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Year-long study reveals secret of Greenland’s growing ice sheet

greenlandA new study of Greenland’s ice sheet shows that very little precipitation on the island’s expansive interior is “lost to the atmosphere through evaporation” because of the island’s unique thermal “lid.” This remarkable thermal lid essentially prevents any snow and ice from escaping the island via evaporation, allowing the ice sheet to continuously build up on the island. Funded by the National Science Foundation, the study was published in the open access online-only journal “Science Advances.” This is more evidence that Greenland’s ice sheet is robust and stable, even though computer models claimed it would be the first casualty in a warming world.

Some may recall that in Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth (2006),” he said that a sea level rise of up to six meters (20 feet) would happen from the melting of either West Antarctica or Greenland or both. Using PowerPoint slides, the former vice president showed various cities being submerged from this cataclysmic thawing event, even though Greenland’s ice sheet survived the last three interglacial periods where temperatures were five degrees Celsius warmer than today. Other studies have also shown that the geologically active Antarctica is gaining in size, but this first-of-its-kind study adds more cold water to the already heated rhetoric on Greenland’s so-called imminent melting.

Based on new measurements from a research tower on the Greenland ice sheet, the study’s authors uncovered how snow piles up on the ice sheet year after year. According to the study’s principal investigator David Noone, an Oregon State University professor and atmospheric scientist, he says: “Normally, the air temperature goes down as you climb, but near the surface in Greenland, it gets warmer,” adding, “The surface is very cold, but it can be as much as 20 degrees warmer just 30 to 40 feet up in the air. It’s enough that you can feel the difference between your nose and your toes.”

In most places, the higher up from sea level you go, the colder it gets. Greenland is a little different in that the higher you go, the warmer it gets. “The temperature difference effectively forms a lid so that there is hardly any evaporation. Warm air likes to rise, but if it is already warmer up above the air is trapped nearer the ground,” Noone says. As water evaporates from the ice sheet’s surface, layers of fog form after the water evaporates. These “fog water-drops drift back down to the very cold surface where it refreezes onto the ice sheet.”

Noone says this is a “handy little trick of nature.” The study’s lead author, Max Berkelhammer, a researcher at the University of Illinois, indicates that scientists have known about these “accumulation zones” on high-altitude areas of Greenland’s ice sheet. But because it is difficult to do an in-depth analysis of evaporation and condensation over extended periods of time, this is the first time a research group has been able to monitor this phenomenon for an entire year.

“Instruments capable of doing this are pretty new and while they have been used before on the ice sheet, they have never been able to run during an entire winter,” said Berkelhammer, “I think at this point we are still the only group who has been able to run this type of instrument for an entire year on top of an ice sheet.” Part of their goal was to measure how well ice cores encapsulate past temperatures in Greenland.

Most of the snow and ice on the island’s interior came from evaporated sea water in the south and ferried northward by wind and storms, falling as snow on the ice sheet. Successive snowfalls gradually compact the snow into ice, building it up over time, just like in Antarctica. By measuring the “ratio of oxygen and hydrogen isotopes in the water,” researchers can track its origins and ultimate fate.

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Climate Hustle knows: Ten dire predictions that have failed as global polar bear population hits 20-31k

polar bears[Reposted today from earlier this year in support of the May 2, 2016, release of the intentionally funny documentary, Climate Hustle (across the US and a few Canadian locations) because host Marc Morano knows that polar bear numbers have not declined as people have been lead to believe, see the trailer below after the jump.]

Grim predictions of the imminent demise of polar bears ‚Äì their “harsh prophetic reality” as it’s been called ‚Äì have been touted since at least 2001. But such depressing prophesies have so widely missed the mark they can now be said to have failed.

While polar bears may be negatively affected by declines in sea ice sometime in the future, so far there is no convincing evidence that any unnatural harm has come to them. Indeed, global population size (described by officials as a “tentative guess“) appears to have grown slightly over this time, as the maximum estimated number was 28,370 in 1993 (Wiig and colleagues 1995; range 21,470-28,370) but rose to 31,000 in 2015 (Wiig and colleagues 2015, pdf here of 2015 IUCN Red List assessment; range 20,000-31,000).

Here are the failed predictions (in no particular order, references at the end):

Prediction 1. Western Hudson Bay (WHB) polar bear numbers will continue to decline beyond 2004 due to ever-earlier breakup and ever-later freeze-up of sea ice.

FAIL – An aerial survey conducted by Seth Stapleton and colleagues (2014) in 2011 produced an estimate of about 1030 bears and their report stated:

This figure is similar to a 2004 mark‚Äìrecapture estimate but higher than projections indicating declining abundance since then.”

This 1030 figure is the one being used by the IUCN PBSG and Environment Canada for WHB, as a limited mark-recapture study conducted the same year (Lunn and colleagues 2014) did not survey the entire WHB region and therefore not comparable to the 2004 count.

Prediction 2. Breakup of sea ice in Western Hudson Bay (WHB) will come progressively earlier and freeze-up dates progressively later (after 1999), as CO2 levels from burning fossil fuel increase global temperatures.

FAIL – Researchers Nick Lunn and colleagues (2014) determined that there has been no trend in breakup or freeze-up dates between 2001 and 2010. While no analyses of breakup or freeze-up dates for WHB since 2010 have been published, this pattern seems to have continued to at least 2015.

Prediction 3. Chukchi Sea polar bears will be the most harmed by summer sea ice declines because they experience some of the largest sea ice losses of any subpopulation (and thus, the longest open-water season each year).

FAIL – A recent study of Chukchi bears (2008-2011) found them in better condition than they were in the 1980s when summer open-water seasons were short – indeed, only Foxe Basin bears were fatter than Chukchi bears. They were also reproducing well (Rode et al. 2010, 2013, 2014), with some females raising litters of triplets (see lead photo), a rare sight outside Western Hudson Bay.

Prediction 4. Cannibalism will increase as summer sea ice extent declines worsen.

FAIL – Cannibalism is a natural phenomenon in polar bears and none of the few incidents reported recently have involved obviously thin or starving polar bears (even the most recent example, filmed in mid-August 2015 in Baffin Bay when sea ice levels in the region were high), despite the fact that 2012 recorded the lowest summer ice extent since 1979. Incidents of cannibalism cannot be said to be increasing because there is no scientific baseline to which recent occurrences can be compared.

Prediction 5. Drowning deaths of polar bears will increase as summer sea ice continues to decline (driven home by a high-profile incident in 2004).

FAIL ‚Äì There have been no further confirmed reports of polar bear drowning deaths associated with extensive open water swimming since that contentious 2004 event, even though the two lowest extents of summer sea ice have occurred since then (2007 and 2012). A more rigorous study of swimming prowess found polar bears, including cubs, are capable of successfully making long-distance swims. Indeed, challenging open-water swims don’t happen only in summer: in late March 2015, a polar bear swam through open water from the pack ice off Newfoundland to the Hibernia oil platform well offshore.

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The climate change brigade, press freedoms – and clockwork bluebells

bluebellsThere recently arrived on the desk of the editor of The Times an extraordinary three-page letter, signed by 13 members of the House of Lords. They informed him in no uncertain terms that, if he wished to save his paper’s reputation, he must stop printing articles which don’t accord with the official orthodoxy on climate change. Headed by Lord Krebs, its signatories read like a check-list of our “climate establishment”.

Four are members of the supposedly “independent” Committee on Climate Change, including its chairman Lord Deben (aka John Gummer). Others included Lord (Nicholas) Stein and Lord Oxburgh, chair of the inquiry set up by East Anglia University which cleared its Climatic Research Unit of any impression of scientific wrongdoing given by the Climategate emails. Although these signatories are all fully committed “climate alarmists”, none is in any way a climate scientist, and several have declared financial interests in “renewables” and “low-carbon” energy.

The gist of their letter, written in consultation with Richard Black, the former BBC environmental reporter who now runs an ultra-green propaganda unit, was to express outrage that The Times had published two articles which appeared to question the official orthodoxy on global warming. One was of such “low quality” that “on the social media it has been a laughing stock”. If the editor continued to publish such stuff, his paper would no longer be trusted it on anything, “even your sports reports”.

What made this even more bizarre was that the offending article had merely reported on a very measured, technical paper written for the Global Warming Policy Foundation by an eminent professor of statistics, an expert on computer models, questioning the reliability of the models officially used to predict future global temperatures, which have so consistently been proved wrong.

The response from the signatories of the letter was a perfect case-study in what Irving Janis, the former Yale professor of psychology, analysed as “groupthink”. Those, caught up in a bubble, he showed, first succumb to a collective mindset which is in some way at odds with reality. They then elevate this into an illusory orthodoxy which cannot be challenged. Finally, because their groupthink is based on such shaky ground, they intolerantly lash out at anyone who dares question it.

Nothing was more revealing in this letter than its signatories’ claim that in no way did they wish to interfere with the freedom of speech ‚Äì when everything else in the letter showed that this was precisely their intention.

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Hillary’s Secret Garden Poisons Millennials

tom steyerHillary Clinton is working alongside billionaire Tom Steyer to sow a garden of climate change paranoia. Clinton is scaring young voters into supporting her campaign by leading them to believe that a Republican president will unleash a climate apocalypse.

Calling millennial voters the 2016 presidential election’s “biggest cohort,” Steyer announced his plan last Monday to inject $25 million into targeting young voters. Specifically, Steyer will allocate millions toward an aggressive ground campaign based on climate alarmism. The goal? Getting the youth vote out for Clinton.

Science does not support the outlandish claims peddled by Steyer’s political advocacy group, NextGen Climate. 

Money men like Steyer don’t view me and my peers as individuals. In Steyer’s own words, we are little more than “swing” voters who “can make a difference” in a general election in the battleground states of Illinois, New Hampshire, Nevada, Colorado, Iowa, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Young people deserve better than to be handled like guinea pigs.

Raking in Millions

Like a gardener sprinkling fertilizer over a vegetable bed, Clinton sprinkles Steyer’s cash over her presidential campaign when she needs a boost. In 2015, for example, Steyer and his wife Kat hosted an exclusive fundraiser for Clinton in their home.

Today, Steyer denies favoring Clinton over Bernie Sanders. But Steyer’s money talks louder than his words. And Sanders recently admitted that his own path to the White House is “narrow“—and that was before Clinton swept four of the five crucial Acela primary states last week (Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania). Let’s face it: Tom Steyer is Hillary Clinton’s moneyman.

On Twitter, Steyer has been busy as a bee, tweeting out 30-second ads that intermingle shots of horrific natural disasters—ranging from forest fires to hurricanes—interposed with sound bites of Ted Cruz saying “Climate change is not science” and Donald Trump saying “Global warming… it’s a hoax! It’s a hoax.”

Facts are conspicuously absent from Steyer’s new ads. But Steyer has never been a man who let facts get in the way of a good story.

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The Mark Carney Effect

Berkshire Hathaway ShareholdersThe number big investors ignoring climate change risk increased last year despite a stark warning from Bank of England Governor Mark Carney’s about the potential for “huge” losses from a sudden shift in regulation designed to curb global warming and fossil fuels. Almost half of the world’s top 500 investors are failing to act on climate change — an increase of 6 percent from 236 in 2014, according to a report Monday by the Asset Owners Disclosure Project, which surveys global companies on their climate change risk and management. –Jessica Shankleman, Bloomberg, 1 May 2016

Berkshire Hathaway shareholders have overwhelmingly rejected a resolution calling for the company to write a report about the risks climate change creates for its insurance companies. CEO Warren Buffett says he agrees that dealing with climate change is important for society, but he doesn’t think climate change creates serious risks for Berkshire’s insurance businesses. The activists who proposed the motion tried to urge Buffett to take a public stance in favor of measures to reduce consumption of fossil fuels, but he resisted. —The Washington Post, 30 April 2016

There recently arrived on the desk of the editor of The Times an extraordinary three-page letter, signed by 13 members of the House of Lords. They informed him in no uncertain terms that, if he wished to save his paper’s reputation, he must stop printing articles which don’t accord with the official orthodoxy on climate change. Headed by Lord Krebs, its signatories read like a check-list of our “climate establishment”. The gist of their letter, written in consultation with Richard Black, the former BBC environmental reporter who now runs an ultra-green propaganda unit, was to express outrage that The Times had published two articles which appeared to question the official orthodoxy on global warming. Nothing was more revealing in this letter than its signatories’ claim that in no way did they wish to interfere with the freedom of speech ‚Äì when everything else in the letter showed that this was precisely their intention. –Christopher Booker, The Sunday Telegraph, 1 May 2016

Sometimes we wonder if we’re still living in the land of the free. Witness the subpoena from Claude Walker, attorney general of the U.S. Virgin Islands, demanding that the Competitive Enterprise Institute cough up a decade of emails and policy work, as well as a list of private donors. Mr. Walker is frustrated that the free-market think tank won’t join the modern church of climatology, so he has joined the rapidly expanding club of Democratic politicians and prosecutors harassing dissenters.  This is a dangerous turn for free speech, and progressives ought to be the first to say so lest they become targets for their own political heresies. Rather than play defense, the targets of the climate police need to fight back with lawsuits of their own. –Editorial, The Wall Street Journal, 30 April 2016

Even before the skeptical documentary “Climate Hustle” hits U.S. theaters Monday, it already has unsettled the climate change debate. Weather Channel founder John Coleman rushed to the defense of the film, which challenges the catastrophic climate change narrative, after “science guy” Bill Nye slammed it in a clip released over the weekend as “not in our national interest and the world’s interest.” The film has won praise in reviews on conservative and free market outlets including National Review, Breitbart and The Daily Caller. Hollywood in Toto’s Christian Toto called “Climate Hustle” “brutally effective” and “the most dangerous documentary of the year.” –Valerie Richardson, The Washington Times, 1 May 2016

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BUSTED! This famous global warming crusader owns shares in NEARLY 100 oil & gas companies

john kerry(h/t Amirlach) It’s one thing to live in our carbon-rich society and complain about it, like all the global warming alarmists do. But it’s another thing to invest in carbon-intensive, carbon extractive companies at the same time.

Take John Kerry, the Secretary of State for the United States.

ISIS. Russia. Iran. The world is arguably more dangerous now than at any time since the end of the Second World War, but Kerry has said, again and again, that the greatest treat is global warming.

But here’s the thing:

John Kerry and his wife own shares in no less than 94 different oil and gas and fracking and other similar companies.

The very companies and industries that John Kerry says he hates.

Worse, he’s built an entire U.S. foreign policy around a threat that he’s actually investing in.

That is a fraud, on a monstrous level.

(By the way, does anybody know what stocks Justin Trudeau’s trust funds hold?)

NEXT: Former Finance Minister Joe Oliver joins me to talk about bank risks: For example, could Justin Trudeau really allow banks to seize our deposits to pay off their loans?

Then Marty Moore of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms tells us about the latest campus war against free speech. They’re taking the University of Alberta to court on behalf of a campus pro-life group.

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Inside climate propaganda

exxonHave you ever wondered how the LA Times, Associated Press, Weather Channel and your local media always seem to present similar one-sided stories on climate change, fossil fuels, renewable energy and other environmental issues? How their assertions become “common knowledge,” like the following?

Global temperatures are the hottest ever recorded. Melting ice caps are raising seas to dangerous levels. Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and droughts have never been more frequent or destructive. Planet Earth is at a tipping point because of carbon dioxide emissions. Fracking is poisoning our air, water and climate. 97% of scientists agree. A clean renewable energy future is just around the corner.

It’s as if a chain of command, carefully coordinated process or alliance of ideological compatriots was operating behind the scenes to propagate these fables. This time, conspiracy theorists have gotten it right.  

A major player in this process and alliance is one that most citizens and even businessmen and politicians have never heard of. InsideClimate News (ICN) has been called “highly influential,” a “pioneer of nonprofit advocacy journalism,” the recipient of “prestigious awards” for “high-impact investigative stories” on important environmental issues.

The Washington Free Beacon, National Review and Energy in Depth offer detailed and far less charitable assessments. Less friendly observers, they note, call ICN a “mouthpiece” for extreme environmentalist groups, because it is run by and out of a deep-green public relations consultancy (Science First) and is funded almost exclusively by wealthy foundations that share its and the PR firm’s anti-fossil fuel, pro-renewable energy, Bigger Government agenda. ICN was founded by David Sasoon, a true believer in catastrophic manmade climate change who wants to do all he can “to usher in the clean energy economy.”

Even praise from its supporters underscores the dark side of this “influential” force in eco-journalism. Its approach is “advocacy,” not fairness, accuracy or balance. Its goal is to drive a monolithic, hard-line, environmentalist narrative and political agenda, with little suggestion that other perspectives even exist.

Some of its awards come from an organization that has itself become politicized and too closely allied with Big Green views and organizations: the Society of Environmental Journalists. They increasingly operate too much as mutual admiration societies and support groups, say outside observers.

ICN and its Science First alter ego received their 2007 startup grant from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, where Sasoon once served as a consultant. They now derive the bulk of their funding from the RBF, NEO Philanthropy (aka, Public Interest Projects), Marlisa Foundation and Park Foundation. These and other sugar daddies are covered in a Senate Environment and Public Works Committee staff report, which describes a “Billionaire’s Club” of “left-wing millionaires and billionaires [which] directs and controls the far-left [US] environmental movement.”

The same foundations also give major tax-exempt donations to the Sierra Club, Earthworks, NRDC, EarthJustice, the climate crisis coalition, and many other anti-coal, anti-drilling, anti-fracking, anti-Keystone pressure groups that together form the $10-billion-a-year US environmentalist industry.

ICN has active partnerships with the LA Times, Associated Press, Weather Channel, Bloomberg News and other media organizations that help coordinate and disperse stories. The Times promotes the “dangerous manmade climate change” meme and refuses to print letters that reflect skeptical views.

The Associated Press has likewise become a reliable purveyor of manmade climate chaos stories. The Weather Channel and ICN teamed up in 2014 on a series of “investigative reports” that claimed hydraulic fracturing was causing serious environmental and human health problems in Texas.

The partners team up and coordinate to “have one group write on an issue, another quote them or link to them, and so on,” Media Research Center VP Dan Gainor explains. “It keeps going until they create this perception that there’s real concern over an issue, and it bubbles up to top liberal sites like Huffington Post, and from there into the traditional media,” which itself is too predisposed to the green narrative.

The foundations “have incorporated ostensibly dispassionate news outlets into their grant-making portfolios,” says the Free Beacon’s Lachlan Markay, “creating what some describe as self-sustaining environmentalist echo chambers.”

They make it look like widespread public concern and spontaneous grassroots action – when in reality it is loud but small Astroturf activism, orchestrated by the ICN brigade and the foundations behind it.

InsideClimate News now brags about its involvement in the extensive collusion among the leftist foundations, environmental pressure groups and state attorneys general that are devising, coordinating and advancing AG prosecutions of ExxonMobil, the Competitive Enterprise Institute and other groups for alleged “racketeering” and “fraud,” to hold them “legally accountable for climate change denial.”

The efforts “stretch back at least to 2012,” ICN notes, when a meeting was held in California to develop legal strategies. In late 2015, letters from several Democrat members of Congress called for investigating and prosecuting climate skeptics; the letters cited independent journalism “investigations by the Los Angeles Times and InsideClimate News” to back up their request.

However, the intrepid Times and ICN investigators had conducted no investigation. They simply parroted and amplified “research” from a group of activist professors and students at the Columbia School of Journalism ‚Äì without disclosing who had funded the CSJ studies. Transparency for thee, but not for me.

It was George Soros’s Open Society Foundations, along with the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Rockefeller Family Foundation, Energy Foundation, Lorana Sullivan Foundation and Tellus Mater Foundation ‚Äì all of which virulently oppose hydrocarbon production and actively promote climate change alarmism.

Emails subpoenaed by the Energy & Environment Legal Institute later revealed that many of the same environmentalist groups and lawyers met again in January 2016 at a secret meeting in the Rockefeller Family Fund’s Manhattan offices. Yet another secret meeting was held in March 2016, between climate activists and state attorneys general ‚Äì hours before the AGs announced that they were launching RICO and other prosecutions of “climate skeptic” companies and think tanks.

The success of this campaign thus far, says ICN, has persuaded the activists to “step up efforts to pressure more attorneys general to investigate [more climate crisis skeptics] and sway public opinion, using op-eds, social media and rope-line questioning of [Republican] presidential candidates at campaign stops.”

This collusion among activists, foundations and attorneys general seeks to silence, bankrupt and defund organizations that challenge their catechism of climate cataclysm. These conspirators want to deprive us of our constitutional rights to speak out on the exaggerated and fabricated science, the coordinated echo- chamber news stories, and the pressure group-driven policies that impair our livelihoods, living standards, health, welfare and environmental quality. We will not be intimidated or silenced.

As CFACT’s new Climate Hustle film notes, manmade plant-fertilizing carbon dioxide has not replaced the powerful natural forces that have always driven Earth’s temperature, climate and weather.

The problem is not climate change. It is policies imposed in the name of preventing climate change.

That’s why Climate Crisis, Inc. wants to silence and jail us. Just imagine how much more they’ll be foaming at the mouth after throngs go to and buy tickets for its May 2 one-night-only showing in hundreds of theaters across the United States.

Paul Driessen is senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow ( and author of Eco-Imperialism: Green power – Black death.

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Exclusive: Anti-Fracking Groups Are Recruiting Greenies To Get Arrested For The Movement

protestAnti-fossil fuel campaigners are ramping up their “leave it in the ground” efforts by recruiting protesters willing to get arrested for demonstrating against hydraulic fracturing, emails acquired by The Daily Caller News Foundation reveal.

In an email sent April 22 to college students and other anti-fossil fuel activists in Colorado, an environmentalist group calling itself “Break Free Colorado” directed anti-fracking protesters “willing to risk arrest, nonviolent direct action” to attend seminars teaching them how to get arrested.

Instructors at the group’s April 30th and May 1st training seminars are tasked with teaching anti-fracking protesters how to engage in non-violent civil unrest tactics that lead to arrests.

“Here in Colorado, people are taking action to defend our communities from the dangers of fossil fuel extraction on our lands,” the email adds. “We are sending a strong message to our state leadership that we must break away from fracking our public lands and communities!”

The Break Free Colorado website asks those wanting to go to the events if they are interested in getting arrested the movement. “Fighting climate change requires the courage to confront polluters where they think they are most powerful,” the group’s website adds.

Break Free Colorado has a high hurdle to jump if it intends on striking fossil fuel development from Colorado, as the state is heavily reliant on oil and natural gas extraction.

Colorado’s natural gas output, for instance, jumped from 2004 to 2014 by 51 percent, according to data compiled by the U.S. Energy Information Administration. The state acquires nearly 60 percent of its electricity from coal, 22 percent from natural gas, and 18 percent from renewable energy.

Activists who have tried to banish oil from Colorado have failed.

Billionaire environmentalist and environmentalist Tom Steyer famously sank more than $8.5 million into unsuccessful bids to get anti-fossil fuel candidates elected to office in 2014. One of the Democratic candidates he propped up, former Sen. Mark Udall, was defeated in his reelection bid in 2014 in part for espousing an anti-fracking campaign message.

Some analysts speculate that members of Break Free Colorado are simply trying to terrify government regulators in hopes of pressuring them into prohibiting fracking on federally controlled land in Colorado.

“I honestly don’t know what getting arrested accomplishes; it doesn’t seem very productive to me,” Kathleen Sgamma, the vice president of public affairs at energy group Western Energy Alliance, told TheDCNF.

Sgamma added that she believes, broadly speaking, Break Free Colorado’s campaign is targeted at the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), a government agency that has increasingly taken up regulating natural gas development on federal land.

The BLM currently has several rules winding their way through Congress that will regulate methane emission from fracking before companies and states can be allowed to develop land for natural gas extraction.

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The Stunning Effects Of Obama’s War On Coal, In One Chart

EIA coal demand chartPresident Barack Obama has followed through on his promise to “bankrupt” the coal industry, causing coal use to fall by 29 percent since 2007, according to a chart published Thursday by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA).

The huge decline in coal use is due to regulations by Obama’s Enviromental Protection Agency and cheap natural gas, which  “spurred increases in natural gas-fired power generation in several states, generally at the expense of coal-fired generation,” according to the EIA.

Coal use fell in every state but Nebraska and Alaska, devastating both the coal power and the coal mining industries, and even forcing Peabody Energy, the world’s largest coal company, to declare bankruptcy earlier this month. Other American coal companies have faced financial problems  as well. Arch Coal filed bankruptcy as well in January and coal companies like Alliance Coal announced mass layoffs.

Source: Energy Information Administration

The systematic deconstruction of the coal industry has created very real economic hardship for the”coal country” of Appalachia, which has been economically devastated and offers very few job options for the now unemployed workers.

Coal mines lost 7,500 jobs last year alone, according to federal data. A study last April found the coal industry lost 50,000 jobs from 2008 to 2012. Much of the blame for the job losses is targeted at federal regulations aimed at preventing global warming, which caused coal power plants to go bankrupt, resulting in a sharp decline in the price of coal.

Even President Barack Obama has recognized this and stated that opposition to his policies by coal miners and people in Appalachia is “perfectly legitimate,” during a December interview with National Public Radio.

The situation for coal miners would likely get worse if Obama’s Clean Power Plan is fully implemented. The EIA predicts the plan would more than double the number of coal plants shutting down over the next five years. The shutdowns have a cascading effect, causing coal production to collapse by more than 30 percent over the next decade.

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‘Climate Hustle’ Challenges Media’s Climate Alarmism in Theaters May 2

climate hustle clipIs the catastrophic global warming the media, the United Nations, alarmists scientists and celebrities have been warning about for years all a big “hustle”?

Decide for yourself after watching CFACT’s new documentary film, Climate Hustle, but you’d better act fast. The movie, which is coming to theaters for one night only May 2, 2016, challenges the so-called climate “consensus” and supplies many academic voices underrepresented in the liberal media’s coverage of climate change.

The film, hosted by investigative journalist Marc Morano, exposes warming and cooling climate scares, temperature, extreme weather and consensus claims as well as showing how the media have promoted alarmism with a near-religious fervor.

“Climate has become a new religion and those who disagree will be treated as heretics,” Professor Richard Tol of the University of Sussex says in a new trailer for the film.

In the same trailer, the late paleontologist Dr. Bob Carter says, “We’re not dealing with a scientific issue. We haven’t been dealing with a scientific issue now for about fifteen years. We’re dealing with a determined political issue.”

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The Reviews Are in! ‘Climate Hustle’ is ‘the most dangerous documentary of the year’

hustleSampling of Reviews for ‘Climate Hustle’ – Nationwide Theatre Event (Now including Canada!) – One Night Only May 2.

Go to for theatre near you and to buy tickets. 

‘Powerful documentary…demolishes the climate agenda’ 

‘It’s hard not to laugh’

‘This could be the most important movie of the year’ 

‘The film lays waste to Gore’s thoroughly debunked movie’

‘Most dangerous documentary of the year’

 ‘Climate Hustle is a brilliant use of their own ammunition against them’

‘The film’s strength is its wickedly effective use of slapstick humor’

‘A brutal and extremely funny takedown of the science behind global warming’

‘Humor throughout the film is absolutely fantastic’

‘Powerful documentary…demolishes the climate agenda’ 

‘A smart, energetic global warming documentary’

‘Humorous’ ‚Äì ‘A must see’


Review: ‘Climate Hustle is the most dangerous documentary of the year’ ‚Äì ‘Brutally effective’ ‚Äì ‘It’s hard not to laugh’ ‚Äì Christian Toto of Hollywood In Toto: ‘Climate Hustle’ is just the tonic the global warming debate needs’

MEDIA DECLARES WAR ON ‘CLIMATE HUSTLE’ Film ‚Äì ‘The press already is working overtime to debunk its narrative’

Watch: Morano in Tux on TV for DC Film Premiere ‚Äì Teases Mystery Animal that Was Mascot for both Cooling & Warming fears ‚Äì Bill Nye’s not the only one who can wear a bow tie!

Which animal was used as a mascot for both the ‘global cooling’ scare in the 1970s and the ‘global warming’ scare of today!?

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‘Climate Hustle’ will rock alarmists to their core

climate hustle screengrabHave you ever been deceived by a “confidence” artist, plying their trade? No? Think again. We’ve all been victimized, whether we know it or not. It’s called the “Climate Hustle” and scientists, politicians, educators, entertainers, business people, and even the president are willing perpetrators in the greatest con job in our lifetime.

On Monday, May 2, 2016, during a one-night nationwide theatrical engagement, see for yourself the unmasking of this fraud in a powerful documentary, “Climate Hustle” that demolishes the climate change agenda.

This could be the most important movie of the year. Here’s why:

President Obama claimed at the 2015 State of the Union Address that: “No challenge poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change.”

This set into motion a powerful cartel, culminating at the United Nations just a few days ago, on Friday, April 22, 2016. Secretary of State John Kerry, on behalf of the Obama administration, signed the Paris Climate Agreement.

The administration considers this treaty an executive agreement between President Obama and other nations. Bypassing the ratification of the U.S. Senate, as required by the Constitution, the president defends his action by acknowledging that he cannot bind the country with an executive agreement; he can only bind his administration for the duration of his remaining months in office.

Nonetheless, the Paris Climate Agreement now further obligates the United States to slash its fossil fuel use, carbon dioxide emissions and economic growth.

More tellingly, the Paris Climate Agreement states the goal of creating a $100 billion per-year fund as commitments by wealthy countries and the private sector, to offset the cost of changing technology and climate damage to poor countries.

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