Al Gore Searches For Relevance With Public Appeals Against Oil Companies

gore agsAn energy insider believes former Vice President turned hardcore environmentalist Al Gore is making public comments against ExxonMobil because he senses the upcoming presidential election may wipe out gains made by green groups over the past eight years.

“Al Gore has come out of hiding now that he may be sensing political victory on climate and energy policy based on the next presidential election,” Marc Morano, the founder of, told The Daily Caller News Foundation on Wednesday.

Gore joined a cavalcade of attorneys general on March 29 press conference to excoriate ExxonMobil for allegedly committing fraud by refusing to act on internal research that seemed to show sea levels were rising.

“If these companies did violate the law in committing fraud,” Gore said at the presser, which was spearheaded by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, “then they should be held to account.”

He went on to say that the best way to solve the Exxon problem is if the Congress allows the Obama administration to do its work on punishing fossil fuel companies who, he said, break the law.

“The lawbreakers can be dealt with at the federal level,” Gore said.

Gore realizes that the best way to solidify many of the gains environmentalists have made over the past eight years, Morano continued, is to make sure that there is a president in the White House who is sympathetic to environmentalist issues.

“If the next President is Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, that means Obama’s EPA climate regulations get essentially set in stone and it means the UN Paris agreement becomes entrenched in U.S. policy,” he said.

Gore also recently reiterated his public support for fossil fuel divestment campaigns on college campuses .

During a talk titled “Confronting The Climate Crisis: Critical Roles for the US and China” at Harvard University on April 7, Gore told a slew of students that one of the best ways to slay global warming is to push major institutions like Harvard to fully divest their fossil fuels.

“We need to speed up the shift away from dirty, carbon-rich fuels toward a true renewable economy. And I would dearly love, for economic reasons alone, to see Harvard leading the way,” Gore told the crowd, echoing calls other environmentalists have made concerning fossil fuel divestment.

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    Gore knows he has zero scientific credibility and his puffed up nonsense makes it necessary to place in front people who’s credibility should be considered beyond reproach . Scientists as a brand , a sprinkle of AG’s ( some looking uncomfortable ) . Desperate times call for desperate last ditch measures .
    Thankfully the vast majority of AG’s can think for themselves and gave the photo op a pass .
    Wonder how they will try and spin this into a “97 percent ” consensus .

    Let’s hope mother nature decides to continue the warming trend and if humans help in some way the plants and animals will be happy .

    Being brain washed that something good for the planet is bad is quite an accomplishment admittedly .

    Climate denier’s are actually the people that think humans are going to control the earth’s temperature by tweaking a trace gas beneficial to life and representing a fraction of 1 percent of the atmosphere . Mother nature will run the show despite the huffing and puffing from scary global warming promoters lobbying for their own self interest .

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    Funny what comes around to be used against people – quotes by [i][b]their[/b][/i] side – [url][/url]

    It is just incredible how much like the USSR we have become in the last eight years. The lack of insight by the President himself is overwhelming. These people are commies to the core.

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    I suppose Al Gore is planning to burn unicorn flatulence to power his multi-million dollar biz jets…

    Al and his band of intrepid socialists are [u]organized[/u] and perpetrating [u]fraud[/u] to enrich themselves with trillions of taxpayer dollars. If anyone [b]should[/b] be in the crosshairs of a RICO investigation it would he [u]him[/u]!

    This is all part of the new leftist strategy. Even though they know that their allegations have no legal merit or standing, they push forward with help from their friends in the media. As the media paints the chosen targets “criminal” they know it will take months or years and many millions of dollars to defend the bogus charges. Regardless of the outcome the left wins.

    [b]The [u]process[/u] is the punishment,[/b] and the left is the master of process.

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    Ever wonder why scary global warming became “climate change “as fast as the flick of a switch ? These AG’s are being used because the best defence is a good offence . When it became too obvious scary global warming didn’t really exist (the models proved it ) and governments had poured $$ Billions into a massive fraud that lead to the loss of thousands of peoples lives the scam promoters knew it was only a matter of time before inquisitions like the ones they are show casing would be turned on them .
    This nonsense about “when did Exxon know ” is utter crap and it is exactly the opposite . When did government and the architects behind the grossly exaggerated
    scary global warming claims know the thing was a fraud ? They tried to distance themselves from their role by rebranding scary and exaggerated global warming into a meaningless vague term climate change .
    There was just a little too much urgency to “re-educate” the media about the rebrand to cover their tracks .

    The “scientifically ” based global cooling scare of the 1970’s wasn’t so tied up in
    money and vested interests . $$ Billions in grants , tax subsidies , and hedge fund short sellers ready to ponce on businesses they knew the government were going to target (coal ) . It wasn’t quite the same at all .
    Policies were not imposed by government during the scary global cooling campaign of the 1970’s that resulted in ten’s of thousands of fuel poverty deaths and economic destruction . The global cooling fright show just faded away .
    Not so for global warming . Fortunes made and fortunes lost . Careers built on smoke and mirrors and the on going loss of lives all built on an overblown unscientific fraud with active encouragement from government .

    Yes AG’s please proceed and advise your treasuries they will be emptied when this is over .

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    Apparently some of the cooling people back then are the same in the warming camp now. A new rebranding of sorts.

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    Maybe they should be called professional alarmists.

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