China Promised To Ban Coal And Iron Imports From North Korea

coalChina announced Tuesday it will trash North Korea’s economy by no longer purchasing coal, iron ore and other commodities from its reclusive neighbor.

China’s Ministry of Commerce in Beijing said it will comply with last month’s United Nations sanctions over North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.

North Korea is deeply dependent upon trade with China, as commodities account for more than 40 percent of North Korea’s overall exports to the People’s Republic, according to customs data. China accounts for about 90 percent of the hermit kingdom’s trade, which it uses to purchase the vital food, weapons, fuel and hard currency needed to prop up its government. China imported 19.6 million metric tons of coal from North Korea last year.

China has agreed to stop buying gold, titanium, vanadium and rare earth imports from North Korea as well.

Similar pledges made by China in the past failed to stop rampant smuggling across the border, and North Korea has a long history of exporting coal and iron in violation of previous sanctions.

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    North Korea is China’s ” cat’s paw ” and obediently does anything and everything China wants it to do.

    The façade of independent autonomy and sovereignty is pure theater thereby making North Korea’s insane actions appear as having nothing to do with China.

    Just like moose-lamb terrorismand other criminalities have nothing to do with moslams nor islum itself and any mere thought of that is islamophobia.

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    Edmonton Al


    If China really stops importing, is that not the same as cornering a rat?
    Look out South Korea.
    Maybe it is all Chinese BS, and the importing goes on unbeknownst to the rest of the world?

    A DPRK revolution is long overdue.

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    Well one thing you can count on from the Chinese is total open and complete honesty .
    That’s why they are building islands in the South China Sea for military bases. Sounds like they didn’t they get the memo from the scary global warming pump and dump team . Those islands are going to be under water real soon aren’t they ? Silly Chinese what are they thinking ?

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