Al Gore’s Back And He’s Got A New Reason THE RIGHT Should Be Terrified Of Global Warming

Gore on the set of his new flick.

Former vice president, robbed Democratic presidential nominee, and climate change industry leader Al Gore has released his much-anticipated sequel to his runaway hit An Inconvenient Truth, cleverly and aptly titled An Inconvenient Sequel.

Despite the embarrassment of the sequel coming out after many of the apocalyptic predictions of the first proved to be utter bunk, Gore is being celebrated by the Left yet again. And he’s got more to say. Much, much more.

A new climate change alarmist warning Gore is testing out that he no doubt hopes will appeal to all those xenophobes on the Right: more global warming will lead to … more refugees, in fact potentially tens of millions of refugees! And they will not be just any old refugees, they will most certainly be refugees from “the Middle East and North Africa.”

Here’s what Gore told left-wing propaganda organization ThinkProgress about the inevitable rise in refugees, prompted not by naive and suicidal Western refugee policies but by climate change, of course:

The Max Planck Institute and others are now saying that some significant regions of the Middle East and North Africa may become uninhabitable because of the rise in both the temperature and humidity. And that will increase the flows of refugees. Africa by mid-century will have more people than either China or India, and by the end of the century more people than India and China combined. And subsistence agriculture is being hit harder than any other vital system in our civilization, because of the timing of the rainfalls, the concentration and timing of the big [extreme weather] events, and the problems of drought. Right now, the U.N. has warned of the worst humanitarian disaster since 1945: 20 million people on the verge of famine. So, we’re going to have to prepare for it, and that means insulating our structures of governance against the kind of disruption that we have seen in some European countries.

Gore went on to blame the Brexit vote in part on global warming:

The Brexit vote was partly affected by this. The most powerful billboard was one showing endless lines of swarthy-looking refugees on the border of Europe. This is a major, major challenge. Just as the next six or eight months are going to be particularly challenging for American democracy, the next several decades are going to be a test of the character and courage for humanity.

Earlier in the interview, Gore commented on his theme of the “assault on reality” taking place (by those on the Right) and quickly connected that to, you guessed it, Donald Trump.

“[W]e have an absurdist president now, and it is a challenge for all of us,” he said, adding later, “Looking at the deeper, underlying causes for how we have this rise of unreason, a willingness to just spout obvious untruths one after another, I’m hopeful.”

Arguing that new modes of communicating information via the internet are key to combating this “assault on reality,” Gore managed to work in a Russian hacking reference for good measure. “Yes, there are all kinds of problems with these echo chambers and Russian hacking and invasions of privacy, but there are some self-correcting mechanisms,” he said.

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    Spurwing Plover


    Al Gores smoke and mirrors using special effects Gore is again releasing another liberal leftists propeganda fake documentry to try and convince us to stay in the Paris Accord. Gore needs tp have his head examened and have his loose screws tightened

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    It’s not the fault of the sub-human barbarism from ISIS.
    It’s not the fault of corrupt and brutal Middle East dictatorships.
    It’s not the fault of deep-seated inter-Muslim sectarian hatreds.
    It’s not the fault of a broken and outdated system of social order.
    It’s not the fault of dysfunctional Madrasa-based education systems.
    It’s not the fault of oppression based on ethnicity, religion, or gender.
    It’s not the fault of Russian expansionism.

    Listen to Al… He’s got it figured out…
    It’s all caused by man-made climate change!

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