Base policies on reality, not deceit

cartoon-grants-solar-energyDangerous man-made global cooling, global warming, climate change and extreme weather claims continue to justify what has become a $1.5-trillion-per-year industry: tens of billions spent annually on one-sided research and hundreds of billions sent to crony capitalists to subsidize replacing dependable, affordable carbon-based fuels with unreliable, expensive “renewable” energy.

Some 50 million acres of US crop and habitat land (equal to Wyoming) have been turned into corn-for-ethanol farms, biofuel plantations, and wind and solar installations. American forests are being converted to fuel for British power plants. Towering turbines butcher birds and bats, while Big Wind is exempted from endangered species rules that would cost fossil fuel companies billions in fines and send their execs to jail for such carnage. (But if you’re saving the planet, what’s a few million birds and bats a year?)

Climate chaos is likewise the foundation for endless, punitive government policies and regulations intended to keep oil, gas and coal “in the ground.” Crony politicians pass laws and unelected bureaucrats impose rules that transfer taxpayer and consumer wealth, decide which companies, industries and workers win or lose, and control people’s lives, livelihoods, liberties and living standards.

Research and ruling classes benefit, while poor, minority and blue-collar families suffer – and Africans are told they must be content with wind and solar energy because, as President Obama put it, “if everybody has got a car” and air conditioning and a big house, “the planet will boil over.”

Climate Crisis, Inc. jealously guards this power and money train. The IPCC, EPA and NOAA spend billions in tax dollars to publish horror stories about runaway temperatures and looming disasters. Mike Mann sues anyone who disparages him or his work. Sheldon Whitehouse and Jagedish Shukla demand that anyone who disputes man-made disaster claims be prosecuted for “climate denial.”

Now a new Paris climate treaty says the “ultimate goal” is to stabilize atmospheric CO2 and other greenhouse gas concentrations at levels that will “prevent dangerous [human] interference with the climate system” – under the assumption that CO2 now drives climate change and weather events.

The Paris accord stipulates that developed nations must reduce their emissions, regardless of impacts on economies, employment or families. This means they must de-carbonize, de-industrialize and de-develop – while they give trillions of dollars in cash and free technology to developing countries like Brazil, China, India and Indonesia, for climate “reparation” and “mitigation.”

Developing countries need try to reach their voluntary goals only if now-wealthy nations make those wealth transfers – and if reducing their emissions will not interfere with their “first and overriding priorities” of eradicating poverty, malnutrition and disease, and improving living standards and life spans.

This means fossil fuel use and atmospheric carbon dioxide levels will continue to climb – and US, EU, Canadian and Australian sacrifices will have no effect on stabilizing atmospheric CO2 levels, much less controlling Earth’s ever-changing climate or weather, again assuming CO2 does determine climate.

But what if this dynasty is built on a foundation of errors, miscalculations and exaggerations – or worse: on manipulation, fabrication and fraud? The house of cards would tumble down, the catechism of climate cataclysm would go the way of other vanished religions, and the power and money train would derail.

Before his untimely death January 19, Dr. Robert M. Carter, former director of James Cook University’s Marine Geophysical Laboratory and expert on historic and prehistoric climate change, offered succinct analyses of climate forces, fears and realities, underscoring how fragile the climate chaos claims are.

Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, he always emphasized. It is a plant-fertilizing trace gas (400 ppm or 0.04% of the atmosphere), essential for photosynthesis and life on Earth. Rising CO2 levels are increasing crop, forest and grassland growth, improving ecosystems and wildlife, and feeding more people. In fact, the 50 ppm increase in atmospheric CO2 between 1981 and 2010 fertilized an 11% boost in plant cover worldwide. Moreover, current carbon dioxide levels are quite low relative to their levels across geological time, meaning terrestrial, fresh water and oceanic plant life is currently starved for CO2 by comparison.

The real scientific debate, Professor Carter noted in his book Climate: the Counter Consensus and other works, is about the direction and magnitude of global human effects, and their likely significance in the context of natural climate change – which has been occurring ever since Earth developed its oceans, atmosphere and climate. Indeed, modern temperatures are not unusually warm, compared to many previous periods in the historic and geologic record. My friend’s other insights are equally important.

• The primary temperature records relied on by the IPCC and EPA are far too short to be a useful tool for policy making and are inadequately corrected for the urban heat island effect and other errors. One analysis of these records found errors of 1-5 degrees C (1.8-9.0° F) for 1969 data in certain regions, when the claimed warming for the entire twentieth century was only 0.7 deg C (1.3° F); errors for records in the early century are likely even greater. Reliance on these records is thus misplaced

• Recent warming trends in Greenland and the Arctic are not alarming in rate or magnitude compared to other similar and totally natural warming periods over the past 250 to 10,000 years, as recorded in explorers’ log books and geological evidence.

• When we consider those climate records, the positive feedback effects of rising carbon dioxide levels (such as enhanced water vapor in the atmosphere), negative feedback effects (more low level heat-reflecting clouds, for instance), significant natural sources of more atmospheric CO2, and the declining “greenhouse” effect of each additional CO2 molecule, it is unlikely that conceivable human carbon dioxide emissions will cause “dangerous” warming or other climate changes in the future.

• The rate and magnitude of the reported 1979-2000 warming are not outside normal natural variability, nor are they unusual compared to earlier periods in Earth and human history. There is likewise no unambiguous evidence that humans have caused adverse changes such as melting ice, rising sea levels, rainfall or droughts, or “extreme weather” over the past 50 years.

• Moderate warming will reduce human mortality, whereas colder weather will increase suffering and deaths, especially if energy and climate policies make heating homes less affordable. 

• IPCC computer climate models have thus far not been able to predict warming or other climate changes accurately for even short 10-year periods. It is therefore highly unlikely that they can do so for 100 years in the future. Therefore, they should not be used as the basis for energy and economic policies.

• The IPCC does not even study climate change in its entirety, or all the complex, interrelated forces that cause periodic warming, cooling and other changes. It analyzes only variations allegedly caused by humans, and assumes that all recent and future changes are human-caused and dangerous. Its analyses, conclusions and recommendations therefore do not form a credible basis for public policies.

Carter’s ultimate policy recommendation was that climate hazards are overwhelmingly natural problems, and should be dealt with by preparing for them in advance, and adapting to them when they occur.

Whether the threats are short-term (hurricanes, floods and blizzards), intermediate (droughts) or long-term (warm or cool eras), preparation must be specific and regional in scale, for the perils vary widely by geographic location and a nation’s state of technological advancement. If governments prepare properly for natural hazards, their countries and communities will also be ready for human-caused climate disruptions, should they ever occur.

Professor Carter’s jovial Aussie persona will be sorely missed, but his insights and legacy will live on.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Paul Driessen is senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow ( and author of Eco-Imperialism: Green power – Black death. © January 2016

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    When the President of the USA makes statements that “the planet will boil over ”
    where does he get his information ? More likely ,who makes these lies up ?

    It almost as extreme as saying Obama will have a positive legacy . What other complete BS is being fed the citizens ? The planet will boil over ? Over to what ? How does dirt boil ?

    Can’t wait to see where he lands in the scary global warming industry . Is there any doubt that a CV is being created on the
    tax payers dime ?

    As even the President and his advisors may have learned in Grade 3 water boils at 212 F
    at sea level .The core of the earth (4000 miles down ) has an estimated temperature of over 7000 degrees F . If that big furnace hasn’t found a way to boil the earth’s surface yet some minuscule trace gas essential to life on earth is not about to .
    Isn’t it time the adults stepped up and called BS on the global warming con game . We have much bigger real problems to address .

    If you haven’t made money out it , pull a Big Short on the stocks that rely on the global warming con and at least catch the last wave before this make believe industry disappears .
    Like the subprime the debacle, the global warming industry relies on subsidies ,loose credit ,and complicit government policy to enable these otherwise uneconomic ventures .

    The subsidies are disappearing ,the credit is tightening ,and no stool stands on one leg .

    What “renewable ” company doesn’t rely on
    subsidies , feed in tariffs , government policy mandates and outright bullying by the other vested interests in the global warning fear industry ?

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    [quote]When the President of the USA makes statements that “the planet will boil over ”
    where does he get his information ? [/quote]

    His science advisor, Hank johnson.

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    You site a good example of the IQ of
    some elected officials . What would really have been a laugh is if the Admiral had played along with the stupidity . ….Yes we fully expect Guam will tip over but only if the prevailing winds are from the west and the population all attends the annual fireworks show on the east part of the island . We believe the risks are real Sir but they can be contained .

    That clip should be on every republican election clip . They don’t have to say another word .

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    Ted G


    Amber and Gator.
    I don’t comment much but always look forward to your comments, two sharp pencils.

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    Maybe climate is warming. It is supposed to be warming, because the earth is emerging from an ice age. Which begs the question why some scientists and government agencies would pad the record by “adjusting” prior-period temperature data.

    Our present climate is pleasant and productive. I like it, and hope it warms further. But that warming is not caused by fossil fuels use. Spending $44 trillion (as estimated by the IEA) to limit fossil fuels is madness. That is a waste of nearly 30% of the cumulative savings of mankind, and $7,000 for every human being.

    Carbon dioxide emissions and fossil fuels use are beneficial, and climate change is a false premise for regulating them. See Patrick Moore’s recently released lecture

    There is no empirical evidence that CO2 from fossil fuels affects climate. Human activities cause only about 3% of all carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to the atmosphere. The rest are the result of decomposing plant material.

    CO2 is in equilibrium. While a weak greenhouse gas in theory, its actual climate effects are nullified by stronger forces, particularly the formation of mineral carbonates from atmospheric carbon dioxide. Warmer weather from other causes increases natural CO2 emissions from rotting vegetation, and results in a higher equilibrium level of ambient CO2, as measured by Keeling.

    Mineral carbonates are the ultimate repository of atmospheric CO2. Anyone who passed 10th grade chemistry can know this using public information. Limestone and marble are the most familiar forms of mineral carbonate. CO2 is an essential component of mineral carbonate (CaCO3, for calcium). For more detail see the paper by Danish researcher Tom Segalstad, and

    Carbonates form in seawater and soils through biological and chemical processes. The formula is CO2 + CaO => CaCO3. Anyone can make magnesium carbonate in a kitchen by mixing carbonated water with milk of magnesia.

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    Agree obviously with your comments . I assume they are padding the temperature data because they need it to recreate evidence to match their propaganda ,their failed model projections and the
    global warming hypothesis that is rapidly unraveling before the big money starts to flow .

    Part of the reason this has gotten so far is
    debt from deficit financing is considered to be as endless as the universe .

    If governments books were balanced con games like scary global warming would have no oxygen to start a fire .

    Politicians (well those that don’t believe Guam is going to flip over ) know full well that national debts of countries like the USA will NEVER be declining let alone repaid .

    So spending $$Trillions on a make believe problem is OK if you and your donors are taking a piece .

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    Ted G
    Thank you for your kind comment . I couldn’t carry Gators jock strap and always look forward to his comments too .
    When I first started looking into the issue I
    kind of felt their wasn’t much room for non climate scientists and I still carried the naïve belief that they were above reproach .
    Further research and things like Climate Gate revealed what a complete scam the so called consensus was . Al Gore’s science fiction movie , the gross exaggeration proclamations of imminent doom got more and more desperate and the obvious business self interest of key players made me realize it was actually very little to do with science although they still like to cloak it in that .

    When it was obvious the emperor wore no clothes and they started to attack people’s right to free speech by calling them deniers ,threatening to jail them etc . they crossed a line for me and I will never stop fighting the promoters seeking to silence those who question or express a different perspective .

    Over 30,000 people with a science background signed the Oregon Petition disputing the extreme claims of the global warming promoters and despite efforts to discredit those views ,It demonstrated that the vast majority of scientists were probably not drinking the scary global warming cool aid . Contrast that to the much quoted IPCC reports , ultimately written by bureaucrats , with a narrow focused agenda . Scientists friendly to the cause need not apply .
    Free speech isn’t negotiable . To many people died getting it for us .

    Sorry for the long comment but that is why
    people like you, me ,Gator and all the others who contribute to this site and the other excellent ones cannot be silenced .

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