How Republicans in Nevada Caved to Crony Capitalism, and Lost

Faraday Future execs and Nevada state officials at the now-fake groundbreaking ceremony.

The story of Faraday Future and its $1 billion electric automobile plant in the Nevada desert is a cautionary tale about a governor who didn’t pay attention to the details.

It’s a story about a Legislature that was so eager to create jobs that it failed in its responsibilities to the citizens of Nevada—and it’s about a rogue Chinese billionaire who is now over his head in trouble back home.

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Study: Biggest Factor Holding Back Nuclear Power Is ‘Public Perception’

Nuclear power’s public image problem is the biggest hurdle to building enough nuclear power plants to stymie global warming, according to a new study published Thursday by the University of Pennsylvania.

Nuclear power generates none of the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions blamed for global warming, but Americans’ negative views on reactors are largely responsible for preventing their widespread adoption, the study’s author contends.

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Former EPA Official Claims Obama Holdovers Stealthily Pushing An ‘Alarmist’ Climate Study Right Under Trump’s Nose

A former Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) official claimed Obama administration holdovers in the White House’s science office are pushing an “alarmist” climate study “as quickly and quietly as possible” right under President Donald Trump’s nose.

“The staff at the Office of Science and Technology Policy are currently engaged in writing the statutorily mandated 2017 ‘National Climate Assessment,’” David Schnare, an attorney who served on the transition team at EPA, wrote in an op-ed.

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German States Acting Like Trump On Global Warming

At least two German states are prioritizing economic growth over fighting global warming, according to Breaking Views.

North Rhine-Westphalia and Brandenburg are “at risk of tacitly joining Donald Trump in turning its back on the Paris climate change deal,” Breaking View reported Wednesday.  These states are so integral to Germany meeting its Paris agreement on climate change pledge if they don’t cut emissions enough the whole country could default.

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Alaskan glacier advanced ‘faster than a running dog’

Mendenhall Glacier

Climate ‘scientists’ are always ‘denying’ there was such a thing as a global Roman warm period but in Alaska—7000 km from Europe—shows warming at the same time!

See this article for more information.

Wow! The above article also says that in Glacier Bay, about 60 miles east of Juneau, researchers have found evidence of ice advances occurring more than 5,000 years ago.

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EPA’s Scott Pruitt touring states to push reversal of Obama water rule

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt visited South Carolina Monday as part of a multi-state tour to promote his effort to redo the Obama administration’s contentious Waters of the U.S. rule.

“The Trump administration and EPA are committed to empowering agriculture and business leaders who have been burdened with overreaching regulations that do little to promote environmental stewardship,” Pruitt said. “By beginning the process to redefine WOTUS, we are providing regulatory certainty for South Carolinians while working together with the state to keep our waters clean.”

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Obama’s Paris climate scheme revelation

The New York Times on Aug. 24, 2014, broke a major news story: “Obama pushing Climate Accord in Lieu of Treaty.” It’s a clumsy headline — no one dared claim the Kyoto Protocol was anything other than a treaty requiring Senate ratification, and even the Grey Lady calls it the “Kyoto Accord.”

What the story revealed, however, was shocking news indeed, made more shocking by an email just revealed by the State Department in Freedom of Information Act litigation.

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Louisianan Steals $1.6 Million From Taxpayers By Farming For Subsidies

A Louisiana farmer is guilty of defrauding the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) by using fake farms to qualify for $1.6 million in subsidies, the Department of Justice said Monday in a press release.

The jury convicted Brad McIntyre of Bastrop, La., of conspiracy to commit mail fraud, mail fraud, and money laundering after a five-hour deliberation July 21, the press release states.

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Enemies of humanity

After being infected again with malaria last July, I spent almost a month in a Kampala hospital. Paying for my treatment was extremely difficult, as it is for most Ugandan and African families. I was lucky I could scrape the money together. Many families cannot afford proper treatment.

Where and how can they get the money to go back to the hospital, again and again, every time a family member gets malaria when they also need food, clothes, and so many other things – or malaria makes them so sick that they can’t work for weeks or even months? Many parents can do nothing except watch their loved ones die in agony, and then give them a simple burial.

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