Activists disrupt confirmation hearings shouting slurs, wearing KKK costumes

Throughout the Senate confirmations for President-elect #Donald Trump‘s cabinet picks, they’ve been interrupted by #Climate Change protesters planted in and outside the hearing rooms.

This is part of a coordinated campaign being spearheaded by the activist group, which is led by environmental extremist Bill McKibben.

They also have a timeline of activist activities planned during and after the hearings. According to its website, has a list of operations where they plan to interrupt and delay the hearings because Trump didn’t win the popular vote, but won the electoral vote.

Contrary to the rants on, every president in U.S. history has been elected by the electoral college and not by the popular vote.

It just so happens that most of the time the popular vote and electoral vote line up together.

Cabinet pics

They also think that Trump’s cabinet picks are dangerous and are attacks on civil liberties, religious beliefs, and tolerance.

Egging on their followers with unsubstantiated statements that Trump’s “cronies’ plan to attack social services, give tax cuts for the super-wealthy, and pursue dangerous foreign policies, it’s unsurprising they are being interrupted by people wearing Klu Klux Klan outfits and Dinosaur costumes.

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    The Democrat Deniers (DD’s) have a right to be sad. Their leaders and bag men
    have become so disconnected from the issues of importance and so arrogant
    they blew a $ billion to lose. They knifed Bernie the most honestly socialist
    And went with the Clinton legacy .
    The good outcome was showing the bias and gross incompetence of the bought and paid
    for Democrat cheerleaders. With CNN Talk show motor mouths coming off as the biggest
    Joke .
    Protest away .

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