Amendment introduced because Democrats don’t have enough work to do

scottDon’t Democrats have anything better to do than write these silly amendments (see this post) that will go nowhere in a Congress that’s controlled by the party with the largest cerebral cortex? From National Journal:

Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson has introduced an amendment to the Senate budget that would prevent any ban on federal agencies and employees from talking about climate change.

In a speech Thursday introducing the amendment, Nelson said it was a pushback about “news reports … that indeed some folks are trying to muzzle scientists from speaking about the science involving the oceans, the atmosphere, the climate, and the weather.”

“Can you imagine if we were going to muzzle researchers at the National Institute of Health and censor them, saying they couldn’t use medical terms like ‘asthma’ [or] ‘cancer’? What if that were off limits?” he asked. “That’s not even a question we would consider.”

The senator from Florida’s amendment and speech are thinly veiled swipes at Scott. Earlier this month, the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting reported that employees and contractors had been told by supervisors to not use specific terms related to climate change or global warming.

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    Talk all they want! Just stop the government funding, that’s the kind of amendment that belongs in a Senate budget, of an overextended and overtaxed country.

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    30,000 scientists did more than talk when they signed the Oregon Petition.
    The only people trying to shut up scientists are the Democrats trying to intimidate anyone that questions the global warming
    religion .
    The world continues to warm from the last ice age (thankfully ) however the contribution of CO2 from exhaling humans ,animals and fossil fuel use is a non-issue . Less than 1/2 of 1 % of CO2 is from humans ,animals and fossil fuels that have an almost indiscernible impact. Arguably any impact it does have is far more positive than negative .

    Climate gate , gross exaggeration of doom and gloom and no discernible temperature change in almost 20 years . All the lies are coming home to roost for the earth has a fever, Church of Global Warming promoters .

    The current batch of propaganda is one more kick at the can leading up to Paris and the Democrats exit from power.

    $$$Trillions spent in the name of the scam and the public don’t buy it .
    What a colossal waste of time and money .

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