Climate change gives us less devastating natural disasters

Funny, Al Gore didn’t say anything about 2017 being “less devastating”:

Frankfurt am Main (AFP) – Natural catastrophes worldwide were less devastating in the first half of 2017 than the average over the past 10 years, reinsurer Munich Re said Tuesday, while highlighting the role of climate change in severe US storms.

Some 3,200 people lost their lives to disasters between January and June, the German group found — well short of the 10-year average of 47,000 for the period or the 5,100 deaths in the first half of 2016.

Every year there is a long list of disasters somewhere (aka weather-porn items for Al Gore :)

April floods and landslides in Colombia that claimed 329 lives were the deadliest single event.

Elsewhere, an April-June heat wave in India killed 264 people, while floods, landslides, and avalanches claimed around 200 lives in Sri Lanka, 200 in Afghanistan and 200 Bangladesh.

In terms of costs — that’s 60 billion “saved” this year:

Disasters inflicted a financial cost of around $41 billion in the first six months, Munich Re reported.

That was less than half of the $111 billion toll in the same period last year, or the average of $102 billion over the past 10 years.

The most costly single event was flooding in Peru between January and March, which killed 113 people and inflicted damage worth around $3.1 billion, followed by Cyclone Debbie’s toll of 12 lives and $2.7 billion in Australia.

No one is suggesting one-year stats and ten-year averages are meaningful. Unless you are Al Gore, then you need even less.

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    The Weather Channel relies heavily on archival footage of hurricanes.

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    I noticed you are comparing just 6 months of 2017 versus the average of such events over the last decade……

    THAT is sloppy science…to small a time frame to give any conclusions.

    In point of fact, this 10 year period YOU reference was more tumultuous than the previous 10 year period….
    PROVING THAT RISING CO2 and GLOBAL WARMING DO have devastating effects !

    10 of the 15 Busiest Hurricane seasons have occurred since 2000 !
    Deserts are growing around the world.
    Flooding Rain Events have more than doubled…and regionally have tripled.
    Drought are nearly doubled and the Square mileage of each is nearly doubled.
    Rising ocean temperatures are thought to be the main cause of the observed shift.
    The team calculates that a 1 ºC increase in sea-surface temperatures would result in a 31% increase
    in the global frequency of category 4 and 5 storms per year: from 13 of those storms to 17.
    Since 1970, the tropical oceans have warmed on average by around 0.5 ºC.
    Computer models suggest they may warm by a further 2 ºC by 2100.

    “It’ll be pretty hard now for anyone to claim that cyclone or storm activity has not increased,”
    says Dr. Judith Curry,
    noted Skeptic on Global Warming,
    an atmospheric researcher at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta….

    Three years ago,
    Curry and her team calculated that category 4 and 5 storms have almost doubled in number and proportion since 1970.
    The study, published two weeks after Hurricane Katrina struck, was later criticized for using a mixture of data taken by various worldwide projects
    that used different protocols. The new analysis is instead based on a single set of wind-speed data inferred from infrared satellite imagery.

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      Rakooi. Quit wasting oxygen, liar. If you believe that Earth is in such dire shape, get off.

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