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Debunking the EPA’s Fake Accounts of the Gold King Mine Disaster

After almost two years, the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Inspector General released its report on the Gold King Mine disaster that dumped over a million pounds of metals into the Animas River, turning dozens of miles of the river orange.

While inspectors general are tasked with finding out the truth and holding agencies accountable, this recently released report sheds no more light on the disaster than previous misleading reports.

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REPORT: State Green Energy Laws Are Costing More And More Every Year

State green energy mandates cost utilities and ratepayers $3 billion in 2015, according to a study released Monday, which found that the price tag of these energy policies has grown over the years.

Costs are expected to grow in the future as state mandates require that more green energy, like wind and solar, is added to the electric grid, according to a Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory report.

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Climate ‘Scientists’ in Panic: Real Debate and Fact Checking Will Expose ‘Consensus’ Fraud

Steven Koonin

Scott Pruitt and Steven Koonin have climate scientist-activists and their media promoters ranting and sputtering in an epic meltdown.

Pruitt is, of course, President Trump’s outspoken administrator in charge of the federal Environmental Protection Agency. Dr. Koonin, a physicist and professor at New York University, was undersecretary of the Energy Department in the Obama administration.

Pruitt and Koonin, along with Energy Secretary Rick Perry, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, and an impressive lineup of distinguished scientists have stirred the proverbial hornets’ nest by proposing (of all things!) — a scientific debate.

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Not One Republican Went To See Al Gore’s New Movie

Gore and House Minority Speaker Pelosi

Not a single Republican lawmaker showed up to a Tuesday screening of former Vice President Al Gore’s new global warming film, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

All 535 members of Congress were invited to a special screening of “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power” at the Newseum in Washington, D.C., which is two miles away from Capitol Hill. The film is the follow-up to Gore’s 2006 film “An Inconvenient Truth.”

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Al Gore’s Back And He’s Got A New Reason THE RIGHT Should Be Terrified Of Global Warming

Gore on the set of his new flick.

Former vice president, robbed Democratic presidential nominee, and climate change industry leader Al Gore has released his much-anticipated sequel to his runaway hit An Inconvenient Truth, cleverly and aptly titled An Inconvenient Sequel.

Despite the embarrassment of the sequel coming out after many of the apocalyptic predictions of the first proved to be utter bunk, Gore is being celebrated by the Left yet again. And he’s got more to say. Much, much more.

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Top Indian Official Refutes Claim That Al Gore Sealed India’s Inclusion In Paris Deal

Indian officials who negotiated the Paris climate accord have disputed one of the chief claims former Vice President Al Gore made in the sequel to his 2006 documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth.”

Gore appeared to suggest in “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power” that he brokered a deal on solar panel technology with India that helped save the Paris climate accord. But one of India’s lead negotiators on the Paris accord talks told reporters Tuesday that neither he nor his colleagues remember Gore’s deal being the glue that saved the agreement.

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Britain to ban sale of new diesel and gasoline cars by 2040

Coming soon to a UK dealership. Choosing your charger.

Government running amok. From the AP:

Britain’s government says it will ban the sale of new cars and vans using diesel and gasoline starting in 2040 as authorities move to tackle air pollution.

The decision announced Wednesday by Environment Secretary Michael Gove follows similar moves in France and Norway. It also comes as the technology for electrical cars improves.

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The Troubling Return of Al Gore

Gore at Paris climate talks in 2015.

It’s the year 2015, in Paris, and negotiations over an international climate accord are falling apart. India‚ the world’s fourth-largest polluter, is wary about signing onto the deal, fearing the commitments are too strict for a developing country with high energy needs. So Al Gore whips into action—by pulling out his cell phone. He dials Larry Summers, the former U.S. Treasury secretary, and says, “Elon suggested I call.” Naturally, the former vice president is on a first-name basis with the founder of Tesla and SpaceX.

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Senator Claims Green Energy Is Causing A ‘National Emergency’ in Australia

Australia is facing a “national emergency” of extremely high power prices due to green energy, according to an Aussie senator.

One Nation Sen. Malcolm Roberts, a former coal miner, claimed 60,000 households in the state of New South Wales needed government help to keep their electricity on due to the expense of green energy. He called for the government to scrap renewable energy targets (RET) scheme.

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