China’s Coal Consumption 14% Higher Than Previously Thought

chartA newly released analysis of Chinese government data by the U.S. Energy Information Administration found over the past decade-plus, China consumed as much as 14% more coal on an energy-content basis than previously reported. Its domestic coal production meanwhile was as much as 7% higher between 2000 and 2013. The upward revisions are also a reminder of just how unreliable Chinese government data can be. It illustrates just how difficult it is to get an accurate historic account of China’s emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere. —The Wall Street Journal, 17 September 2015

Coal India’s plan to double production to almost 1 billion tonnes by 2020 hinges precariously on the successful completion of 25 key projects that are meant to deliver half the targeted output. To speed up the rail links, the government is forming special purpose vehicles in which Coal India is likely to hold the majority stake, followed by the Indian Railways and the respective state governments. –Debjoy Sengupta, Times of India, 11 September 2015

“You made the mess — you clean it up” may well be India’s attitude at the coming international climate-change talks in Paris. “It’s the West which has polluted the world for the last 150 years with cheap energy,” Indian Power Minister Piyush Goyal said in an interview. “I can’t tell the people of India that we’ll burden you with high costs because the West has polluted the world, now India will pay for it. Not acceptable to us.” –Anindya Upadhyay, Bloomberg, 17 September 2015

African negotiators plan to block a global agreement on reducing global warming if the deal is too weak and fails to consider the implications of climate change for the continent’s wellbeing. —SciDev Net, 16 September 2015

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and some of his rivals for the Republican presidential nomination slammed the Obama administration’s climate policies during a short exchange on the matter during their Wednesday night debate. “We’re not going to destroy our economy the way the left-wing government we’re under wants to do,” Rubio said at the main-stage event. “Every proposal they put forward are proposals that will make it harder to do business in America, that will make it harder to create jobs in America.” –Devin Henry, The Hill, 16 September 2015

It’s hard to imagine House leadership or any committee of jurisdiction scheduling time to debate or mark up this latest Constructive Republican Alternative Proposal. Nonetheless, given the administration’s increasingly shrill anti-carbon campaign, the impending Papal visit to preach climate alarm to congressional skeptics, and the looming pitched battles over the Clean Power Plan and Obama’s climate treaty agenda, we should not be complacent when a group of GOP lawmakers decides to crank the Me Too amplifiers up to eleven. Perhaps the Me Too resolution will languish in obscurity after today’s unveiling. But if co-sponsors start piling on, congressional constitutionalists, free-marketers, and affordable energy advocates will need to pass their own resolution to marginalize that of the Tweedle Dums. –Marlo Lewis,, 17 September 2015

Looming parliamentary elections in coal-dependent Poland will bedevil European Union efforts on Friday to agree a strong position for a global deal to tackle climate change. EU environment ministers meet in Brussels on Friday to finalise the bloc’s negotiating position for a U.N. climate summit in Paris starting at the end of November. Many EU nations are eager to retain the leading role the bloc has taken in moving to lower carbon energy, but Poland, whose economy relies on coal, says the cost of shifting from fossil fuels will undermine EU competitiveness unless the rest of the world is in step. Warsaw has support from other east European nations, diplomats said. –Barbara Lewis, Reuters, 17 September 2015

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    What would be shocking is if Chinese coal use data was credible . Seriously
    you might as well ask for nuclear arms inspection at the same time if you want to live in a fantasy world .

    Let’s keep this simple and real … The Chinese and other “have not nations ‘ will take all the money we will give them after they have stopped laughing at how stupid and naïve
    the ‘have nations” are .

    Do the Chinese and India want to put a billion people into fuel poverty all on the basis of adjusting the earth’s thermostat by 1 or 2 degrees hypothetically ? Do they want to deal with the civil unrest that will ensue ?
    Absolutely not, and the West needs a reality check before pursuing incredibly naïve stupid policies .
    That is why the Chinese want to punt the reductions down the road 15 years .
    Collect the cash now ,launder it , and who cares if they are unaccountable in 15 years ? By then the west will have trashed their own economies so bad the fact the Chinese never lived
    up to their promise will be swept under the carpet because this wealth transfer scheme has nothing to do with the earth’s temperature in any event .

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