Boulder, Colorado – Destroying The Environment To Save The Planet

As predicted, wildly corrupt progressives on the Boulder City Council voted to destroy the environmentally critical wetlands which separate Boulder from Denver.

Boulder City Council approves new land-use designation for CU South – Boulder Daily Camera

I’ve been documenting the incredible diversity of wildlife on this land.

So why would the City of Boulder vote to destroy their own environment? The answer is simple – they want to save the planet from global warming.

Boulder declares intent to uphold Paris climate goals – Boulder Daily Camera

The city of Boulder wants to take over operation of their electrical utilities, which are currently generated by this incredibly clean power plant, which puts out no visible pollution, ever.

The city wants to replace this incredibly clean, reliable power plant (which most residents probably don’t even know exists) with 200 very unreliable and environmentally destructive wind turbines.

The University of Colorado has no interest in the city’s idiotic plan to create expensive, unreliable energy. So in order to get CU to agree to the plan, the city made two deals with the University.

  1. The University is guaranteed low-cost energy from the grid, even when the residents of the city are blacked out and their electricity rates skyrocket.
  2. The city lets CU develop the wetlands south of Boulder.

The City of Boulder thus believes that they need to destroy their own environment in order to save the planet from global warming. Meanwhile, the countries which signed the fake Paris Climate Treaty are building new coal-fired power plants as fast as they can, with 1,600 new plants planned. The US has no new coal plants in the works.

As Beijing Joins Climate Fight, Chinese Companies Build Coal Plants – The New York Times

The dominant feature of the progressive intellect is that they are completely incapable of critical analysis or rational thought. They are Pavlov’s dogs – who are triggered into madness by a few words – like “global warming.”

Read more at Real Climate Science

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    Spurwing Plover


    Look at those Greenpeace Idiots marching with their Plastic banner with stupid words on it and are they that stupid enough to support Bird and Bat chopping Windturbines? I tell you enviromentalisms a form of Green Stupidity

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      MUCH of the last 1000 Years has actually been called the Little Ice Age.
      ( This inter glacial warming PEAKED TEMP. around 7500 years ago)
      Around 1750-1800, a pivot of 180 Degrees occurred !
      In sync with the COAL ENERGY HUNGRY Industrial Revolution
      & mankind’s dramatic population increase & use of Carbon Fuels to stay warm/housing/create farming land.
      The Japanese Satellite,
      launched decades ago,
      registered a detailed study:
      A. Incoming Solar Radiation/Energy
      B. Escaping Radiation/Energy
      (CO2, Methane, Ozone, Nitrous Oxide & water vapor)

      In the EXACT SAME WAVE LENGTHS of those Trace Green House Gases
      a ‘ growing ‘ portion of escaping Infra Red Radiation/Energy Emmissions
      ARE NOT Leaving our Earth System !
      but rather is accumulating in our Oceans, land &Atmosphere.
      ** AS Greenhouse Gases increase,
      ** Escaping Radiation (infra Red Radiation) Energy decreases.
      ** temperatures keep rising world wide.
      The US launched a more sophisticated satellite
      As did the Russians
      And the Chinese.
      ALL VERIFIED THe exact Green House Gas activity in the atmosphere!
      ALL the enhanced Green house effect warming of the Planet Earth.
      increasingly warming oceans & melting Snow Packs & Glaciers.

      The Scientific establishment in 1958 warned President Eisenhower about the unrestrained pumping of TOXIC industrial waste gasses & chemicals
      into our atmosphere…& the climate warming shifts, it causes…Complete with tumultuous weather changes…extreme cold events some years and heat waves and
      droughts in following years.

      The Scientific establlshment in 1965 warned President Johnson about the massive & unrestrained pumping of TOXIC industrial waste gases
      & chemicals into our atmosphere & Global Warming with Climate Changes threatening our populations and economies.
      Source AAAS

      ..& THEY PROJECTED Changes likely to be observed > 50 yrs. < into the future (2015)

      ..PROJECTED Climate changes:
      spot on accurate
      1. ALL Surface digital weather station measurements register Global warming ….tens of millions of human measures.
      & verified by well over 30,000 private, independent Digital Weather stations around the world.

      ALL Satellite measurements show that the troposphere is warming…& verified by well over 200,000 digital weather balloon launches.
      The stratosphere is cooling as expected by anthropogenic global warming. ..& as projected accurately by numerous computer models.
      (this “CANNOT” be explained by ANY NATURAL CYCLE !)(CO2 removes sufficient Infra Red RAdiation, that the Stratosphere, deprived of IR cooling.

      (in point of fact, we have been in a weakened solar energy output cycle, & all that TIME, temperatures have continued rising )

      Temperatures at the ocean surface & at various ocean depths show * warming as far down as 1500 meters (after thousands upon thousands of years, cooling)
      Sea level rise gravitometric measurements of Greenland and Antarctica show net ice loss.
      “….“The loss of ice from West Antarctica between 2009 and 2012 caused a dip in the gravity field over the region,” writes the ESA, whose GOCE satellite measured the change. Apparently, melting billions of tons of ice year after year has implications….”
      National Snow & Ice Data Center registered the ARCTIC AND ANTARCTICA SET Satellite Historic Low Ice LEVELS…2016
      Sea-ice loss in the Arctic is dramatically accelerating

      **continuing a 40 year trend !

      Acceleration of melting glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica, particularly within the last few years.

      China reports a stunning 18% loss of Ice Packs and Glacier Ice in recent years, Citing Accelerating Global warming & Black Carbon build up
      from Coal electric generation locally & around the world.
      Poleward migration of species:

      * * The Pine Beetle, for example, has been confined to much warmer southern latitudes for thousands of years by Frigid Northern Climates.
      That Beetle is found north of Fairbanks, Alaska !!

      Increased hurricane & Storms (numbers &/or intensity) as expected from rising sea surface temperatures & expanded surface area, with expanding evaporation…
      (10 of the 15 Busiest Hurricane Seasons have occurred since 2000.)
      Accelerating decline of glaciers throughout the world
      Montana’s glacier national park had 150 in 1910 & in 1958 when I was there, 150…
      but today,
      only ** 25 remain
      ***at a time when Skeptics claim we are Plowing into a new ICE AGE…that we will be knee deep into it, by 2030 !
      The rise of the troposphere altitudes
      Rise in temperatures at greater depths in the permafrost
      Rapid expansion of thermokarst lakes throughout parts of Siberia, Canada and Alaska
      Russia reports that atmospheric temperatures in Siberia are rising at Twice the world wide average increase.
      Changes in ocean circulation as predicted by climate models, for example, with temperatures rising more quickly overland
      Disintegration of permafrost coastlines in the arctic
      Changes in the altitude of the stratosphere
      An energy imbalance-the earth is receiving more energy than it emits (Hansen 2005)
      Verified….every monthly compilation of energy readings registers the same imbalance
      …increasing energy staying within the earth’s atmosphere rather than escaping to space.
      (These findings are verified by detailed satellite data from 4 different nation’s satellites)
      Poleward movement of the jet streams (Archer 2008, Seidel 2007, Fu 2006)
      The Father/Inventor of the
      “Global Warming Pause”
      “Global Warming Hiatus”

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      Yes, those greens are really that stupid.
      They happily destroy the environment.
      Look at the reactions of greenie rakooi, he should be banned from here.

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    Ratatouille, the Earth has survived everything eons has thrown at it. It was a molten ball that cooled and crusted. It hatched gargantuan dinosaurs that lived hairless and happy in northern climes. Asteroids, Ice Ages, Krakatoa, Hitler, Stalin,atmospheric nuclear testing.
    Today, you proclaim that Earth is too warm. You must be God! I’ve always wondered where you were. It’s a miracle, you’re posting on CCD! Praise be Raktooi!!!!!! How may I serve you?

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