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Another disappeared beach in Ireland has mysteriously reappeared

So much for sea level rises! Another beach has reappeared on Achill Island – only a few months since one was magically washed up by the sands.

The County Mayo island on the Wild Atlantic Way made international headlines back in May after the sea retreated to reveal the pristine sandy white Dooagh Beach that locals had not seen for 33 years.

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A Litigious Climate Threatens Scientific Norms

Michael Mann testifies before Congress.

An energy researcher sues another over a critical paper. It’s the wrong way to resolve such disputes.

I’ve worked alongside climate researchers for decades. Almost all of them are ethical, dedicated to science and not particularly political. But some leading figures and organizations in this community are weakening the norms that make science robust. A lawsuit filed in September and recently made public is a case in point.

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High Profile Swiss Meteorologist Slams Stefan Rahmstorf: ‘The Holy Wrath Of The Righteous’

Some weeks ago I reported here on how Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber, the alarmist director of the Potsdam Institute, appeared on a leading German talk show together with Swiss meteorologist Jörg Kachelmann and others to discuss climate change and the rash of storms that had hit the Atlantic and the North Sea.

In the talk round, Kachelmann (a warmist) poured plenty of cold water on the often used claim that hurricanes and storms have all gotten worse due to man-made global warming.

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Whitefish Energy Vacates Puerto Rico After Utility Failed To Pay For Services

The small company hired to help restore Puerto Rico’s hurricane-ravaged energy grid is stopping work 10 days early after the island’s public utility failed to pay the company for completed services.

Whitefish Energy CEO Andy Techmanski wrote a letter to the utility Sunday asking for payment for the work that the company’s linemen had already performed. The company decided to cut ties with the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) after the company refused to pay down an $83 million bill.

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STUDY: Before Warming A Bit, Antarctica Underwent 1,900 Years Of Cooling

Antarctica went through a 1,900-year cooling trend before warming up a bit in the last century, according to a study showing that the South Pole has been much warmer in the past.

The current warming is not unusual for the South Pole, according to the study led by Italy-based scientist Barbara Stenni, which used ice cores to reconstruct Antarctic temperatures over the past two millennia.

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Fort Myers News-Press Editorial Uses Activist Talking Points to Support No Fracking in Florida

Treasure Coast Newspapers (TCN), which includes the Fort Myers News-Press, recently published an editorial that called for a ban on fracking in the Sunshine State.

But the editorial board’s rationale was based on a seriously flawed and inaccurate understanding of the practice and studies surrounding it.

The TCN editorial board made it clear that it supports recently proposed legislation that would not only ban fracking in Florida but also be detrimental to the existing oil and gas industrywhich has a proven record of success in the state.

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Kiribati Climate Plan: More Resorts, More Tourists

The President of Kiribati doesn’t want his people to be seen as climate charity cases – instead, he wants investment, new tourist resorts to give his people jobs, and economic opportunities to help pay for reclaiming land from the sea like Singapore.

As climate change threatens islands, Kiribati’s president plans development

The low-lying Pacific island nation of Kiribati is one of the parts of the world most threatened by climate change and rising sea levels. Scientists say the islands could be uninhabitable within decades, and in recent years, some leaders there have begun planning for a worst-case scenario that could involve relocating the population to other countries.

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Health Warnings issued for Tasmanians facing six days over 25 degrees C (77°F +)!

Hobartians face a record heatwave for November

Things are so serious they may find Echidnas in their dog’s water bowl.

Spend billions. Stop climate change. We simply can’t allow this kind of disaster:

Heatwave health alert issued for southern Tasmania as 130 yo record set to fall

The weather bureau’s Tim Bolden said it was shaping up to be the first time Hobart has recorded six consecutive days on or above 25 degrees Celsius in November in nearly 130 years.

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Corn grows all too well in the D.C. swamp

Corn has taken root in the swamp that surrounds Congress. It has meant big bucks for Big Corn, but most everyone else is paying the price.

The Renewable Fuel Standard of 2005 required gasoline manufacturers to lace their products with biofuels — primarily corn-based ethanol, but also soybean-based biodiesel.

The amount they are forced to add has risen steadily, year after year. And it is scheduled to keep rising through 2022 when 36 billion gallons of renewables will be mixed into the nation’s gas supplies. After that, unelected bureaucrats at the Environmental Protection Agency get to decide.

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Environmentalists Are Holding Rallies To Give A River Rights

Dozens of environmentalists crowded into a Denver café last week to voice support for the “rights” of the Colorado River in a lawsuit against the state, Colorado’s Post-Independent reports.

Members of the environmental group Deep Green Resistance (DGR) brought the lawsuit in late September. The is the first case in the U.S. where a group has attempted to give nature a legal standing to “exist” and “flourish,” according to a Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) press release.

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