Australia pledges 26% emissions cut by 2030

abbottAustralia plans to reduce carbon emissions by 26 percent from 2005 levels by 2030, Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced Tuesday, a target critics say falls well short of its fair share globally.

Abbott, however, said his conservative government’s target was “fairly in the middle” of those made by other economies which will be taken to an upcoming global climate conference in Paris.

“We have come to the position our 2030 emissions reduction target will be in the range of 26 to 28 percent,” Abbott told reporters in Canberra.

“There is a definite commitment to 26 percent but we believe under the policies that we have got, with the circumstances that we think will apply, that we can go to 28 percent.”

With its heavy use of coal-fired power and relatively small population of 23 million, Australia is considered one of the world’s worst per capita greenhouse gas polluters.

Abbott has been widely seen as a reluctant advocate for fighting climate change, having scrapped a controversial tax on carbon emissions by industrial polluters and consistently promoted the coal export industry.

He said Tuesday strong and effective policies were needed to tackle the issue, and Australia was reducing emissions in part through a carbon abatement programme — whereby energy efficient companies are rewarded.

But he said Australia’s commitment to the environment had to be balanced against economic growth and jobs, and did not need to be the strongest in the world.

“Our 26 to 28 percent target, it’s better than Japan. It’s almost the same as New Zealand. It’s a whisker below Canada,” said Abbott.

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    Its always good to reduce any dirty emissions but pleaaaaase, its not carbon but CO2 they talk about.
    And CO2 is not pollution! Its a live bringing gas for nature!

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    Long before any human caused increases to CO2 the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is estimated to range from 280 PPM to 7000 PPM .
    Now at approx. 400 PPM and growing partly due to humans breathing out and use of fossil fuels .
    With growth of approx. 2% a year , is it fair to assume it could double to 800 PPM in 50 years or about 12% of it’s historic high before humans had any influence at all ?

    By the time we have used most of the known coal reserves ,say 300 years ,
    and other fossil fuel use is in decline because of depleted resources , what if CO2 peaked at 2400 PPM or 35% of it’ historic high without human influence ?

    If we are at 400 PPM and at the last ice age CO2 was around 300 PPM are we not better off to be going in the right direction ….and what if we weren’t ?

    CO2 increases will pale in comparison to the consequences of limited resources if and when they occur .

    How long would all that carbon in wood remain out of the atmosphere if we all became cave dwellers again ?

    We don’t have to fear a bit of warming (if it occurs ) and instead of the phony global warming scam , we need to focus on the efficient use of finite resources .

    The Climate Change Con is nothing but a campaign to seek political and personal financial objectives .

    Most people tune it out because they seen enough of the big bad wolf huffing and puffing .

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    Right you are Moose a better self edit is required . We have a much higher chance of running low of fossil fuels
    well before there is any significant change from CO2 increases .
    The connotation of carbon as CO2 is an inappropriate by product of the name of the gas which is essential to life .

    I will try to not fall into the trap of calling it carbon .

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