Activists demand UN ‘revoke’ credentials of ‘climate deniers’ in Paris

wanted!Sceptic groups such as the Heartland Institute have started to arrive in the French capital, sparking fears among environment groups that they will derail proceedings using funds from fossil fuel interests.

A new documentary, Climate Hustle, was due to be premiered in Paris tonight (Monday). Producers claim it will be for nonbelievers what Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth was for the converted.

Climate change action lobby group SumOfUs has pushed back with an international campaign to raise funds for a counter offensive.

The group has planned a major advertising campaign in France’s biggest-selling newspapers.

It has called on UN organisers to revoke the conference credentials “of the most disingenuous ­climate deniers”.

A fundraising letter, sent to Australian recipients from Paris, said “an army of polluter-funded global warming deniers have just arrived and are threatening to ­derail a serious international agreement”. It said some of the “world’s most notorious climate deniers” had crashed the French proceedings “in a last-minute ­attempt to derail the whole thing”.

“The Heartland Institute is running a full-on ‘counter conference’ of lying climate deniers and phony ‘scientists’,” SumOfUs said.

“One notorious oil industry-funded climate denier is debuting a documentary film full of lies and misinformation. (Climate Depot Note on Climate Hustle: This is a completely false. Climate Hustle movie was fully funded by the support of roughly 1,500 citizen supporters. More information is available at

“We are even hearing that James Inhofe — the US senator who wrote a book calling global warming the ‘greatest hoax ever perpetrated’ — is on his way.”

Tensions are heightened as the Paris talks for a global agreement enter their final week with deep ­divisions remaining over the target for global temperature rises, how national promises should be policed, who should pay and how often the process should be reviewed.

Within the Paris conference, there has been little debate about the state of climate science.

The question has been whether to limit rises to 2C or 1.5C, with Australia supporting the mention of a 1.5C target in the official text. But outside the conference, at venues in the centre of Paris, has been a who’s who of contrarian climate science personalities.

A three-day conference last week included presentations from Bob Carter, professor Murry Salby, professor Ian Plimer, Viscount Monckton and internat­ional journalist Donna Laframboise.

Dr Carter said the measures used by climate change believers could be explained by “normal natural variation”.


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    David Lewis


    The entire warming alarmist movement is a fabrication of lies so it is strange to hear them using that term for the evidence against them.

    Even the UN IPCC admits that extreme weather events are not increasing. Yet, there are serious proposals at this conference to compensate developing countries from these events. These proposals are based on lies

    The warmest ever news stories of the past two years are based on lies. The temperatures records are at most tying previous records.

    NOAA has been telling one lie after another by altering the temperature records.

    Ocean acidification turns out to be based on a fraudulent report.

    I think what the warming alarmist fear from the skeptics being at Paris is not lies, but the truth. The UN climate models are running three times hotter than real world data. We have a pause in warming that is at least 18 years long. The year 2015 was not the warmest ever. Ocean acidification and increasing extreme weather events have not been happening. In light of the truth this is not the time to commit the world to $1.5 trillion a year for climate change.

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    I love that photo . It symbolizes the global warmies are out of bullets and have resorted to throwing their guns . Science is all about debate and proof,not fear and failed attempts at intimidation .
    The cult just showed it’s real self .

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    The EPA was created by the elected lawmakers of the USA and when a department announces it is going rogue the lawmakers can and will unmake it to protect the public interest . Think fired air traffic employees . Get over it Gina . It’s too bad your big yap will cost thousands of your army their careers .
    NOAA may be hiring soon .

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