Australians Declare: ‘After Brexit — We Need Clexit’ – A ‘Climate Exit’ From UN Paris Agreement!

turnbullMalcolm Turnbull signed Australia onto the Paris Climate Agreement. This appalling document should be forever draped around his neck like a dead albatross.

Now we learn he has engineered an Emissions Trading Scheme as part of our green tributes to Paris.

The ALP and the Greens would have gone even further than Turnbull into the European climate swamp. They should also be awarded the ODA – the Order of the Dead Albatross.

Australia must withdraw from the dreadful Paris agreement before it can be ratified.

We need our own CLEXIT – climate exit from the energy vandals of Europe.

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    Creeping socialism.

    That’s the agenda of the climate change eco-left.  The idea is to incrementally grow outside regulation while surrendering sovereignty to faceless and non-elected leftist bureaucrats.  The calculation is to create so much regulation and dependency that people will feel helpless to resist.  Perhaps independent-minded Australians are coming to their senses and are ready to kick these foreign con artists to the curb.    

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