CHART: Power Is A LOT More Expensive Under Obama

Source: Map Created By Daily Caller News Foundation using data from Energy Information Administration.Source: Map Created By Daily Caller News Foundation using data from Energy Information Administration.The average American’s electric bill has gone up 10 percent since January, 2009, due in part to regulations imposed by President Barack Obama and state governments, even though the price of generating power has declined.

Record low costs for generating electricity thanks to America’s new natural gas supplies created by hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, haven’t translated into lower monthly payments for consumers due to new regulations.

The price of generating electricity in the eastern U.S. fell by half under Obama, but utilities raised monthly bills for residential customers, according to government data.

The biggest price increase in the U.S. was in Kansas, where prices rose from 8.16 cents per kilowatt-hour in January, 2009, to 11.34 cents in January, 2015. That’s a 39 percent increase in the price of electricity during Obama’s tenure. States like Idaho, Nebraska, Wyoming, South Dakota, Missouri, Utah, and Ohio saw enormous increases in the price of electricity as well, according to data from the Energy Information Administration.

States with large and developed natural gas and oil industries generally saw their average electric bill drop. The biggest price drop was in Texas, where prices fell by almost 10 percent during Obama’s tenure. States like Louisiana, Arkansas, Maryland, Florida, Delaware, New Jersey, Maine and the District of Columbia all saw the average electric bill fall since January, 2009.

Source: Map Created By Daily Caller News Foundation using data from Energy Information Administration

“President Obama openly ran in 2008 on a platform of making electricity rates ‘skyrocket’ and bankrupting anyone who dared to build a coal plant in the United States,” Travis Fisher, an economist at the Institute for Energy Research, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “Now, more than seven years into his presidency, it should come as no surprise that his efforts have taken a widespread toll in the form of higher electricity rates for nearly every state in the union.”

Despite falling generation costs, electrical utilities are being forced by the government to pay for billions of dollars of government-mandated “improvements” and taxpayer support for new wind and solar power systems.

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    More expensive energy costs ? Now that is one promise Obama has excelled at keeping . A real legacy issue . Fuel poverty goals in action . And the poor thought the democrats had their back .

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    Socialist wealth redistribution schemes never create prosperity… [b]ever[/b]. The entire premise of climate change politics is to throttle free markets, replacing a natural economic incentive system with leftist authoritarian control. Since the energy sector is the engine of any economy this is a key target of the left.

    Modern societies agree that there needs to be a basic social safety net but they rightly disagree on how big it should be. Socialists try to tell us that if a little bit is good, a lot more must be even better. The idea that social welfare spending itself stimulates or drives an economy is simply delusional.

    Like a swimmer struggling to move through water, economies must bear the extra weight of [u]every[/u] social program they accept. Meanwhile, leftists stand by the pool offering to hand out concrete blocks – all the while referring to them as “swimming aids”.

    Just as America has achieved the goal of energy independence, the left wants to make it impossible for the industry to tread water…

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    Any union member who is represented by executive that supports the direct or indirect loss of their jobs through the Democrat promise to shut down fossil fuels needs to speak up and call for people who will honor the obligation to defend the membership interests .
    Unions are already in enough trouble without mass decertification revolts .

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