Bill Clinton: Stuck 2,000 Years in the Past on Coal

clinton_billBill Clinton keeps telling coal workers to move on from the life “you had 50 years ago”—while his wife Hillary shouts, “I believe in science!” But isn’t it interesting that the “science” to which they cling is 2,000 years out-of-date?

Greek Mathematician Hero of Alexandria invented the original windmill, a machine that harnessed wind for energy sometime around 50 AD. Do the math – 2016 minus 50 is 1,966—meaning windmill power is not “new” or “progressive” but a relic of 2,000 years ago.

Truth hurts. Especially, if you’re a Clinton. Because Clintons prefer shadows to sunshine. When it was revealed that Bill sexually exploited a White House intern, he chose to lie under oath and Hillary chose to go on national TV and back up his story despite irrefutable—scientific—evidence of his guilt on a certain stained navy blue dress.

Because a Clinton never lets science get in the way of a good story, especially a story that will help them gain political power.

Last week, former president Bill Clinton took the podium at the Democratic National Convention and said:

“She [Hillary] sent me in this primary to West Virginia where she knew we were going to lose, to look those coal miners in the eye and say I’m down here because Hillary sent me to tell you that if you really think you can get the economy back you had 50 years ago, have at it, vote for whoever you want to. But if she wins, she is coming back for you to take you along on the ride to America’s future.”

Bill was referencing his controversial decision to campaign for Hillary in West Virginia coal country after she put her foot in her mouth by saying: “We are going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”

Oops. Hillary was soon challenged by an unemployed coal miner named Bo Copely who told her that her statement troubled him and many other coal miners who, in his words: “don’t see you as a friend.”

The truth is, most Americans aren’t worried about coal power or climate change—they’re worried about terrorism and the economy. Harris Interactive found a 7 percent drop in the number of Americans who turn off their lights when not in use to increase energy efficiency and an 8 percent drop in the number of Americans who replace incandescent bulbs with fluorescent bulbs between 2012 and 2015.

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    I believe he did not have sexual relations with that women and isn’t it so reassuring he also believes in science . Put this guy back in the Whitehouse ? Nah been there done that .
    If nothing else Trump will be far more entertaining .After all the public has been
    subjected to a ludicrous 2 year campaign . Don’t they deserve to be entertained
    while government department managers trample on peoples rights and the public interest ?
    At least the Democrats are telling voters up front they intend to shut down whole sectors of the economy and their top priority is to adjust the earth’s temperature by possibly as much as a fraction of one degree . Admittedly that last bit is fairly entertaining .

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