House Pushes Bill To Rein In President’s Ability To Create National Monuments

The House Committee on Natural Resources passed a bill Wednesday that will gut the president’s authority to designate national monuments if it’s made into law.

GOP Rep. Rob Bishop of Utah introduced the National Monument Creation and Protection Act to overhaul the Antiquities Act of 1906. Bishop has consistently called for the reformation of the Antiquities Act and a prevention that keeps presidents from designating millions of acres of land as national monuments.

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Trump Nominates CEO Of Weather Forecasting Company To Head Major Climate Agency

Barry Myers

President Donald Trump nominated a businessman who runs a media empire that forecasts the weather to lead a government agency that conducts climate research and assesses climate change.

Trump chose Barry Myers, who has served since 2007 as CEO of AccuWeather, a media company providing worldwide weather predictions, to run the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Myers has degrees in law and business, but no science background.

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Trump Terminates EPA Regs As Germany’s Global Warming Scheme Runs Into Trouble

President Donald Trump is taking heat from environmental activists for repealing the centerpiece of the Obama administration’s plan to fight global warming.

But those same activists seem to be ignoring what’s happening across the Atlantic Ocean where German officials admitted they’re nowhere close to meeting their climate goal, despite spending $800 billion on green energy.

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FBI Reviews Allegations Of Puerto Rican Officials Withholding Hurricane Relief

San Juan Mayor Yulin Cruz in front of supplies while claiming aid wasn’t coming fast enough.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation in Puerto Rico received multiple allegations from residents across the island who say local officials in the territory have withheld needed FEMA supplies.

“People call us and tell us some misappropriation of some goods and supplies by supposedly politicians, not necessarily mayors, but people that work for the mayors in certain towns,” FBI Special Agent Carlos Osorio told The Daily Caller Wednesday.

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The End of the Ocean Acidification Scare for Corals

The global increase in the atmosphere’s CO2 content has been hypothesized to possess the potential to harm coral reefs directly.

By inducing changes in ocean water chemistry that can lead to reductions in the calcium carbonate saturation state of seawater (Ω), it has been predicted that elevated levels of atmospheric CO2 may reduce rates of coral calcification, possibly leading to slower-growing — and, therefore, weaker — coral skeletons, and in some cases even death.

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SCIENCE! Jerry Brown’s ‘zero emission vehicle’ celebration interrupted by reality buzzkills

California’s climate change alarmist Governor Jerry Brown is thrilled at more laws in the state being passed with the ultimate goal of phasing out vehicles that run on fossil fuels:

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Aussie ex-PM Abbott Slams Climate Change ‘Religion’


Climate change is a religion whose followers behave like members of the Inquisition; it’s a condition where the cure is causing far more damage than the alleged disease; it’s a recipe for killing jobs, lowering standards of living, and hurting the poor…

Some of us knew this already. But you rarely hear it so trenchantly expressed by a former world leader – as it was in London yesterday by Aussie ex-Prime Minister Tony Abbott in a hard-hitting, must-read speech for the Global Warming Policy Foundation.

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Trump’s $33 Billion Tax Cut You Didn’t Know You Just Got

In a recent editorial, we noted that President Trump’s decision to get rid of President Obama’s Clean Power Plan would be a major money-saver for companies and a deregulatory boost for the economy. Now, new data actually put a dollar figure on it.

Senior Trump officials now estimate that the president’s decision will save consumers some $33 billion. No, they won’t get a big notice on their monthly bill saying: “You saved $X amount this month, thanks to the repeal of the Clean Power Act.” But the money will go into their pocket nonetheless since they will avoid paying the much higher costs that Obama had baked into the energy cake through his plan to cut CO2 emissions by 35% over the next 14 years.

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(VIDEO) Rumors that Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is dead bring about hilarious Al Gore spoof

Pat never misses an opportunity to mock Al Gore’s erroneous and hypocritical claims that climate change will end civilization as we know it.

A tweet suggesting Australia’s Great Barrier Reef was dead went viral, was completely false, and horrified scientists.

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