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Australia calls end to El Nino

coralsOne of the strongest El Ni√±os in history has ended, with sea surface temperatures in the tropical Pacific Ocean returning to “neutral” levels, Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology said on Tuesday.

However, the bureau said there was a 50 per cent chance of a La Niña weather pattern developing before the end of 2016. The event typically brings cooler and wetter conditions in the Pacific and more storms in Europe and the US.

The end of El Niño, named after the Christ Child by the Peruvian fishermen who noticed the phenomenon in the 17th century, should relieve drought-stricken areas in the Asia-Pacific region and Africa, where temperatures have been higher than normal. It is likely to ease stress on the Great Barrier Reef, which is suffering its worst bleaching in history due to higher than normal sea temperatures off Australia.

“This was one of the most impactful El Ni√±os in the past two decades,” said Agus Santoso, a research associate at University of New South Wales.

“It helped make 2015 the hottest year on record, which helped to fuel devastating forest fires in Indonesia, drought conditions in Australia and coral bleaching in oceans around the world,” he said.

Surveys show 93 per cent of the Great Barrier Reef experienced bleaching — a process whereby coral loses colour and turns pale — this year as sea temperatures stayed more than 1C above normal for several weeks. In the worst-affected parts of the reef, half of the coral surveyed had died, according to scientists.

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World’s Largest Wealth Fund Getting Squeezed By Socialist Lawmakers To Purge Coal

Torstein Tvedt SolbergTorstein Tvedt SolbergThe Socialist Left and the Green Party in Norway are browbeating the country’s massive wealth fund into divesting billions of dollars of coal assets — and the fund is likely to face other bans in the future on fossil fuels and oil investments.

“We’re not finished, it’s not ‘job done,'” Torstein Tvedt Solberg, who represents Labor on the Finance Committee, said during an interview about the need to impose more rules on the wealth fund. “We see that there are weaknesses and a potential for improvement. Our ambition is to get the fund out of coal, which means we must close all loopholes.”

Tvedt Solberg, the Greens, the Socialist Left, the Liberals and the Christian Democrats are pushing the $850 billion fund to jettison assets of companies that base more than 30 percent of their revenues on thermal coal. These political groups also want to widen the ban to include oil sands and coal transportation.

The country’s largest wealth fund has already drained investments from more than 50 companies after the Norwegian government implemented the new criteria. When the criteria were first created, the fund claimed it would need to divest more than 120 companies valued at $8 billion.

New rules could force the fund to get rid of assets from the world’s largest thermal coal producers, Glencore Plc and BHP Billiton. The fund, at the time of the original rules, refrained from divesting from the two companies because 70 percent of their business came from activities outside coal production.

Norway’s new rules could eat into the efficacy of the country’s claim to be Europe’s largest oil and gas producer. The country will need to be both a primary producer of green energy and oil.

The Green Party is at ease with the contradictions, and perceive them as a helpful tool to further its agenda of peeling back Norway’s reliance on fossil fuels.

“Parliament has set off on a slippery slope and there’s no way back,” Rasmus Hansson, the Greens’ only parliamentarian, told reporters. “There’s no longer any logic in saying yes to some carbon and no to other carbon.”

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Trump’s Seawall Is About His Business, Not Global Warming

seawallA Monday Politico article claims Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump could secretly care about global warming based on an application to build a seawall to protect a golf resort.

In reality, this only shows Trump uses global warming alarmism to benefit his business.

A permit application for the wall by Trump International Golf Links Ireland which was reviewed by Politico explicitly cites global warming and erosion due to rising sea levels as a justification to build the structure. However, the application was prepared by an Irish environmental consulting group, not Trump’s business. The application clearly uses global warming to add urgency to a permit application to build a seawall which will protect his property from erosion and storms.

Trump’s previous attempts to build the seawall failed to win special approval from Ireland’s national government, so his business resubmitted the application citing global warming as the motivating factor. The seawall would consist of 200,000 tons of rock distributed along two miles of beach in front of Trump’s property.

“The zoning application raises further questions about how the billionaire developer would confront a risk he has publicly minimized but that has been identified as a defining challenge of this era by world leaders, global industry and the American military,” claims Politico. “His public disavowal of climate science at the same time he moves to secure his own holdings against the effects of climate change also illustrates the conflict between his political rhetoric and the realities of running a business with seaside assets in the 21st century.”

The real estate mogul has a long history of skepticism about global warming. Trump has taken to Twitter to call global warming a “hoax,” “mythical,” a “con job,” “nonexistent,” and “bullshit.” Trump also has a long history of questioning the benefits of politically popular green power in favor of conventional energy sources. He views policies created to fight global warming as hurting U.S. manufacturing competitiveness with China. Trump has also vowed to “at a minimum” renegotiate the United Nation’s December’s Paris climate deal.

Trump has also expressed extreme skepticism of wind and solar power which environmentalists claim are the best way to prevent global warming.

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Senator: Obama Steals From Zika Victims To Fund UN Climate Programs

zikaThe Obama administration has taken $500 million appropriated by Congress to fight the Zika virus to fund the United Nations Green Climate Fund, which gives foreign countries money for green energy projects.

“The threat to adults from Zika is relatively small, but the threat to pre-born children is very high,” Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Lankford wrote in an oped for The Daily Signal. “Our national priority rightly focuses on protecting the life of these young children in the womb, since each child has value, no matter their age or size.”

Lankford sharply criticized the Obama administration for using Department of State funds meant to fight infectious diseases to fund the president’s global warming agenda. Moreover, the U.N. agency Obama funded recognizes Palestine as a state — making it possibly illegal to pay into the Green Climate Fund.

“While I understand that intelligent people can disagree on the human effects on the global climate, it is hard to imagine a reason why the administration would prioritize the U.N. Green Climate Fund over protecting the American people, especially pregnant women, from the Zika virus,” Lanford wrote.

“The White House should not throw money at the U.N. while a vaccine for a virus known to cause severe, debilitating neurological birth defects is put on the back burner,” he wrote.

President Barack Obama pledged $3 billion towards the Green Climate Fund, and made the first $500 million payment in March. The move was instantly criticized by Republicans who said they did not appropriate any funds for the U.N.’s green fund.

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Poland adopts limits on where wind farms can be built

wind power(h/t Raining Sky) Poland has adopted a new law banning construction of wind farms close to dwellings and hiking project costs in a move which the industry says could hobble Poland’s move to renewables and away from coal.

Wind farms must be built at a distance from housing of at least 10 times the height of the turbine, or about 1.5 to 2 km, under the law which was adopted by the lower house of parliament on Friday.

The new regulations will also result in higher property taxes for wind farm owners, which the industry says could trigger bankruptcies.

“As a result, wind farms will disappear from the Polish landscape,” said Wojciech Cetnarski, head of the Polish Wind Energy Association.

Czech utility CEZ, which is developing wind farm projects in Poland, said that if the law was enforced it would be forced to write down the value of some of its Polish assets and would consider seeking potential compensation.

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How to rebut climate hysteria in a few easy steps

earth spaceIt’s lonely being a “climate skeptic.” At social gatherings, you’re likely to be the lone outcast if you say you “don’t believe in catastrophic global warming.” Of course, what you really mean is, you don’t believe that carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are driving contemporary warming. Regardless, it’s not the sort of thing people want to hear at parties. However, listed below are some possible responses to typical climate statements and questions that may pop up.

You don’t believe in global warming?

Yes, I do. The Earth has warmed by roughly 0.8 degrees Celsius since the late 1800s.

You don’t believe in climate change?

Yes, I do. The Earth’s climate has changed multiple times, just in the past 1,000 years.

CO2 levels are rising and the Earth is warming.

CO2 concentrations have risen slightly over the past century or so, to 0.04% of the earth’s atmosphere. At the same time, though, solar output has increased tremendously. This significant increase in solar activity—the most in as much as 2,000 years—is likely to be the key driver of 20th century warming.

But CO2 levels are the highest in 800,000 years.

CO2 levels in the atmosphere are currently among the lowest ever recorded on the planet. The past 800,000 years is a convenient timeframe, however, since the earth has undergone repeated glacial cycles in that time—which has progressively lowered atmospheric CO2.

CO2 is a greenhouse gas. More CO2 means more warming.

CO2 possesses a major limitation as a greenhouse gas. As demonstrated in laboratory studies, CO2 exponentially loses heat-trapping capacity as its concentration increases. This happens because, even in small quantities, CO2 quickly becomes opaque to a certain spectrum of infrared radiation. It rapidly absorbs all of the infrared radiation it can, which means that adding additional quantities of CO2 will not contribute any meaningful warming. CO2 is also a “well-mixed gas,” which means that its concentrations are distributed throughout the atmosphere. Consequently, its heat-trapping function is essentially saturated throughout the troposphere and stratosphere.

But higher CO2 levels mean higher temperatures? I saw that graph in ‘An Inconvenient Truth’.

Al Gore left out a key point when citing the parallel relationship between historical levels of CO2 and temperature. Carbon dioxide dissolves in water, and cold water can hold more CO2 than warm water. When the climate cools, the oceans gradually cool, slowly drawing in more CO2 and lowering atmospheric CO2 content. When the climate warms, as seen at the start of the most recent interglacial period roughly 18,000 years ago, the oceans gradually release CO2. (This is the reason why a bottle of soda kept in hot sunlight will leak or burst— because the warmer soda water is no longer able to hold all of the dissolved CO2.) When global temperatures change, CO2 concentrations follow along.

Scientists say that CO2 is warming the Earth.

Yes, CO2 is a greenhouse gas, and it helps maintain warmth in the atmosphere. But as noted above, CO2’s heat-trapping function is essentially saturated by the current level of 0.04 percent. Furthermore, climate models actually project that most of the presumed “man-made” warming will come from an increase in atmospheric water vapor. The principal idea of “anthropogenic global warming” is that the small amount of additional warming contributed by CO2 (before it becomes saturated) will cause more water vapor to enter the atmosphere. Since water vapor is the primary greenhouse gas of the atmosphere (and is responsible for roughly 80 percent of the “greenhouse effect”), this water vapor will create positive feedback for further warming.

Unfortunately, the theory disregards the cooling feedback caused by clouds (since atmospheric water vapor transitions to clouds). Cloud cover provides net cooling by reflecting solar radiation back into space, shading ground surfaces, and producing rain (precipitation not only cools surface temperatures but also scrubs atmospheric CO2).

But 97% of scientists believe in global warming?

What’s most amusing is that, truthfully, no one really knows how many scientists there are in the world. Or what they actually think of global warming. Or how many of them are scientists in relevant scientific disciplines. However, the “97% consensus” figure is actually a methodologically flawed statement. Only 32.6% of the papers studied in the infamous John Cook study actually stated a position endorsing anthropogenic (man-made) global warming. However, 97% of those said that “recent warming is mostly man-made.” And so what we have is a misleading statement that has become cited as fact.

Well, 2015 was the hottest year ever, and now 2016 is even hotter. Explain that?

The warming experienced in 2015-2016 is a direct result of the current El Niño.

El Niño is caused by global warming

El Ni√±o is a naturally occurring phenomenon. It happens when prevailing winds start to fade after progressively “piling up” water in the western Pacific Ocean. This surplus, warmer water washes back over the eastern Pacific, releasing tremendous amounts of heat. 2015’s spike in temperatures was due to El Ni√±o. It would be dishonest and inaccurate to claim that 2015’s increase in surface temperatures was simply due to man-made warming. Here’s more on the latest El Ni√±o, and why even alarmists admit that it is not a manifestation of man-made warming.

The “pause in global temperatures” is just people denying that the Earth is getting hotter and hotter

Satellite measurements from both UAH-Huntsville and RSS clearly show the “pause” in global temperatures (I.e. a net flatlining of temperatures over the past 15-20 years.) The current El Ni√±o is already fading, and one can reasonably expect to see a drop-off in temperatures. Since 1950 with 11 of the last 15 strong El Ni√±o events flipped to a La Ni√±a. More significantly, the pause has been the subject of numerous debates and research papers. Climate alarmists don’t deny that it has happened, they just offer various explanations. Even a February 2016 paper co-authored by Michael Mann shows that there was indeed a global warming pause.

There is no “pause” in global warming

There is real concern as to the accuracy and reliability of recent temperature measurements being reported by NOAA. Last year, NOAA adjusted temperatures downward in the last century to make the last 15 years appear warmer. Magically, they “erased” the pause. By including measurements of seawater temperatures taken from the engine manifolds of ocean-going vessels, they essentially cooled the past to warm the present. Here’s an academic summary of papers that quickly debunked NOAA’s “new” temperature findings. It’s interesting to note that it is NOAA’s revised measurements that are being used to make claims such as “warmest year ever” etc…

With the pause removed, NASA then quietly adopted NOAA’s “cooked” temperature record so that both agencies could make these “warmest ever” claims. Currently, NOAA is under House investigation for tampering with temperature data and colluding with activists to promote the Obama administration’s global warming agenda.

NOTE: These are simple points, based on elementary climate and geologic science. It would be helpful if more people studied the basic issues involved in the climate debate before accepting the alarmist rhetoric trumpeted by a media that thrives on sensationalism.

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Virgin Islands AG revokes climate-change subpoena after being criticized for ‘abuse of power’

Claude Walker to Al Gore: Did you ever know you were my hero?Claude Walker to Al Gore: Did you ever know that you’re my hero?Virgin Islands Attorney General Claude E. Walker has withdrawn his subpoena of the Competitive Enterprise Institute after a rash of criticism over his investigation into climate-change dissenters.

Still, CEI general counsel Sam Kazman said Monday that the free-market think-tank would still push the court for sanctions against Mr. Walker, one of an 17-member coalition of attorneys general pursuing fraud allegations against climate skeptics.

“We are doing so because Walker‘s underlying Virgin Islands subpoena remains in effect and, as his local counsel expressly stated, Walker can reinstate the DC [District of Columbia] subpoena whenever he wants,” Mr. Kazman said in a statement.

“More importantly, his withdrawal only strengthens our claim that this subpoena was a constitutional outrage from the very beginning, violating our right to free speech and our donors’ right to confidentiality, and threatening the right of all Americans to express views that go against some party line,” Mr. Kazman said. “This was an abuse of process, plain and simple, and we’re determined to see that Walker faces sanctions for an action whose illegality he refuses to recognize.”

The CEI took out a full-page ad in The New York Times last week decrying the AGs United for Clean Power’s pursuit of climate skeptics. Signers of the ad included former U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey, former White House counsel C. Boyden Gray and MIT professor emeritus of atmospheric sciences Richard Lindzen.

The ad was titled, “Abuse of Power: All Americans have the right to support causes they believe in.”

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Study Helps Explain Sea Ice Differences at Earth’s Poles

antarcticWhy has the sea ice cover surrounding Antarctica been increasing slightly, in sharp contrast to the drastic loss of sea ice occurring in the Arctic Ocean? Since the late 1970s, its extent has been relatively stable, increasing just slightly; however, regional differences are observed. A NASA/NOAA/university team found that two persistent geological factors — the topography of Antarctica and the depth of the ocean surrounding it — are influencing winds and ocean currents, respectively, to drive the formation and evolution of Antarctica’s sea ice cover and help sustain it.

“Our study provides strong evidence that the behavior of Antarctic sea ice is entirely consistent with the geophysical characteristics found in the southern polar region, which differ sharply from those present in the Arctic,” said Nghiem.

Antarctic sea ice cover is dominated by first-year (seasonal) sea ice. Each year, the sea ice reaches its maximum extent around the frozen continent in September and retreats to about 17 percent of that extent in February. Since the late 1970s, its extent has been relatively stable, increasing just slightly; however, regional differences are observed.

Over the years, scientists have floated various hypotheses to explain the behavior of Antarctic sea ice, particularly in light of observed global temperature increases. Are changes in the ozone hole involved? Could fresh meltwater from Antarctic ice shelves be making the ocean surface less salty and more conducive to ice formation, since salt inhibits freezing? Are increases in the strength of Antarctic winds causing the ice to thicken? Something is protecting Antarctic sea ice, but a definitive answer has remained elusive.

To tackle this cryospheric conundrum, Nghiem and his team adopted a novel approach. They analyzed radar data from NASA’s QuikScat satellite from 1999 to 2009 to trace the paths of Antarctic sea ice movements and map its different types. They focused on the 2008 growth season, a year of exceptional seasonal variability in Antarctic sea ice coverage.

Their analyses revealed that as sea ice forms and builds up early in the sea ice growth season, it gets pushed offshore and northward by winds, forming a protective shield of older, thicker ice that circulates around the continent. The persistent winds, which flow downslope off the continent and are shaped by Antarctica’s topography, pile ice up against the massive ice shield, enhancing its thickness. This band of ice, which varies in width from roughly 62 to 620 miles (100 to 1,000 kilometers), encapsulates and protects younger, thinner ice in the ice pack behind it from being reduced by winds and waves.

To tackle this cryospheric conundrum, Nghiem and his team adopted a novel approach. They analyzed radar data from NASA’s QuikScat satellite from 1999 to 2009 to trace the paths of Antarctic sea ice movements and map its different types. They focused on the 2008 growth season, a year of exceptional seasonal variability in Antarctic sea ice coverage.

Their analyses revealed that as sea ice forms and builds up early in the sea ice growth season, it gets pushed offshore and northward by winds, forming a protective shield of older, thicker ice that circulates around the continent. The persistent winds, which flow downslope off the continent and are shaped by Antarctica’s topography, pile ice up against the massive ice shield, enhancing its thickness. This band of ice, which varies in width from roughly 62 to 620 miles (100 to 1,000 kilometers), encapsulates and protects younger, thinner ice in the ice pack behind it from being reduced by winds and waves.

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DiCaprio hammered for flying 8,000 miles on private jet for ‘green’ award

Via InstagramHasn’t anyone told him about FaceTime, Skype, or teleconferencing?Leonardo DiCaprio was pilloried by fans and critics this weekend for taking a private jet from France to New York and back again to scoop up an environmental award, an 8,000-mile-long journey that was anything but green. He had flown to New York City to receive an award from the grassroots’ organization Riverkeeper, which helps protects NY waterways. Before coming to New York, DiCaprio was chumming it up at the Cannes Film Festival in France and partying hard at club Gotha with supermodel Georgia Fowler.

A rep for DiCaprio told US Weekly: “He was asked to speak at both Riverkeeper and amfAR events, but the only way to attend the two fundraisers was to hitch a ride with flights that were already planned.” Apparently DiCaprio has never heard of large screen projectors and teleconferencing, something even the Oscars has used for actors who are inconveniently too far away.

After arriving in New York City and attending the Riverkeeper Fishermen’s Ball at Chelsea Piers, Robert De Niro presented DiCaprio with the ‘Big Fish’ award. DiCaprio shared the award with Ralph Lauren, and the long-running event raised more than $1.6 million. DiCaprio also gave a $100,000 grant from the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF) to the Riverkeeper group.

But before the private jet’s engines had a chance to cool, the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ star was back in France to attend the annual amfAR auction at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc surrounded by a gaggle of supermodels at another party. All told, DiCaprio’s jaunt spewed an estimated 40 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, or the equivalent of what two Americans release in one year.

At the amfAR auction in Cannes, DiCaprio auctioned off a one-week vacation for 12 people at his home in Palm Springs, and not one of his homes as his rep intuited. DiCaprio’s foundation had already pledged $15 million to environmental causes at this year’s World Economic Forum. He was there to decry the “greed of the energy industry” and demand more action on global warming.

He also made climate change an issue at the Golden Globes, BAAFTA, and more recently at the Oscar Award ceremonies by championing his favorite cause: global warming. During his Oscar acceptance speech for Best Actor in “The Revenant,” the actor said: “[Climate change] is happening right now. It is the most urgent threat facing our entire species and we need to work collectively together and stop procrastinating.”

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Global Warmists Admit They’re Really Book Burners

BurningBookThe Portland Public Schools board is going to need to buy some carbon offsets to compensate for its new book-burning campaign.

Well, okay, it’s not actually planning to burn the books, so it’s in the clear on the emissions. Perhaps it will use a more ecologically sensitive solution like composting. Either way, the politically incorrect books are on the way out.

Last week, the Portland, Oregon, public schools board voted to “abandon the use of any adopted text material that is found to express doubt about the severity of the climate crisis or its root in human activities.”

This is the party of “science” at work. Because the rigorous suppression of doubt and skepticism is the essence of a good science education, right?

But don’t worry, Jonathan Chait is on top of this and informs us that it’s all just in the imaginations of “anti-science conservatives” because “the story does not actually describe a book ban. It describes a ban on ‘textbooks and other teaching materials that deny climate change exists or cast doubt on whether humans are to blame.'” Which is a totally different thing, somehow.

In other news, Chait is strongly against political correctness when it targets people like him. The rest of us are fair game.

Actually, the story is even worse than what conservative news sites have reported. It’s not just that Portland banished from its schools any active denial of catastrophic, man-made global warming; it’s that they banished any language that implies the smallest amount of doubt. Bill Bigelow, a former teacher now working for the activist group that pushed this resolution, explained its rationale in testimony to the school board:

Bigelow said PPS’ science textbooks are littered with words like ‘might,’ ‘may,’ and ‘could’ when talking about climate change. ‘Carbon dioxide emissions from motor vehicles, power plants and other sources, may contribute to global warming,’ he quotes Physical Science published by Pearson as saying. ‘This is a section that could be written by the Exxon public relations group and it’s being taught in Portland schools.’

It reminds me of the old dictum attributed to Lenin: first you target the counter-revolutionaries, and then you target the insufficiently enthusiastic. This is no longer about suppressing us global warming “deniers.” It’s about erecting the global warming catechism as a dogma that cannot be given anything short of enthusiastic consent. You have to embrace it the way you love Big Brother.

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Mega-Rich Activist Aims To Keep Trump From Winning California

steyer tomBillionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer is committing time, money and effort to keep presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump from winning California’s Republican primary in June.

Steyer’s super PAC, NextGen Climate, said Friday it will wage a voter registration campaign to beat back the support Trump is gaining from California Republicans. The liberal climate justice warrior is worried the smattering of moderate Republicans willing to work with Steyer and his group might get defeated in November’s election.

Steyer cut a televised ad in the Golden State in which he implores citizens not to vote for the former reality TV star. “That’s not America. We’re all Californians. It’s time to speak out. Please register,” Steyer said in the ad. He added: “And vote.”

The deadline to register in California is Monday.

Steyer’s political pull is waning — though there is little indication that his money or influence ever really waxed. He has spent tens of millions of dollars on numerous political candidates and elections with little success.

NextGen Climate announced in April that it plans to use its considerable resources across hundreds of college campuses to get students and young voters out to vote for mostly renewable energy policies. The campaign will cost Steyer a cool $25 million to get off the ground.

“We are determined that they will be a difference maker,” Steyer, who amassed his much of his fortune while with Goldman Sachs in the 1980s, told reporters at a press conference announcing the decision. “We need to make sure to carry on that momentum until November.”

Steyer plowed more than $8.5 million into unsuccessful bids to get a slew of anti-fossil fuel candidates elected to office in 2014. The campaigns fell flat — mostly because the California billionaire funneled his money in areas that were heavily dependent on natural gas production.

He tried like mad to get Colorado Democratic Sen. Mark Udall defeated in 2014, yet the former congressman was defeated in his reelection bid in part because he bent over backward to the anti-fracking crowd. Udall accepted more than $4 million from Steyer during his unsuccessful reelection campaign.

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Colorado County Defies Supreme Court To Ban Fracking

fracking rigBoulder County commissioners re-implemented a local moratorium on hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, Thursday, defying both state Supreme Court rulings and their own attorney’s legal advice.

The county repealed an old fracking ban, which was supposed to last until 2018, with a new six-month moratorium, which the oil industry considers challenging.

“Boulder County ends a moratorium by creating a brand new one,” Dan Haley, president of the Colorado Oil and Gas Association which brought the lawsuit which led to the Court’s ruling, told DailyCamera News. “We will watch very carefully to see if the county is sincere in enacting oil and gas regulations within the context of the recent Supreme Court ruling or if this is just a ploy to extend their previous moratorium and it’s business as usual.”

The moratorium likely defies a May 2 ruling of the state Supreme Court, which found that fracking bans and moratoriums passed by the Colorado cities of Longmont and Fort Collins were “preempted by state law and therefore, [are] invalid and unenforceable.” One of Boulder County’s own attorneys publicly stated that the moratorium was probably illegal, saying “it’s likely a court would find it hard to distinguish our moratorium from Fort Collins” if anyone filed a lawsuit challenging it. Fracking has been banned in the county since 2012.

The oil and gas industry in Colorado and other states has historically been regulated by the state, not local, government. The industry worried that local rulings could create a regulatory “patchwork,” which could hamper energy development in Colorado. Several environmental groups, including Food and Water Watch, The Sierra Club, Earthworks and a local group called Coloradans Resisting Extreme Energy Development have supported local bans on fracking in Colorado.

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