Climate activists use grounded iceberg to stoke global warming fears

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A giant iceberg that floated down from Greenland and got grounded off Ferryland, Canada, is now being blamed on global warming. Icebergs are nothing new to the town’s residents, but having one anchored offshore quickly attracted tourists and the climate change crazies.

Currently, it’s stuck in shallow waters at the end of the Southern Shore highway in Newfoundland. That’s driving hundreds to visit the small town and snap photos of the intricately shaped berg. Experts say it’s about 150 feet long with most of it located beneath the surface (hence the term ‘tip of the iceberg’).

Activists have been using the grounded chunk of ice to stoke global warming alarm, even though the iceberg came down from what mariners call ‘iceberg alley.’ Strong winds blew the berg into shallower waters off Canada’s coast where it got anchored.

In fact, Ferryland is a well-known tourist attraction because so many icebergs travel down from the Arctic. Every year, at least 600 icebergs travel through the North Atlantic shipping lanes, with many passing by this small village.

A similar one sunk the Titanic on April 15, 1912, but that was before alarmists could blame your SUV for icebergs with the media nodding up and down in dopey agreement.

Media outlets have started blaming these runaway bergs on a heated-up Greenland, where most begin life from calving. But seafarers who traverse iceberg alley say strong counter-clockwise winds were pushing the blocks of ice further west.

Even the Danish Meteorological Institute shows Greenland’s ice balance for 2016-2017 has actually been gaining and is at record highs over the 1990-2013 mean average. That means the frozen island has added more ice than it has lost to melting or calving:

Ferryland’s Mayor Adrian Kavanagh said, “You can see off in the distance on a clear day, you can see five or six big ‘bergs. Most of them simply float past the town, but this latest visitor appears to be grounded and could remain in place.”

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