ALERT: Trump is pulling U.S. out of UN Paris Climate Pact – A Victory for Science!

President Donald Trump today officially announced that he intends to withdraw from the UN Paris climate pact. Trump has fulfilled a key campaign promise and is gutting one has been termed one of the “most expensive treaties in the history of the world.”

The Hill is reporting:

President Trump will pull the United States out of the Paris climate change agreement, Axios reported Wednesday. The report, citing two sources with “direct knowledge,” said Trump is working with a group led by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) chief Scott Pruitt on the exact mechanism of pulling out before announcing his final decision. CBS News also reported that Trump is telling allies about his decision. The move marks a dramatic departure from the Obama administration, which was instrumental in crafting the deal. It also makes the U.S. an outlier among the world’s nations, nearly all of whom support the climate change accord. But Trump’s decision fulfills an original campaign promise he made just over a year ago to “cancel” the accord. 

The Associated Press is reporting:

A White House official says President Donald Trump is expected to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate accord. But the official says there may be “caveats in the language” that Trump uses to announce the withdrawal – leaving open the possibility that the decision isn’t final.

According to Axios, GOP Senators played a key role in influencing Trump to pull out of the UN climate pact.

Axios: How it happened: A letter from 22 Republican Senators (including Mitch McConnell) that called for a clean exit had reinforced Trump’s instincts to withdraw, and the president had been telling confidants over the past week that he was going to pull out.


Climate Depot’s Marc Morano statement: A U.S. Clexit (Climate Exit from UN Paris Pact) is a victory for science. President Trump today, in one swoop, made perhaps the most consequential decision of his presidency both in domestic and international policy by announcing a Clexit of the U.S. from the UN Paris agreement. One of Trump’s core political principles has been an America first policy and knowing the art of a deal. Trump realized that the UN Paris climate pact would not serve the interests of U.S. foreign policy or domestic energy policy. The near total dismantling of former President Obama’s “climate legacy” is now near complete. Bravo!  President Trump understands that the UN has no interest in climate. The UN’s real goal is “global governance” and “wealth redistribution.” Flashback: UN IPCC Official Edenhofer: ‘We Redistribute World’s Wealth By Climate Policy’

Climate Depot’s Morano predicted Trump’s actions today back in November 2016 while attending the UN climate summit in Morocco. Morano was ejected from the summit for shredding the UN Paris agreement.

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    “We will spend at least $100,000,000,000,000 to reduce the temperature by the end of the century by a grand total of 0.3 degrees F.”

    …And that is only IF all the alarmist assumptions and elaborate modeled predictions are CORRECT. Quite a big “if” to begin with.

    That figure also doesn’t account for the human costs; the redistributed poverty, the necessary loss of liberty, and dissolution of national sovereignty that would accompany this shift to socialism. This is more brazen than selling air conditioners at the North Pole.

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    Spurwing Plover


    I can already hear the cries from the various eco-wacko groups Dear Fellow Enviromental Nuts we want $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and lots of $$$$$$$$$$$$$ donate $500 and geta picture of a drowning polar bear or a picture of NYC underwater like what was shown in Kevin Kosners expensive turkey WATERWORLD

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    Ricky Cace


    VERY happy if this is true. Pull out of Paris. Pull out of Paris. If there is anything else we can all do to make the worlds search engines see that phrase more than the most likely fake robots the enviro’s use to try and manipulate politicians into being scared thinking “the majority wants climate change to be a priority.” Part of me almost wishes none of us had heard about this withdrawal so that the activists couldn’t sabbotage it and scare him into changing his mind. While they are all living off subsidies and have time to blog to the President, we all have to work and can’t match the firestorm of emails they are probably sending him. Its really too bad, and its not good political policy foundation, to listen to the squeaky wheels all the time.

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