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Solar ovens and sustained poverty for Africa

President Obama in Kenya checking out a solar panel.

President Obama in Kenya checking out a solar panel.

Solar technology in Africa, including my country of Uganda, would bring good news to millions of people who today must use firewood, charcoal and dung for cooking. Millions of Africans die from lung infections caused by breathing fumes from these fires, millions more from eating spoiled food, drinking contaminated water and having spoiled medicines, because we don’t have electricity, sanitation or refrigeration. What we do have in abundance is extensive, sustained poverty.

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Volkswagen to pay $2.8 billion in U.S. diesel emission scandal

A judge on Friday ordered Volkswagen to pay a $2.8 billion criminal penalty in the United States for cheating on diesel emissions tests, blessing a deal negotiated by the government for a “massive fraud” orchestrated by the German automaker.

U.S. District Judge Sean Cox stuck to the plea deal during the sentencing hearing, six weeks after VW pleaded guilty to conspiracy and obstruction of justice in a scheme involving nearly 600,000 diesel cars in the U.S. They were programmed to turn on pollution controls during testing and off while on the road.

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Trump Clamps Down On Spending At Interior, Energy Depts

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke

The Trump administration is clamping down on grants and subsidies handed out by two federal agencies overseeing energy and land management programs.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke sent out a memo in early April initiating a thorough review of the Department of the Interior grants and cooperative agreements planned for this year. Interior hands out $5.5 billion for such things every year, according to an internal memo obtained by Axios.

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Several AGs Call Out NY Dem’s ‘Unconstitutional’ Anti-Exxon Probes

AG Maura Healey with eco-loon Al Gore

Nearly a dozen attorneys general called a year-long investigation targeting Exxon Mobil’s climate research a politically biased infringement of the company’s free speech.

Republican AGs from 11 states, including Oklahoma, Utah, and Texas, filed an amicus brief Wednesday castigating a Democrat-led probe against the oil company’s handling of decades worth of climate data.

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Solar Company Gets $25 Million In Taxpayer Subsidies, Goes Bankrupt

Solar company Suniva Inc. filed for bankruptcy Wednesday after receiving millions in government subsidies to manufacture solar panels.

Suniva blamed its bankruptcy on competition from cheap Chinese-made solar panels, but the company received about $20 million in support from federal and state taxpayers, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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The ‘March For Science’ Shows How Carl Sagan Ruined Science

I am a Carl Sagan fan from way back. His 1980 TV miniseries “Cosmos” hit me at just the right age and inflamed a lifelong love of science. But we’ve had nearly 40 years to assess the long-term effects and see how Sagan unwittingly contributed to a trend that muddled public understanding of science. This weekend’s so-called “March for Science” is a perfect example of what went wrong.

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A physicist’s take on the March for Science

“Bill Nye, the march’s highly visible co-chairperson, is barely even a scientist.”

As a theoretical physicist, I was excited to hear about Saturday’s nationwide March for Science. But after learning who is leading it and why, I am disappointed to report it is but a brazen attempt by political activists to hijack science.

My dream of becoming a scientist started in the second grade and was my ticket out of the disadvantaged, gang-plagued neighborhoods of East Los Angeles, where I was born. I’ve spent my life teaching science in and out of classrooms to millions of people worldwide – and my efforts have been rewarded with everything from distinguished teaching awards to Emmys.

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A Sober Look At Earth Day

Tomorrow is Earth Day, an opportunity for well-intentioned environmentalists to preach the gospel of man-made global warming.

People are free to believe as they wish. The problem with the green movement is that it seeks to marginalize anyone who may have a different view.

Those of us who are unconvinced of their teachings are branded as “Climate Change Deniers.” And as outlandish as this is going to sound, there are those who want to criminalize our opinion.

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Climate Realists Urge President Trump to Pull out of Suicidal, Expensive and Pointless Paris Agreement

Trump at rally saying he’ll cancel the climate accord.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute has released a video urging President Trump to keep his campaign promise and withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate agreement.

It features a speech President Trump gave in May 2016 explaining exactly why he wanted to pull out:

“This agreement gives foreign bureaucrats control over our energy and how much we use right here in America. No way!”

He adds:

“We’re going to cancel the Paris Climate Agreement and stop all payments of the United States’ tax dollars to UN global warming programs”.

The video concludes:

Mr President. Don’t listen to the Swamp. Keep your promise. Withdraw from the Paris climate treaty. Send it to the Senate.

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March For Science Organizers Are Accidentally Advocating For The Unborn

This coming Saturday, the first ever March for Science will take place in the nation’s capital. Science enthusiasts will march to show their support for evidenced-based policymaking and publicly communicated facts and truth. The marchers in D.C. will be joined by others in over 425 satellite locations. The March labels itself as a political event that seeks to fight back against the “war on science,” and to promote the importance of science and research in the policy-making process.

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