California hires former AG Eric Holder to fight Trump on global warming, immigration

The Democratic-led #California Legislature has hired Eric Holder to help with any potential fights with the incoming administration, from global warming to immigration.

Hiring Holder, who is now a Washington-based attorney, provides a glimpse into how California will fight President-elect #Donald Trump on a host of issues.

Holder was President Obama’s first attorney general (AG) who departed in 2015 after numerous scandals.

Because of all the fake news and speculation generated before and after the election, one prominent narrative was that President Trump would erase #Climate Change data from government servers.

That started a hacking initiative to preserve all government climate data to third-party servers, which is a violation of federal law.

Outspoken Trump critic

Gov. Jerry Brown, who is an outspoken Trump critic and Hillary Clinton supporter, has already stated California would send its own satellites into orbit to measure temperatures if Trump canceled any climate initiatives by NASA or NOAA.

Kevin de Le√≥n, who leads the state’s Senate, said that utilizing a former U.S. attorney general would bring a lot of “firepower” in defending California’s controversial initiatives.

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    David Lewis


    It is astounding just how poorly Gov. Jerry Brown is informed. NOAA and NASA ignore satellite data because it doesn’t support the climate change agenda. Any effort by Trump regarding satellites would be to start using their unmodified data.

    What would a California satellite do? Add a degree to all of its data.

    Any action on climate change data should be to restore the unaltered data since this has been ruthless changed in order to make it appear global warming is happening. The best scenario would be to also show the altered data so it is obvious to all how much fraud there has been.

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    The Demo -Greens like Brown will say anything stupid to vent after finding California was irrelevant in the election despite the left coast leanings .
    Try balancing a budget Brown … you know something real . Aren’t people a tiny bit fed up with the unsustainable debt incurred by California socialists like Brown . Apparently not, so why wait for a non satellite event from Trump. Send some more space junk up
    and create a whole new government department to fudge data .
    Climate changes , it’s warming gradually as it does when earth comes out of it’s ice ages . So what ? If you chose to live in a place with little water and a massive fault line that’s not everyone else’s problem . Is Brown going to tell people he has the ability to set the earth’s thermostat too ?
    We have all experienced the disappointment when our horse doesn’t win but sending more satellites to space is just another Denier Democrat reaction .

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