Daily Telegraph Falls For Lord Deben’s Extreme Weather Scare

To the long list of naive young Telegraph journalists, we can add the name of Ashley Kirk. (see Linked In profile here).

Last week he penned an article called “What is Britain doing to tackle flooding in the face of extreme weather? “ (Unfortunately behind the paywall).

Apparently primed by Lord Deben, he goes on to make apocalyptic predictions that the UK will be hit by a vicious combination of extreme storms, intense downpours and rising sea levels as it faces the next century. This is all apparently predicated on a couple of wet winters in recent years.

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Alabamans are Sending an Anti-Fossil Fuel, Climate Activist to the Senate

Democrat Doug Jones who defeated Republican Roy Moore during Tuesday’s special Senate election in Alabama campaigned on a decidedly anti-fossil fuel message that included support for the Paris climate accord.

Allegations of child molestation against Moore drove most of the dialogue during the campaign, which overshadowed Doug Jones positions on energy. Jones published his environmental positions on his website but did little to publicize them in Republican-leaning Alabama.

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Dems Accused A Trump EPA Nominee Of Plagiarism, But Are They Right?

Senate Democrats claim President Donald Trump’s nominee for top environmental policy adviser “plagiarized” some of her written responses to lawmakers’ questions as part of the confirmation process.

Democrats on Committee on Environment and Public Works claim to have found 18 instances where Kathleen Hartnett-White “cut and pasted from the written answers of other nominees,” lawmakers wrote to White on Tuesday.

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No, Global Warming Isn’t Killing Off The Polar Bears

It’s a heart-rending video: The National Geographic tape shows a plainly starving, shockingly thin polar bear rummaging for food. It’s near death. The tragic scene went viral on the internet.

“When scientists say bears are going extinct, I want people to realize what it looks like,” said SeaLegacy photographer Paul Nicklen, whose video of the bear was later shared online by National Geographic.

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Jerry Brown blames everyone but himself for California wildfires

Jerry Brown is at it again.

Blaming Californians for the devastating series of California wildfires month, he went Full Moonbeam and declared the problem a function of global warming, calling it a new normal about which nothing is to be done.

As if wildfires that sweep away homes in California’s unique Mediterranean microclimates have never happened before this past week.

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Climate Alarmists Reinterpret Data to Make Sea Level Rise Worse Than It Is

Climate-change activists parading as scientists are at it again: falsifying data in order to show an alarming rise in sea level in the Indian Ocean.

Australian scientists Dr. Albert Parker and Dr. Clifford Ollier detail the scientific skullduggery of the Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level (PSMSL) in their paper entitled “Is the Sea Level Stable at Aden, Yemen?”

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Weak Solar Activity And La Nina Forebode Cooling Temperatures For The Months Ahead

The Sun in November 2017

By Frank Bosse and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt
(Translated and edited by P Gosselin)

In November the sun was unusually quiet with respect to its activity. The observed sunspot number (SSN) was merely 5.7, which is only 14% of what is typically normal for month number 108 into the cycle. The current cycle number 24 began in December 2008. The sun was completely spotless 19 of 30 days in November.

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Patagonia falsely claims Trump stole public land to sell it

The outdoor clothing company Patagonia is waging an over-the-top campaign against President Donald Trump, claiming he “stole” land that remains under control of the federal government.

Customers looking to buy a pair of $79 yoga pants are immediately bombarded with political activism against the Trump administration. “The president stole your land,” a large black banner reads, directing users to “take action” against the Department of the Interior’s decision to reduce the size of two federal monuments and create three new ones.

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Macron Gives Trump ‘Your Mother Was a Hamster’ Treatment at Paris Eco-Summit

Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron

Donald Trump was the lucky winner of a global elite gathering held in Paris today to mark the second anniversary of the useless, pointless and very expensive COP21 U.N. climate summit: he didn’t get an invitation.

British Prime Minister Theresa May was invited – and accepted. (And tweeted this extremely embarrassing thing to remind the world yet again why so many Conservatives expect her government to be overthrown by a bunch of revolutionary socialists at the next election, because hey what difference would it make?)

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Disney Begged Obama Not To Use Its Cartoon Characters For Climate Brainwashing

Obama’s State Dept. wanted to use Olaf the snowman to convince kids polar bears were in trouble from global warming.

Disney officials were frustrated and annoyed that the Obama administration was considering using some of the company’s cartoon characters to sell kids on climate change, according to a report Tuesday from The Hill.

Robert Papp, a former State Department official, discussed the possibility of using Disney cartoon characters to teach children about a possible climate apocalypse. Company officials told Papp in 2014 that Disney characters should not be used to harangue people about global warming.

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