Bullets Shatter Windows Next To A Prominent Global Warming Skeptic’s Office

Shots were fired at the fourth floor of a science and technology center at the University of Alabama-Huntsville sometime over the weekend, hitting windows adjacent to climatologist John Christy’s office.

No one was hurt, and university police have characterized the event as a “random shooting,” UAH spokesman Ray Garner told WHNT News. Police found “seven spent Belgian 5.7-millimeter bullet casings along Sparkman Drive” near the National Space Science and Technology Center, WHNT reported.

“My office was not hit, but the one next door and then further north had bullet impacts on the windows,” Christy told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“Appears to be a drive-by from the trajectories from the street parallel to the building,” Christy added.

Three bullets hit windows, while four hit the side of the National Space Science and Technology Center. An incident report was filed after building staff discovered shards of glass Monday morning.

Christy is a well-respected climatologist who’s spent decades using satellites to measure global temperatures. He is considered a skeptic of man-made global warming, and environmentalists and left-leaning scientists have attacked him for challenging the credibility of climate models.

Christy’s research has shown climate models massively over-predicted global warming, and he’s also done extensive research into flaws with surface-based temperature readings from weather stations.

While police say the shooting looks to be random, Christy’s colleague, Dr. Roy Spencer, said it’s “more than coincidence” that shots were fired around Earth Day.

“Given that this was Earth Day weekend, with a March for Science passing right past our building on Saturday afternoon, I think this is more than coincidence,” wrote Spencer.

“When some people cannot argue facts, they resort to violence to get their way,” Spencer wrote in his blog. “It doesn’t matter that we don’t ‘deny global warming;’ the fact we disagree with its seriousness and the level of human involvement in warming is enough to send some radicals into a tizzy.”

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    Before the election, MSM speculated that violence was to be expected from the right when Trump loses. How wrong they were and are. All these protests and demonstrations are proof that the Left has no claim to the moral high ground.

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    Just imagine if the tables were turned and (God please forbid) shots were fired through the windows of a high profile climate change think tank… Like Sonny says, this would perfectly fit the left-media false narrative of conservative violence and the event would warrant breathless 24/7 coverage…

    EVERY high profile politician and scientist who had expressed doubt or skepticism of the man-made climate change agenda would have a microphone thrust in their face as they were demanded to denounce not only violence, but everything else associated with their stand.

    So what are we getting?… Crickets.

    Meanwhile the left now has their own version of the KKK – punks in black hoodies with face masks, using violence, spewing filth, and swinging hardwood sticks to deny free speech – burning cars, buildings, and effigies, etc.

    So where is the left-media outrage?… Again, crickets… chirp, chirp…

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    “Meanwhile the left now has their own version of the KKK ‚Äì”?

    Actually the Left WAS the KKK. The democrats were the party of the KKK and fought the Republican Civil Right’s reforms every step of the way.

    As for firing bullets, I really don’t think playing this card is a good idea for the left. The right has had it with Soros funded Black Block criminals. They are now fighting back and have discovered that these basement dwelling snowflakes really can’t fight.

    Taking this to the next level won’t end well for them.

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    Amirlach, thanks for reminding me that the KKK was largely a Democratic phenomenon. In fact, no less than Senator Robert Byrd was a Kleagle for the cause… I’d also bet that if asked, most college students today would tell you that Abraham Lincoln was a Democrat.

    Either way, the masked punks (domestic terrorists) in black hoodies wouldn’t be tolerated for one minute if they were associated with the political right. Now that the Democrat Party is in shambles, the extreme socialist left has no friendly leadership to keep them in check. Right out of their playbook, these “punkies” are the anarchist force that American Bolsheviks need to promote unrest and chaos for their next big move.

    I think the extreme left has overplayed their cards, but they have deluded themselves to believe America is ripe for socialism.

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    Spurwing Plover


    Never forget that the Unibomber was a radical enviromentalists who read Al Gores fruadulent book EARTH IN THE BALANCE and perscribed to LIVE WILD OR DIE he lived ina tiny little shack with no elecricity and commuted mostly by bicycle and one of his victims was Timber Executives Gilbert Murry and the hostage taker at the Discovory Channel was also a deep ecology wierdo

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