Civil Rights Group Calls Out Dems For ‘Bullying’ Conservatives On Senate Floor

exxonThere is a growing trend among climate justice warriors in the Senate to use tactics like crying “fraud” or yelling “that’s illegal” when people disagree with them about global warming, a Washington, D.C.-based civil rights group said Sunday.

Democrats in Congress were probably not expecting much pushback when they used legal tools to target ExxonMobil and conservative groups over allegedly suppressing data indicating that fossil fuels cause global warming, Robert Knight, a senior fellow at the conservative-leaning American Civil Rights Union, wrote in an analysis for the Washington Times.

But pushback is exactly what they got, Knight added.

The conservative writer also wrote he sees a growing trend of Democrats and environmentalists calling conservative and libertarian groups “criminals” for remaining skeptical about global warming, not to mention burying them in endless legal documents and attacking them through federal agencies.

Knight ticked off a handful of examples when Senate Democrats and bureaucrats used their political power to rail against global warming skeptics.

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    A minority of Democrat Senators name calling is nothing personal they are simply singing the tune their party hedge fund $billionaire tells them to . No song no cash .
    Happy to be a DENIER of the $Trillion chicken little the earth has a fever cartel .
    Rant on Senators at least you are showing up once in a while .

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