Analysis: Here Are 7 Big Problems With Hillary’s Green Energy Plans

hillaryDemocratic nominee and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton green energy plans to deal have seven serious problems, according to an analysis by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Clinton wants to fight global warming by building “half a billion” solar panels and making America run “entirely on clean energy by midcentury,” with a goal of “getting 50 percent of our electricity from clean energy sources within a decade.”

Without further ado, here are seven major technical problems with Clinton’s plans to go green.

1: Energy Storage For Wind And Solar Doesn’t Exist

America has considerably less than 1 percent of the energy storage capacity necessary for wind and solar to meet Clinton’s goal of powering the country entirely off green energy by 2050, according to an analysis of federal data by TheDCNF.

TheDCNF previous examined U.S. Energy Information Administration data regarding energy storage and found the country only has the capacity to store 21,378 megawatts of energy, 99 percent of which is done by pumping water up a hill. Wind and solar power advocates who endorsed Clinton openly acknowledge green energy only works if there’s a method of storing power for times when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing with batteries, but haven’t thought about where America will store the 3,260,000 megawatts of energy it used in 2013.

Even though America is producing more energy than ever before thanks to a boom in oil and natural gas, energy storage hasn’t increased fast enough to make wind or solar power feasible. America also isn’t building enough storage capacity to change this fundamental equation — adding a mere 221 megawatts of storage capacity in 2015.

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