Paris Climate Deal Signed, China Starts Raising Coal Production

President Obama in Kenya checking out a solar panel.

President Obama in Kenya checking out a solar panel.

Major Chinese coal producers have started raising production, the China Securities Journal reported on Wednesday, potentially unleashing 11 million tonnes of new supply each month onto the market and derailing the meteoric rally in Asian prices. The move followed a meeting earlier this month to draw up a draft proposal that would allow miner to raise daily output by 500,000 tonnes if prices hit 500 yuan ($74.94) per tonne for two weeks. China’s biggest coal producer Shenhua Group has been given the green light to increase output by 2.79 million tonnes a month from 14 mines, said the paper. Reuters, 23 September 2016

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In Defense of Gas and Coal for the Developing World

Coal fired power plant.

Coal-fired power plant.

In the developing world, millions of people die each year from pneumonia, tuberculosis, malaria, and parasitic infections. The ongoing scale of suffering in these countries must be unimaginable—with the afflicted never finding pain relief from gradually worsening symptoms that eventually kill them.

It’s commendable that humanitarian groups and charitable foundations continually seek to provide vaccination for these at-risk populations. But those efforts pale in comparison to offsetting the ongoing, negative impacts of unsafe drinking water, poor sanitation, and the smoky burning of dung fuel.

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The ‘Fingerprint’ Of Global Warming Doesn’t Exist In The Real World, Study Finds

sunset-tropicsOne of the main lines of evidence used by the Obama administration to justify its global warming regulations doesn’t exist in the real world, according to a new report by climate researchers.

Researchers analyzed temperature observations from satellites, weather balloons, weather stations and buoys and found the so-called “tropical hotspot” relied upon by the EPA to declare carbon dioxide a pollutant “simply does not exist in the real world.”

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Four New Papers Link Solar Activity, Natural Ocean Cycles To Climate – And Find Warmer Temps During 1700s, 1800s

sun-earthAs of mid-September, there have already been 77 peer-reviewed scientific papers authored by several hundred scientists linking solar activity to climate change.  There were 43 as of the end of June, as seen here. In other words, there have been 34 more papers linking solar forcing to climate change made available online just since July.

This publication rate for 2016 is slightly ahead of the pace of published papers linking solar forcing to climate change for  2015 (95 Solar-Climate papers ) and 2014 (93 Solar-Climate papers). At this rate, it is likely that a list of 300+ scientific papers linking solar forcing to climate change will have been made available between 2014 and 2016.

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Liberal Billionaire Falsely Claimed He Didn’t Promote Global Warming Investigations Into Exxon

steyer_tomIt turns out liberal billionaire Tom Steyer’s environmental super PAC was totally involved in promoting investigations into ExxonMobil and global warming skeptics by state attorneys general.

“It’s not something that Tom personally is pushing, though some of our teams on the ground have participated in rallies or events to support our coalition partners,” a spokeswoman for NextGen Climate Action told Politico.

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Report: US Would Have Bled 4.5 Mil Jobs Were It Not For The Oil Revolution

keep-it-in-the-ground-protestThe U.S. would have bled millions of jobs and the economy would have contracted by $548 billion were it not for the explosion in oil and gas development, according to a report by an energy industry group.

An analysis by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce found that the natural gas revolution generated more than 4.3 million jobs and injected nearly half a trillion dollars into the economy. It also determined that all those jobs would have been lost had the so-called “Keep it in the Ground” movement succeeded in suffocating the oil revolution.

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Here’s How EPA Red Tape Forced 3.5 Million Puerto Ricans To Live In The Dark

puerto-rico-power-plant-firePuerto Rico’s entire population is still out of power Thursday after a fire at a power plant shut down the island’s grid, and they have the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to thank.

The fire burned up an old oil-burning power plant that was going to be shut down and replaced by a new natural gas burning power plant. That is until the EPA killed the plan.

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Climate Alarmist Professors: Vote Hillary or the Planet Will Fry!

hillaryHundreds of members of the US National Academy of Scientists have signed an open letter in support of Hillary because of global warming.

The signatories – 375 in all – don’t actually mention Donald Trump by name. But it’s pretty clear that that’s whom they’re getting at when they deliver their hectoring screed about certain candidates during the Presidential primary campaign who claimed “that the Earth is not warming, or that warming is due to purely natural causes outside of human control.”

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Climate scientist shows why greenhouse gases aren’t behind observed global warming

stratosphere-cloudsClimate scientist Dr. Peter L. Ward will be showcasing new research that details how the uptick in man-made greenhouse gases is too small to influence #Climate Change. Furthermore, he says not a single scientist has conclusively proven—at least to him—that greenhouse gases cause global warming. He even issued a challenge to pay $10,000 to anyone who can show man-made emissions such as carbon dioxide cause global warming. So far no one has won.

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EPA Faces Court Date for Costly Power Plan

cell pen obamaNext week, a federal appeals court will hear opening statements regarding President Obama’s “Clean Power Plan” (CPP).

At issue is whether the CPP represents a lawful effort to rein in carbon dioxide emissions from the nation’s power sector. While the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proudly touts this plan to tackle “carbon pollution,” a closer look reveals draconian impacts that could profoundly affect the U.S. economy.

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