#Greens tell #millennials voting for a third party is voting for @realDonaldTrump

johnson-steinThe League of Conservation Voters will make a multi-million dollar pitch to millennials in crucial battleground states against voting for third-party candidates in the presidential election.

The group’s Victory Fund announced it will use a $2.6 million mail campaign to reach out to young voters and others to discourage voting for third-party candidates. The group will tell millennials that voting for anyone other than former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is akin to voting for Republican Donald Trump.

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Why didn’t debate moderators ask about the environment? Because Americans don’t care

Hillary Clinton describes the issue as “one of the most urgent threats of our time.” Donald Trump dismisses the problem as “a hoax.” The debate moderators didn’t even mention it.

From the candidates’ first meeting in Hempstead, New York to their last in Las Vegas, Nevada, neither fielded a single question about climate change.

That’s led some like Vox’s Brad Plumer to ponder the issue’s absence from the debate stage. But the answer is simple: It’s not the environment, stupid. And one doesn’t need the political intuition of James Carville to understand why.

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Is climate policy doing more harm than good?

Cyclone Halma aftermath.

Cyclone Halma aftermath.

After covering global warming ­debates as a journalist on and off for almost 30 years, with initial credulity, then growing scepticism, I have come to the conclusion that the risk of dangerous global warming, now and in the future, has been greatly exaggerated while the policies enacted to ­mitigate the risk have done more harm than good, both economically and environmentally, and will continue to do so.

And I am treated as some kind of pariah for coming to this conclusion. Increasingly, many people would like to outlaw, suppress, prosecute and censor all discussion of what they call “the science” rather than engage in debate. We’re told that it’s impertinent to question “the science” and that we must think as we are told. But ­arguments from authority are the refuge of priests.

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Global Cooling: Stronger-Than-Expected La Niña May Be Brewing

Many have doubted forecasts calling for the onset of the first La Niña in almost five years, believing that its failure to materialize in convincing fashion last summer – as originally predicted – means that it may be off the table for 2016-17. But in recent weeks, the oceans and atmosphere have been pulling everything into place to facilitate a potentially stronger La Niña than previously thought, so those who follow commodities markets may want to take a second look. Cooling sea surface temperatures in the key Niño 3.4 region have touched the levels of early 2012. –Karen Braun, Reuters, 20 October 2016

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New Research Finds Massive Methane Plumes Off West Coast

methane map

Figure 1. Location of giant Cascadia Fault / “Subduction Zone” trend where 500 new deep seafloor very large methane gas seeps were discovered.

Absolutely stunning new research by the University of Washington (et al) confirms that 500 newly discovered deep ocean seafloor methane gas seeps are flowing massive amounts of this powerful greenhouse gas into the overlying ocean along the entire coast of Oregon, Washington, and California. Research scientists involved in this project indicate that this very large continuously flowing plume of methane gas is likely making its way up through the ocean water column and into Earth’s atmosphere. Furthermore, they state that pending additional analysis, climate scientists may need to “adjust” climate models (see quotes below).

“Depending on how much is released from the vents off the West Coast, and how it ends up in the water versus the atmosphere, global climate models may need adjustment.” (see here)

“It appears that the entire coast off Washington, Oregon and California is a giant methane seep,” says Robert Ballard, founder and director of the Ocean Exploration Trust in Connecticut.” (see here)

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Enviros Pour $3 Million Into North Carolina Senate Race

north-carolinaEnvironmentalists at the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) will be pouring $3 million into television ads against North Carolina Republican Senator Richard Burr, according to press statements.

LCV’s television ad notes that Burr has “been in Washington two decades,” and criticizes him for “the hundreds of thousands Burr’s taken from oil and energy companies.” It also says he has voted “against clean-energy jobs for North Carolina.” The environmental group has endorsed Burr’s challenger, Deborah Ross, a former state assemblywoman.

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NY Attorney General Says Exxon Using ‘Dark Money’ To Fight Climate Change Crusade



Exxon Mobil’s legal defense against investigation is being propped up by a “dark money machine” created by a vast network of conservative groups, the attorney general in charge of the probe said Wednesday.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman accused groups such as Americans for Prosperity, the Heritage Foundation and the Competitive Enterprise Institute specifically of directing a campaign aimed at defending Exxon from a climate change investigation.

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REPORT: EPA Delayed Helping Flint Fix Lead-Tainted Water

flint-water-crisisEPA had the legal authority to intervene in the Flint, Mich., water crisis months months before it actually did, according to a report by the agency’s inspector general.

EPA IG Arthur Elkins said, “the EPA’s Region 5 had the authority and sufficient information to issue an emergency order to protect Flint residents from lead-contaminated water” under the Safe Drinking Water Act as early as June 2015.

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Arctic Sea Ice Not Disappearing

arctic_iceAnnouncements that the Arctic sea ice would soon disappear have been among the most favorite claims made by publicity seeking climatologists and leading American politicians. According to them, there isn’t supposed to be any Arctic sea ice today. (1)

So, what has happened? The Arctic sea ice has not disappeared. It is not doomed in the real world. Clearly over the past years Arctic sea ice has refused to have anything to do with the often claimed ‘death spiral’ and alarmists are always forced to go back a number of years in order to get the sharp downward spiral trend they want to see. Lately, however, it has not been downward at all.

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Silent on climate: Why it wasn’t a focus in the presidential debates

debate-threePresidential debates are intended to “provide the best possible information to viewers and listeners,” according to the Commission on Presidential Debates. That means highlighting differences between the candidates to help Americans choose their next commander in chief.

On Wednesday night alone, the candidates were asked to compare their economic policies, attitudes toward the Second Amendment, and positions on immigration. Other themes across the three debates have included the candidates’ fitness to be president and their vision for America’s future. One issue notable for its absence, however, was climate change.

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