Australia’s Attorney General says global warming science not settled

brandisAustralia’s Attorney-General and Liberal Senator George Brandis said earlier this week he’s not “at all” convinced the science of global warming is settled. Speaking to Parliament, the senior Turnbull government minister noted “there were a number of views about the cause of climate change,” which shows the “deep climate skepticism in the coalition [party].” Australia’s Labor party immediately attacked Mr. Brandis’ remarks and said they were “breathtaking.” The Labor party is a democratic socialist party, billing itself as a “party of active government.”

“It doesn’t seem to me that the science is settled at all,” Senator Brandis told Australia’s parliament during a “debate on the tabling of documents relating to the CSIRO.” The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) is Australia’s agency for scientific research and inquiry based in Canberra. It’s a cross between the United States’ NASA, NOAA, and EPA, and works closely with Australia’s other research agencies.

Sen. Brandis made his comments at a recent CSIRO meeting, where about 200 jobs are on the chopping block, specifically those in climate data collection. The move would take resources away from gathering climate data and focus more on research and solutions. The “overall head count” would likely return to today’s levels within the next two years.

Mr. Brandis remarked he wasn’t “embarking on the climate debate himself,” but instead “challenging the Labor party’s illogical position.” Mr. Brandis said “if the science is settled,” a favorite meme of climate alarmists and Australia’s Labor party, then “why would Australia need climate researchers” to prove something that is already resolved.

Eric Worrall, who writes for the science site Watts up with that?, notes that “government climate scientists are caught in a political pincer of their own making,” adding: “If climate science is settled enough to make confident predictions, why do we need so many climate researchers? If climate science is not settled, why do climate scientists keep pretending it is?”

Brandis also said that while “I’m not a scientist, I’m agnostic really on that question.” CSIRO’s head Larry Marshall wrote in an email to staff: “The question of climate change had been proved and it was time to refocus on solutions to it.”

That solution includes a better distribution of resources and staff. CSIRO climate scientists, who see their resources drying up, say that without continuous data collection, “huge gaps could form that could never be recovered.” Collection is also done in coordination with the Bureau of Meteorology.

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    Get Real


    Labor calls the Attorney Generals remarks ‘breathtaking’. Not all Labor MPs support the green hysteric line and not all Labor party members will vote for a party that shares a political bed with the greenloon party. Listen up Mr Shorten, wake up and smell the roses before the decarbonising lobby destroy all life on earth.

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    [i]” Australia’s Labor party immediately attacked Mr. Brandis’ remarks and said they were “[b]breathtaking[/b].” The Labor party is a democratic socialist party, billing itself as a “party of active government.”[/i]
    There you have it. The truth is “breathtaking”. This two-sentence statement really sums up the leftist investment in climate change hysteria.

    First, [b]attack[/b] all who disagree or question your point of view. Squash dissent and debate.

    Then, advocate for active government (AKA socialism), which needs something to be active about… Because they are exclusively able to dictate both the terms of the debate (including the definition of the problem) [b]and[/b] the prescriptions for the cure, climate change is the perfect vehicle for their [u]political[/u] ambitions.

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    “active government” is code for “there is no aspect of your life that we cannot control better than you”

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    How refreshing to see a man with some backbone stand up and say what most people are thinking but just warming up to say .

    The Labour Party is going to rue the day they were infected with extreme green nut jobs who are out to have the tradition Labor base fired . Coal workers ,natural gas employees and anyone else the Kermits see as part of their planet has a fever puppet show .
    Congratulations Sen Brandis can’t you hear hot air balloons popping from your
    refreshing breath of honesty ?

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    Joihn Wilder


    They keep calling us deniars who ignore science. I don’t ignore science I call them on it.
    For the “science to be settled” it has to be settled with the GOLD STANDARD IN LEGITIMATE SCIENCE; THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD.

    It states that you first compose a theory and then you come with a scientific experiment that can prove that experiment beyond any doubt that can be replicated by any legitimate scientist anywhere in the world with the same results.


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    @ John Wilder

    Clarification :
    There have NEVER been any reports nor publication of any scientific experiment that ever once confirmed the greenhouse conjecture.

    The alarmists have everything to gain by establishing such a hallmark that would be forever referenced as establishing their cause.

    Why is there no such reference ?

    Common sense says there can only one reason :


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