2016’s Record Warmth Brought Record Crop Yields, Fewer Storms

Climate scientists declared 2016 the warmest year on record, sending shockwaves through the media, which immediately began attributing the warming to fossil fuel use.

Earth is “heading toward levels that many experts believe will pose a profound threat to both the natural world and to human civilization,” The New York Times warned. Global average temperature was less than a one-hundredth of a degree Fahrenheit warmer than 2015.

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North Dakota Allegedly Asked Wyoming For Riot Squads To Put Down ‘Civil Unrest’ At Pipeline Protests

North Dakota’s former Republican governor asked Wyoming Highway Patrol to send riot squads and cops with active shooter training to suppress violent anti-pipeline protests, according to documents obtained by a media advocacy group.

Former Gov. Jack Dalrymple asked Wisconsin for help dealing with “civil unrest” and “criminal activities related to opposition of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) project,” according to public records communications obtained by Muck Rock.

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Study: Enviro Predictions Of Polar Bear Extinction Based On Lousy Science

Predictions that global warming would wipe out polar bears are based on “scientifically unsound” computer models, according to a new study by a veteran zoologist at the University of Victoria.

Some scientists predicted that shrinking Arctic sea ice threatened to kill off significant numbers of polar bears in the coming decades. But those predictions were based on computer-modeled habitat loss; both models, released in 2006 and 2008, were produced by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS).

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Load of bollocks: 2016 allegedly ‘hottest year’ by immeasurable 1/100 of a degree

It’s that time of year again, the annual media ritual of declaring the previous year “the hottest ever!”  And as usual, the media and many activists government scientists are playing fast and loose with the temperature data.

Former Vice President Al Gore promoted the “hottest year” claim today. “2016 was the hottest year on record — confirmed by NASA and NOAA,” Gore tweeted.  (More media hype here: CNN: 2016 was the hottest year on record — again & 2016 breaks record for hottest year ever)

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Outraged Westerners look to Trump after Obama’s EPA refuses to pay claims from Gold King Mine spill

The Obama administration exits with an ugly environmental blot on its record after failing to hold itself financially accountable for the Gold KingMine spill, but Republicans are hoping President-elect Donald Trump will clean up the mess.

In one of its final moves before President Obama leaves office, the Environmental Protection Agency refused to pay 73 claims totaling $1.2 billion filed by tribes, farmers, river-rafters and local governments from the August 2015 wastewater spill, citing sovereign immunity under the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA).

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COLD SNAP: It’s -51 Degrees In Fairbanks, Alaska

Weather forecasters expected Fairbanks, Alaska to get cold, but not this cold.

Temperatures in Fairbanks hit -51 degrees Fahrenheit Wednesday. That’s much colder than forecasts predicted.

Air flowing from the Arctic combined with calm winds and clear skies to create the perfect conditions for a deep freeze. Forecasters didn’t predict Alaska’s interior regions would get as cold as this.

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Dem Caught In Embarrassing Spot While Grilling Trump’s EPA Nominee [VIDEO]

Sen. Tom Carper

A Delaware Democrat blasted President-elect Donald Trump’s EPA pick’s environmental record as Oklahoma attorney general Wednesday, but forgot that his own state’s history of fighting pollution is equally as spotty.

Sen. Tom Carper criticized Scott Pruitt, Trump’s top choice to run the EPA, during confirmation hearings over his state’s failing grades on high ozone days. The three counties he presides over did equally as bad as the 17 counties in Pruitt’s state.

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‘They’re Struggling’: Terry McAuliffe’s Scandal-Ridden Electric Car Company Is In Trouble

GreenTech Automotive is in trouble.

The electric car company tied to Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe recently laid off employees at its Tunica County, Miss., location, despite getting generous subsidies.

“They have laid off 20 people and only have about 50 working,” Lyn Arnold, president of Tunica County’s Chamber of Commerce, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “They haven’t yet met their jobs or investment targets. They’re struggling, but they’re still there.”

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Antarctica’s Larsen Ice Shelf Break-Up driven by Geological Heat Flow Not Climate Change

Figure 1) North tip of Antarctic Continent including Larsen Ice Shelf Outline (black line), very active West Antarctica Rift / Fault System (red lines), and currently erupting or semi-active volcanoes (red dots).

Progressive bottom melting and break-up of West Antarctica’s seafloor hugging Larsen Ice Shelf is fueled by heat and heated fluid flow from numerous very active geological features, and not climate change.

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States ask court to block latest rule in Obama’s regulatory arsenal

The #Obama administration’s “war on coal” rages on with its latest salvo that forbids coal mines from setting off-site debris near streams or rivers. Called the Stream Protection Rule (SPR), it is so expansive that 13 states have asked a federal court to block its implementation.

Concocted by the Office of Surface Mining (OSM), the SPR would essentially end coal mining in the U.S. They filed their brief on Tuesday in U.S. District Court.

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