BUSTED! This famous global warming crusader owns shares in NEARLY 100 oil & gas companies

john kerry(h/t Amirlach) It’s one thing to live in our carbon-rich society and complain about it, like all the global warming alarmists do. But it’s another thing to invest in carbon-intensive, carbon extractive companies at the same time.

Take John Kerry, the Secretary of State for the United States.

ISIS. Russia. Iran. The world is arguably more dangerous now than at any time since the end of the Second World War, but Kerry has said, again and again, that the greatest treat is global warming.

But here’s the thing:

John Kerry and his wife own shares in no less than 94 different oil and gas and fracking and other similar companies.

The very companies and industries that John Kerry says he hates.

Worse, he’s built an entire U.S. foreign policy around a threat that he’s actually investing in.

That is a fraud, on a monstrous level.

(By the way, does anybody know what stocks Justin Trudeau’s trust funds hold?)

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    LOL!!! I’m not surprised. They’re all hypocrites.

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    While we are at it lets see how many “renewable” stocks the little band of State AG cheerleaders own shares in . Then compare that to their ownership of fossil fuel company shares .
    What are they pumping an industry for while on the governments payroll ?

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