caused by global warming BLASTED as ‘not credible’

wildfiresSeveral reports had linked the wildfire in Canada to increased global temperatures and said that more wildfires will ensue as a result of global warming.

Temperatures in the continent of North America have risen by four degrees Fahrenheit in the first third of this year when compared to the 20th century average, which makes it the second hottest on record.

This led Marko Princevac, a fire expert at the University of California at Riverside, to warn: “Based on what we know and in which direction the climate is going, yes, we can expect more frequent super fires.

“There is scientific consensus that climate change will lead to much more intense fires, more dry areas.”

Another report published in Ecography, stated there will be a “sharp increase” in wildfires in typically colder places such as the most northwestern US state, Alaska, as temperatures increase.

While they undoubtedly play into green propaganda, Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party of Canada, criticised these scientists for being irresponsible when blaming the fires on climate change and said that experts should be focussing more on the damage to the environment caused by the fire, rather than how climate change caused it.

She said in a statement: “Some reports have suggested that the wildfires are directly caused by climate change.

“No credible climate scientist would make this claim, and neither do I make this claim. 

“Rather, we must turn our minds in the coming days to the impact of increased extreme climate events, and what we can do collectively to respond to these events.”

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