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Global Warming and Climate Change: Both Are False Narratives

NASA/NOAA: Following upper management’s orders.

We hear all sorts of ideas about this false idea that man is causing an increase in carbon dioxide. Let us take a quick look at a research paper from a scientist named Nasif Nahle, Scientific Research Director-Biology Cabinet. The paragraph below is taken directly from his abstract:


Scientific studies have shown that atmospheric Carbon Dioxide in past eras reached concentrations that were 20 times higher than the current concentration. Recent investigations have shown that the current change of climate is part of a larger cycle known as climatic lowstand phase which precedes a sequential warming period known as transgression phase. The purpose of this evaluation is to demonstrate that the Earth is actually cooling, in the context of the total geological timescale, and that the current change is equivalent to a serial climate phase known as lowstand.

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Another Climate Alarm Gets Silenced: Study Shows “Tiny Algae, Hugely Resilient”!

What follows is a press release from the Alfred Wegener Institute in Bremerhaven, Germany.

It turns out that microalgae — “an important source of food in the oceans” — are far more resilient to changes in ocean pH values than alarmists would like us to believe.

Hat-tip: Die kalte Sonne.

Tiny algae, hugely resilient

Microalgae are microscopically small, single-celled algae species and an important source of food in the oceans. Dr Clara Hoppe of the Alfred Wegener Institute examines how changed living conditions as a result of climate change affect Arctic microalgae.

Clara Hoppe has been observing how Arctic microalgae react to climate change since years. (Photo: Paolo VeAWI biologist)

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Study: Being An Environmentalist Generally Isn’t Good For The Planet

Apple CEO Tim Cook

When corporations go green it isn’t as good for the planet as environmentalists like to claim, according to a new study by the Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

The study surveyed 118 corporate information technology officers on how they planned to help their companies go green, and concluded doing so was much more difficult than initially thought.

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Trump’s EPA Chief Expected Lay Out Plans To Roll Back Regulations, Give States More Control

Pruitt being sworn in as EPA chief.

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt heads to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) headquarters Tuesday to address staffers about the agency’s new direction under the Trump administration.

Pruitt is expected emphasize federalism and an elevated role for states in environmental policy while also stressing moving EPA away from its international global warming crusade back to its traditional role of protecting air and water quality.

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Enviros Successfully Shut Down Thai Coal Plant

Thailand’s military-controlled government has temporarily halted several coal power plants in the country after environmentalist groups complained they would hurt the region’s tourist industry.

The junta’s decision to kowtow to environmentalist protesters is unusual considering the government’s violent crackdown on activism. The plant is being placed on the backburners until after regulators conduct an Environmental and Health Impact Assessment (EHIA).

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Anti-Trump Science Rally is Epic Fail

Organizers of a science rally to protest President Donald Trump in Boston Sunday expected to draw more 10,000 people, but only a few hundred actually showed up.

More than 10,000 people were interested in or signed up to attend the “Rally to Stand Up for Science,” according to the rally’s Facebook page, but The Boston Globe’s estimates of crowd size put the number of attendees in the hundreds.

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BeeGate: How Green Campaigners Subverted Science

Almost ten years ago, when there were indications of stresses on honeybee populations (known as colony collapse disorder – CCD), different activists were jockeying for the right to claim this crisis for their campaigns. Climate activists wanted to show bees were suffering because of warmer weather; biodiversity campaigners saw land-use issues as the source for the crisis; anti-GMO stalwarts wanted us to know there was something unknown in the pollen; anti-EMF  fear-mongers wanted to highlight the confusion bees suffered due to our love of mobile technology. Nobody mentioned the main causes (cold winters and Varroa mite) … seriously, who would donate to that? –David Zaruk, The Risk-Monger, 18 February 2017

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Science Journalism is Going Full Leftist

We on the right have grown to expect bias in political journalism — but most of us probably thought that science literature would always be objective, and exempt from radical leftist opinion.  If so, then our thoughts were mistaken.

Every once in a while, I receive emailed articles from science journals, for example, Scientific American. Most of these are of interest to science junkies like myself — but a disturbing and growing number of them have less to do with science than with left-wing political propaganda. Much of it is unashamedly anti-Trump.

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Republicans move to block conservative proposals for carbon tax

A $40-per-ton levy on CO2 emissions would raise electricity prices across the board.

Republican leaders on Capitol Hill and their anti-tax allies are moving quickly to crush conservative proposals for a carbon tax before they even have time to breathe.

The carbon dividends plan, recently put forth by Republican elders such as James A. Baker III and George P. Shultz, has been cast as something of a conservative blueprint for how to address pollution while returning thousands of dollars to American taxpayers.

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