Al Gore dodges ‘inconvenient’ questions at Sundance

Former Vice President Al Gore premiered his latest #Climate Change documentary at Sundance Film Festival’s opening night but refused to answer questions about previous failed predictions.

The new film, “An Inconvenient Sequel,” comes out 11 years after the first movie debuted at Sundance. The fact that it was shown on the eve of Inauguration Day was entirely coincidental.

In 2006’s “An Inconvenient Truth,” Gore said the planet was headed toward a “true planetary emergency” and we had 10 years to save the planet.

Gore also told CBS News in January 2006 that “unless drastic measures” are taken “to reduce greenhouse gases” the “world will reach a point of no return.”

Inconvenient question

Marc Morano’s Climate Depot, which debuted its own film “Climate Hustle” last year to counter the false narrative in “An Inconvenient Truth,” sent an ‘undercover agent’ to Sundance over the weekend.

The Depot staffer found Gore leaving a late-day private party at the restaurant Zoom in Park City, Utah. As Gore was trudging through feet of snow to reach his super-sized Chevy Suburban SUV, the Depot staffer armed with a cameraman approached Gore.

The staffer told Gore she had just seen the sequel, which prompted the climate warrior to say: “Oh great, thank you.”

The staffer then told Gore her friends were making fun of her because the 10-year tipping point never came true, and she wanted to know how to respond.

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    Gutter trash scum Al Gore has unjustly enriched himself at the public trough by perpetrating an absolute fraud and the only reason he has been allowed to get away with it is because so many other gutter trash jerks are also enriching themselves at the taxpayers expense including the
    which thinks it by right can control us all.

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    Both Al Gore and Madonna are desperately seeking relevance.

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    That white stuff is called global unwarming .
    Climate changes … Who knew ?
    How long has Exxon known ? Who cares ?
    The easiest $$ Trillion dollars President Trump can save tax payers
    is letting the hot air out of the scary global warming con-game .
    At least Gore knows how to dress in layers .

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