Activist Group Criticizes Scott Pruitt For Something Obama’s EPA Chiefs Did Frequently

A spokeswoman for former EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy criticized new agency chief Scott Pruitt Monday for traveling too much to Oklahoma, even though McCarthy was known to travel every weekend to Boston during her time in the Obama administration.

“The American people aren’t paying taxes for part-time Cabinet officials,” Liz Purchia Gannon told reporters Monday, referring to a recent report showing that Pruitt stayed in his home state of Oklahoma on at least 43 of the 92 days in March, April, and May.

Environmental Integrity Project, a watchdog group, obtained copies of his travel records showing that President Donald Trump’s EPA head splits time between Oklahoma and Washington, D.C. to visit his family.

EPA officials contend that Pruitt works long hours and can conduct his job from anywhere in the country.

“Administrator Pruitt works long hours and is available around the clock,” EPA spokeswoman Liz Bowman told reporters. “He is extremely focused and disciplined, which is evident by the fact that he spearheaded over two dozen significant regulatory actions since being sworn in.”

The Obama administration released a daily McCarthy schedule in 2014 that showed what she did on a typical day, including the fact that she flew home nearly every weekend to spend time with her family.

“Although she keeps a small apartment near EPA headquarters, almost every weekend McCarthy travels back to Boston, to her home and her husband,” according to the EPA. McCarthy considered lowering the country’s pollution a key part of her duty, but her frequent trips contributed to a significant increase in carbon dioxide levels.

The Daily Caller News Foundation calculated in 2014 that McCarthy’s carbon footprint from airline travel alone was likely around 37.5 tons over four years — more than 3.5 times the average American’s yearly carbon footprint.

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    Spurwing Plover


    How big is Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio’s carbon footprints maybe 20 football fields big what about about Luarie Davids or Greenpeace their carbon footprint are huge and lets not forget that just one of gores homes uses much or energy in one month then the average american family dose i one year

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    David Lewis


    This is another example of the double standard that the political left applies.

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    R. Johnson


    It is pure joy to use a tool of the devil, carbon footprint, to show these demonically possessed climate change pushers are nothing but hypocrites.

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