Activists attack satellite temperature record in brazen new video

chartApparently NASA has something no other agency can boast: expensive orbiting piles of junk beaming back temperature readings that are completely worthless. That’s according to a new disinformation campaign being reported today by Breitbart News. Since 1978, satellites have been orbiting the Earth and measuring the planet’s temperature from five miles up. But there’s a problem: the last 18-plus years of that historical record show no statistical warming. So much so that even the IPCC acknowledged the pause in its last assessment report.

For over two decades, we’ve been told the world is heating up, it’s our fault, and the culprit is excessive carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Anyone who strays from that narrative is called ‘anti-science.’ This global warming “pause” has been such a sticking point, there are now close to 70 excuses to explain it away. Even President Obama has made global warming an enormous part of his second term; you only have to listen to his final State of the Union address to check the veracity of his commitment.

Now an environmental organization has cobbled together a new video telling its viewers to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, even as Toto pulls it back, revealing the truth. The video’s creators have even assembled all the usual climate ‘experts’ to state unequivocally the satellite temperature record is ‘distorted.’ Have you ever noticed that in a field as large (and growing) as climate science, the mainstream media (MSM) always goes to the same well for juicy end-of-times the-rapture-is-coming quotes?

This video is no different as it includes the usual array of alarmists: “Michael “Hockey Stick” Mann Kevin “Travesty” Trenberth and Ben Santer.” If there names sound familiar, it’s because they were all put on full display in the 2009 ClimateGate emails. You may remember Michael Mann as the climate scientist who said in legal court documents (page 2, paragraph 2) that he had been “awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.” He wasn’t.

In the video, Mann, speaking with all the gravitas as one of Hillary’s pantsuits, says: “What’s ironic is that it’s really those satellite datasets that critics like John Christy hold up and Ted Cruz was emphasizing in that senate hearing a week ago…it is those datasets that are subject to the most adjustments that have historically been found to have been biased actually in the direction of showing too little warming.” Christy has testified before congress and stated that global warming has slowed, and is not rising at the cataclysmic rate as predicted by climate models.

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