Arctic Sea Ice Update for May 2017: Higher than 2004 and 2006

Arctic sea ice extent continues to run well above the level of the last two years.

Much more significantly though, the average extent for the whole of May was the highest since 2013 and was also higher than 2004 and 2006.


Despite the downward trend since 1979, it is clear that May extent has stabilised for the last decade and more.

Temperatures across the Arctic have been below average throughout May:


Daily mean temperature and climate north of the 80th northern parallel, as a function of the day of the year.

And the Greenland ice sheet has continued to grow at a record rate since last September:


As for the Antarctic, although sea ice extent has been running at below average this year, it is still higher than in 1980 and only slightly less than 1986.



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    The poles ice is getting thicker and the Penguin and Polarbear populations are going up GREENPEACE GO AWAY

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